Antarctic Massacre is a 2019 SyFy Channel original movie.


A U.S. Army Special Forces squad is sent to an American science facility in the Antarctic to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the facility and to rescue a reporter named Monica Klein and her cameraman, Timothy Burke. When the squad arrives, however, they discover the facility in disarray with things scattered about, strange claw marks on the floors, ceilings, and walls, blood everywhere, and the dead, mutilated, and decomposing bodies of scientists.

They later find the remains of a crashed alien spaceship in a secret laboratory and the dead bodies of reptile-like aliens. When they go to the adjacent lab, they find a number of live aliens locked in cages. Searching the facility further, they find a traumatized Monica in an office. She reveals that she had been doing a story about the base, not knowing about the aliens, when they escaped from the secret lab and and slaughtered everyone in the facility, except for her and a scientist, several days ago. She and the scientist managed to lock the aliens back in their cages, at the cost of the scientist's life, but all power was cut in the process.

The group prepares for evac, but a massive blizzard forces them to stay put for at least 72 hours.

To make matters worse, the aliens break out of their cages and begin to kill everyone one by one...


  • Corin Nemec as Steed (The squad leader)
  • Crystal Lowe as Monica Klein (A news reporter who was doing a story on the facility)
  • Jason Gedrick as Unger (One of the soldiers)
  • Gwendoline Yeo as Wong (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Neal (female) (One of the soldiers)
  • anthony rogers as Donaldson (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Pryman (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Guerra (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Rekha Sharma as Purvis (The combat medic)
  • TBA as Jones (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Hughes (female) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Rance (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Kapp (male) (One of the soldiers)
  • TBA as Welch (male) (One of the soldiers)


  • Timothy Burke & Many Scientists - Killed in a variety of ways by the aliens in the movie's prologue.
  • Donaldson - Half of face ripped off by an alien when it ambushes him in a dark hallway.
  • Hughes - Dies of blood loss after an alien rips off her left arm while she is trying to fight it off.
  • Welch - Decapitated by an alien while reloading his gun.
  • Guerra - Throat ripped out by an alien while trying to radio for help.
  • Alien #1 - Killed in an explosion when Wong throws a grenade at it.
  • Kapp - Disemboweled by an alien while trying to secure a room.
  • Cole - Shot in the head by Steed as a mercy-kill after being mauled and mortally wounded by an alien.
  • Alien #2 - Shot repeatedly with an auto-shotgun by Monica.
  • Purvis - Partially mauled by an alien while trying to hide from it. She later dies of her injuries.
  • Rance - Mauled by an alien while trying to warn the others.
  • Donaldson - Mauled by an alien (off-screen) while trying to fix his gun.
  • Neal - Stabbed through the skull by an alien's claws.
  • Alien #3 - Burned to death after Steed dumps a gallon of sulphuric acid on its head.
  • Jones - Accidentally shot in the head by Steed after being mistaken for an alien.
  • Remaining Aliens - Killed when the facility explodes after the self-destruction mechanism is activated.


  • Steed
  • Monica Klein
  • Unger
  • Wong
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