Clued Up
Genre Drama


Created by ABC Studios

BBC Drama

Starring Dakota Fanning

Rachel Weisz (Season 1 - 4)

Ashley Jensen (Season 1 - 4)

David Arquette (Season 1 - 4)

Charles Shaughnessy (Season 1 - 5)

Christian Traeumer (Season 1 - 4)

Eva Longoria (Season 5 - 7)

Opening Theme Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
Location London, UK (Season 1 - 4)

Los Angeles, USA (Season 5 - 7)

Country Of Origin United Kingdom

United States of America

Number Of Episodes 70
Running Time 60 minutes
Original Channel: BBC One (UK)


Original Air Date September 5th 2010 - October 23rd 2016 (UK)

September 7th 2010 - October 25th 2016 (USA)

Produced by ABC Studios

BBC Drama

Directed by Various
Anna Collins: Clued Up (or simply Clued Up) is an Anglo-American teen crime drama co-produced by ABC and BBC One. It premiered in September 2010 and starred Dakota Fanning as Anna Collins for its entire run. It ran for 7 ten-episode seasons, concluding in October 2016.


Season 1

Anna Collins is ready to start afresh. Her father, an LAPD police officer, has gotten a job with the Metropolitan police in London so Anna's family is moving and they're living with her father's British cousin Maggie. But once they settle and Anna starts school, trouble begins to brew when her only friend gets murdered the day after her arrival, despite her father's objections due to Anna's past amateur sleuthing in Los Angeles, Anna insists she must get to the bottom of her brief friend's murder. She makes friends and enemies along the way too.

Season 2

Anna Collins has settled into life in London, she's a popular student and receives endless praise for her work the previous year, but when a chain of mysterious crimes happen across the neighbourhood and the emotional toll its taking on her family, Anna takes matters into her own hands once again.

Season 3

As Anna enters her last year of school, she's preparing for university, but when her boyfriend goes missing she finds herself preoccupied by the deadly underworld of drugs and prostitution that lurks in the darker side of her community, but where exactly has her boyfriend gone? And what secrets are her family and friends hiding from her?

Season 4

It's Anna's last summer in London before she heads back to Los Angeles for University, but due to her increasingly impressive reputation, she is hired as a consultant on the high profile murder investigation of a beloved celebrity, with pressure on her to solve the crime before its time to leave, the ruthless and mysterious killer plays games with Anna, has she finally met her match?

Season 5

Hung up that she allowed the killer to get away, Anna moves back to Los Angeles with low self esteem but seems to make friends quickly, her Criminology professor Bianca Florez takes a shining to her and invites her to a seminar in Hollywood. Anna is reunited with her teacher from London, but is left mortified when his body is found mutilated in his hotel room. Anna decides to take it upon herself to solve the crime along with Bianca, but the LAPD block her from doing so, and in the process she learns of her parents' shady past in the city.

Season 6

Season six took the approach of multiple crimes across ten episodes, all with a subtle connection

Beginning her second year at UCLA, Anna decides to earn an allowance by setting up a private detective agency on campus with Bianca and her friends' help, but it soon becomes apparent someone is luring Anna into a false sense of security.

Season 7

As Anna enters her final year at UCLA, she begins to contemplate her future. Will she return to her family in London or stay in Los Angeles? Her decisions become second priority when a figure from her past returns with a mystery only Anna could solve.

The seventh season concludes with Anna's graduation and the conclusion to the mystery. The closing moments of the finale show that Anna has opened a detective agency on Sunset Boulevard and now works as a PI full time.



Dakota Fanning as Anna Collins, a young girl with a high intelligence and above average intuition.

Rachel Weizs as Marnie Collins (Season 1 - 4, guest Season 7), Anna's mom, a nurse with a past in forensic science.

David Arquette as Ricky Collins (Season 1 - 4, guest Season 5, 7), Anna's dad, an LAPD police officer transferred to the Metropolitan police in a newly formed position, although Anna (eventually revealed to be correctly) suspects there is more to his transfer than it seems.

Ashley Jensen as Maggie Collins (Season 1 - 4, guest Season 5, 6, 7), Anna's Scottish relative, Ricky's cousin. She, like Anna, is highly intuitive, she is a teacher at Anna's school and keeps a close eye on her behaviour, but often ends up helping her solve mysteries.

Christian Traeumer as Ben Collins (Season 1 - 4, guest Season 7), Anna's younger brother who frequently causes trouble in the family and messes up Anna's investigations.

Charles Shaughnessy as Norris Norbert (Season 1 - 5), Anna's English teacher who specialises in crime fiction, he often helps Anna and Maggie when in school, he leaves the school in Season 4 to pursue crime writing full time, only to be murdered in Hollywood the following year.

Eva Longoria as Professor Bianca Florez (Season 5 - 7), Anna's criminology professor and frequent collaborator at UCLA, her feisty attitude often helps Anna get results when questioning potential suspects.


Saoirse Ronan as Kelly, Anna's friend who helps her investigate Donna's murder in Season 1 and sticks by her until she goes to Belfast University in season 4 (Season 1 - 4, guest Season 6)

Taissa Farmiga as Rihanna, Anna's best friend since kindergarten, she visits Anna every so often, but they lose contact ironically when Anna returns to LA and Rihanna goes to Oxford (Season 1 - 3, guest Season 6)

Layton Williams as George, Anna and Kelly's new friend who helps them find Anna's boyfriend, he and his family move to Sweden at the end of season 4 (Season 2 - 4)

Nick Robinson as Clark French, Anna's boyfriend from LA who arrives in London to visit, only to disappear. Upon his return, he continues his relationship with Anna and even returns to LA with her. He proposes in the series finale and she accepts. (Mentioned in Season 1, Appears Season 2 - 7)

There are multiple other one-time cast members.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7



Spin-off, Revivals & Movies

A spin-off was optioned by both the BBC and ABC to focus on Ashley Jensen's character after the conclusion of season 4. The show, entitled Maggie Solves aired for 3 seasons and 12 episodes on BBC One, concluding in 2015. As of 2016, the show has not aired in the US.

Despite a clear conclusion to the series in the season 7 finale, some fans believed there was potential for an eighth season some point in the future, possibly once Clark and Anna are married with children. The BBC confirmed that neither they or ABC were currently considering an eighth season.

In January 2017, rumours circulated online that ABC's parent company Walt Disney Pictures has been holding talks with BBC Drama and BBC Films to produce a theatrical continuation of the series. The film entitled Gotta Clue? was officially announced the following month, it was confirmed it'd follow 'Anna's biggest case yet' and most of Season 7's cast would return, with the potential return of past season's cast too.

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