Unfaithful Ex-Bestfriend, Selfish and Desperate.

Annabelle in reference to her assigned Accursed One Gina Truman at the Hotel Montgomery Lobby.

Annabelle is an angel appearing in Luc Besson's Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

The Remorseful Angel
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family God and the Holy Angels
Status Active
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Hair Color Red
Height 5'8
Affiliation Castiel,

Raphael, Uriel, Zachariah, Michael, God, Gabriel

Weapons Eyes Of Force
Species Angel
Home Heaven
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests "
Performer None

Annabelle is the only female angel of the dispatched angels tasked with eliminating the Accursed Ones and is assigned to Accursed One Gina Truman.


Annabelle is a female angel from Heaven who is among God's most trusted angels.

She carries much sympathy and pity towards humans and when it comes to the occasions of eliminating them shows much remorse in doing so.

She does however harbor rage towards those who cheat on those they are meant to love as it was done once to her when she descended to heaven and wished to be a human being.

She had fallen in love with a Tax Agent during the 1950s and was cheated on with a Los Angeles actress woman.

Annabelle in rage destroyed him and the woman and begged for forgiveness from God who granted it.

She remains a faithful servant to him following any order he bestows upon her.

Thy Kingdom Come

Annabelle is tasked with eliminating Accursed One Gina Truman who will contribute to a large London, England disaster which will escalate into the world ending.

She is led by angel Castiel to Earth and kills her assigned victim Gina at the London hotel Hotel Montgomery following Raphael eliminating Accursed One Walter Foreman.

Annabelle pursued Gina to the Hotel's roof and then used her eyes of manipulation into forcing Gina to throw herself off the roof to her untimely death.

Annabelle appears at the Liverpool Rock Cliff Formation Pryor Rock in the end with the other angels and is attacked by Accursed Ones Julian Scott, Daniel Bishop and Whitney Timer.

She however like the others easily deflects them and watches as Michael proceeds to eliminate his Accursed One Daniel.

Julian's sacrifice to save Whitney from assigned angel Zachariah however calls on God himself who sends Annabelle and the others back to heaven as because of the brave loving sacrifice he allows the two to live.

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