Annoying Villagers: The Movie is an 2018 animated epic fantasy comedy-drama film directed, produced, written and composed by MrFudgeMonkyz and directed, cinemographied and edited by RaymanLover 2018, released by Paramount Pictures in the North America and Sony Pictures Releasing outside of the North America, This film was released with IMAX, Real D 3D and IMAX 3D for the cinemas. As of cinemark, The film was supported with XD, D-BOX seats and 3D, This film stars only MrFudgeMonkeyz as various characters, As of he was too shy for voice actors, In the YouTube version, This film doesn't have end credits, But there is an possible version that has credits, As of the Minecraft movie being released in 2019, MrFudgeMonkeyz and RaymanLover 2018 decied to release an early Minecraft movie.




  • MrFudgeMonkeyz as various characters.


Home media

Annoying Villagers: The Movie will be released in DVD and Blu-Ray in December 5th, 2018.


Critical reviews

This movie has 8.1/10 in IMDb as being an successful Rated-R box office bomb by earning $2,222 billion in the box office and $100 million as budget, People said that this would have been the best Rated-R movie in the year.

Parental Guides

This film is Rated-R because of:

  • Violence
  • Language
  • Many fight scenes.

TV airings of the film is TV-14 LV.

Full Movie

Annoying Villagers- The Movie

Annoying Villagers- The Movie


  • This film has broken the 4th wall once has of saying "Previously on Annoying Vilagers 7, you all watched it right?"
  • This film does not have end credits, but there is an possible version that has the end credits.
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