Gloria: Hey! Richie left me a present by the door. It better not be an expensive gift!

Orange: I'm not expensive, I'm an orange! Hahahahaha!

Gloria: Well, what do you know? A talking fruit. Where did Richie Rich find a talking fruit?

Orange: Richie Rich? Are you a gold digger?

Gloria: No! I just like Richie, and I don't accept expensive gifts!

Orange: Hey, gold digger!

Gloria: I told you, I'm not a gold digger! I have a name, too! It's Gloria!

Orange: Why do you like Richie Rich so much?

Gloria: Because he's a very sweet and generous boy.

Orange: Wrong! Because he gets all the GLORIA!! Hahahahaha!!

Gloria: What!?

Orange: Get it? GLORY-A?! Hahahahahaha!!

Gloria: Okay! That is not funny!!

Orange: Are you after his money?

Gloria: What?!?

Orange: He's really rich and you're after his money!!

Gloria: Excuse me, his being rich means nothing to me at all! I don't even let him give me expensive gifts either!!

Orange: You don't? Boring!!!

Gloria: No, it's not boring!!

Orange: Can you do this? Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!!

Gloria: No!!

Orange: Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!!

Gloria: Stop it, you crazy fruit!! It's not funny!!

Orange: Hahahahahahaha!!

Gloria: You may not know it, buddy!! But I do not like it when someone makes fun if me!! So stop it!!

Orange: Hey, Gloria!

Gloria: What?!?

Orange: Package!

(A giant package has been dropped from the sky behind her.)

Gloria: What did Richie get me this time? I told him several times that I don't accept expensive presents!

(Gloria opens the package and sees tons of dynamite.)

Gloria: Alright! This is the worst present ever!!

Richie: Hi, Gloria!

Gloria: Richie!! Why did you send me tons of dynamite?!?

Richie: I didn't send you dynamite! Honest!

Orange: (Holding a stick of dynamite with a fuse) Don't worry! There's plenty for everyone! Here! (tosses a stick of dynamite to Richie)

(When Richie catches the stick, it explodes, only injuring him.)

Gloria: Richie!! No!!!

Richie: Ooowww!!

Gloria: Are you hurt?!

Richie: I'll be okay...

Orange: I guess that's RICH!! Hahahahahaha!!

Gloria: You jerk!! Why did you do that?!?

Pear: What's going on? (spots a pile of dynamite) Oh no! Orange, did you order a lot of TNT!

Gloria: Huh?

Orange: Well, I ordered them for that girl over there! Hahahahaha!! 

Gloria: Wait a minute! You sent me these, not Richie?!

Orange: You said you don't like expensive gifts, so you only accept TNT!! Hahahahaha!!

Pear: Orange!! Why would she want TNT?!?

Gloria: Yeah!! That is the worst gift to give me, I should've known!! First, you made fun of me, then you brought me dynamite, and you nearly killed my boyfriend with those!! What's the matter with you?!? You're insane!!!!

Orange: No, I'm not. I'm an orange. Hahahahaha!!

Gloria: Aaarrrggghhh!!!!!

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