Genre Anthology


Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Various
Opening Theme Anthological Theme
Location United Kingdom
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 26
Running Time 60 minutes
Original Channel: BBC Two (UK)


Original Air Date January 10th 2019 - present
Produced by HBO Television

BBC Studios

Directed by Various
Anthological is a British-American drama anthology television series that premiered on BBC Two in the UK and on HBO in the USA on January 10th 2019. The first series comprised of thirteen 1-hour standalone stories covering various genres and featuring a new cast in each episodes. On March 13th 2019, BBC Two announced that Anthological would return for a second series, subtitled The Sequels, confirming that the second series would comprise of sequels to the series' first thirteen episodes. The second series premiered on January 1st 2020, again running for thirteen episodes. The series was created by and is written by Ifan Barber.


Series 1

"In this mind-bendingly clever anthology series, stories vary from a quaint English town struck by lightning to a bustling Welsh city plagued by a serial killer, this show has it all. With subtle references to previous and future episodes, this show is proven to be much more than your typical serial."

Series 2

"As the triumphant anthology series returns with a series of follow-ups to its original stories, we learn what happened to Meredith the Psychic Sheep and unravel the aftermath of the terrorist attack from episode 9. A promising future lies in this series."


Series 1

Series 1 of Anthological comprised of thirteen 1-hour episodes. It premiered on BBC Two and HBO on January 10th 2019.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Lightning Strikes Twice In the middle of a national emergency, a small Welsh village in Cornwall is put on lockdown, just as a lightning storm rolls in. Trapped and helpless, the townsfolk gather in the community hall, and secrets are exposed. January 10th 2019
2 January 17th 2019
3 January 24th 2019
4 January 31st 2019
5 February 7th 2019
6 February 14th 2019
7 February 21st 2019
8 February 28th 2019
9 March 7th 2019
10 March 14th 2019
11 March 21st 2019
12 March 28th 2019
13 Cardiff Killer April 4th 2019
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