Annabelle Sullivan
Annabelle Sullivan in My Style
Voiced by: Isabella Acres
Rowan Blanchard (singing)
Grace Kaufman (younger)
Occupation: Student
Family: Jack Sullivan (father)
Jeannie Sullivan (mother, deceased)
Kyle Sullivan (brother)
Status: Alive
Alias: Princess Annabelle of Crossovia
Cause of Death:
Date of Birth: July 21, 2000
Abilities: Magic

Annabelle "Anna" Sullivan is a 15-year-old girl who loves cartoons and the main protagonist of Crossover Universe. She is voiced by Isabella Acres.


Anna is a 15-year-old girl with autism. She believed in magic and fairytales and she also loves cartoons. She is also a trained apprentice that can use a spellbook so she can use her trained spell-casting skills. She was friends with Gumball Watterson, Steven Universe and any cartoon fictional character she meets.



Anna is a sweet, young girl who had autism. She's a bit cute and a little sarcastic sometimes. She was friends with her classmates at her current school, Strongfield High. But first, she was wealthy and self-trained. When she gets nervous, she runs away. Even thought she loves cartoons and hanging out with her friends.


She has blue eyes, blonde hair and pale skin. She wears a pink four-pointed star-shaped amulet necklace. She has a star-shaped tattoo on her left chest which is her birthmark. Her fashion motif was polka-dots, roses, diamonds, ribbons, etc.



  • Maya Hart - They are both troublemakers and have blonde hair.
  • Frankie Hathaway - They are both nerds and they can talk to ghosts.
  • Terra - They both have the same eye color and hair color and have superpowers.


File:Voice actor.png

She was voiced by Isabella Acres. In the younger version, She is voiced by Grace Kaufman.

Powers & Abilities

* = notable

  • Magic* - She can use magical forces to varying degrees.
  • Shapeshifting - She can transform into an object, animal or person.
  • Invisibility - She can turn invisible and can be unseen.
  • Intangibility - She can pass through physical matter.
  • Elemental Intangibility - She can become an element to allow physical attacks to simply phase through her body.
  • Teleportation - She can teleport from place to place.
  • Superhuman Speed* - She can be the fastest and can run the fastest to make her opponents dizzy.
  • Astral Projection - She can separate her spirit from her body.
  • Telekinesis* - She moves objects, animals and people with her mind.
  • Electrokinesis* - She can zap her opponents with her lighting beams.
  • Divided Mind/Alter Ego/Dual Mind - She can possess two or more personas, each capable of separate powers, physical and mental attributes or skills.
  • Typhokinesis - She can manipulate and generate smoke.
  • Mediumship - She can perceive and communicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife.
  • Regeneration - If she dies, She regeneration into a new body and face.



  • She is one of the most popular students of Strongfield High.
  • Her birthday was on July 21 and she was born on 2000.
  • She mostly like some teen sitcoms.
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