Anti is the ninth studio released by Mexican Extreme Metal band Black Autumn, its the first album to feature Antoinette Leroy on vocals and Alexander Asmel on bass.


Black Autumn were on hiatus from 2003 to 2005, because of Aleskei Bayle's death, and band members started other musical projects around that time.

In early 2005, Black Autumn's official web page launched a contest to find both a new vocalist and a new bassist to continue the band and Antoniette Leroy alongside Alexander Asmel won and became the new members of the band.

The album is a more Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal oriented style rather than Black Autumn's last works with Bayle that were a more oriented Depressive Rock/Black & Doom Metal musical style.

The album includes various covers from different Rock/Metal bands, such as apparitions from other musicians.. This album is well known for the lyrics been written by the entire band members.

Track Listing

  1. Intro - The Roar of an Untamed Thunder (1:09) (Bayle & Leroy)
  2. Painkiller (Judas Priest Cover) (6:05)
  3. Witches Night (7:40) (Asmel, Bayle, Sanchez & Leroy)
  4. Anti (8:10) (Araya & Bayle)
  5. Possesed By Evil (4:09) (Leroy & Martinez)
  6. Feeble Screams From Forest Unknown (Burzum Cover) (7:31) [Featuring Alan Bayle-Larzon] 
  7. Dominion of The Dark Lord (6:45) (Leroy & Asmel)
  8. Satanic Warhead Propaganda (10:20) (Bayle, Asmel & Araya)
  9. Stone Cold Crazy (Queen Cover) (2:18) [Featuring Misster X of Morbid Life]
  10. Jehova, God of Ignorance (13:09) (Araya, Bayle & Sanchez)
  11. Queen Antichrist (6:07) [Featuring Laurent Digweed & Adele Di Stefano]
  12. The Masquerade Crimson de l'Armée de Lucifer (14:00) (Leroy & Araya)
  13. Hell Awaits (Slayer Cover) [Featuring Sven Olsson of Darkness & Shadows]
  14. Thus Spake The Nightspirit (Emperor Cover) [Featuring Ministry of Lord Leviathan]
  15. Pain, Suffering, Death (6:50) (Bayle & Asmel)
  16. Outro - And Jesus Wept... (0:45) (Leroy, Asmel, Araya, Bayle, Sanchez, Martinez)


Band Members

Guest Mussicians

  • Alan Bayle-Larzon - Guitar & Vocals on Track 6
  • Misster X - Vocals on Track 9
  • Laurent Digweed - Guitar on Track 11
  • Adele Di Stefano - Vocals on Track 11
  • Sven Olsson - Vocals & Guitar on Track 13
  • Ministry - Guitar on Track 14
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