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Ann Nedry is the tritagonist of the MTV's animated television series, Martin Tentacles.

She is the 28-year old daughter of Wilbur Nedry and Missy Nedry, which, like Martin, is exposed to radiation and turned into a octopus. She is the girlfriend of Martin and the enemy of Roward.

As Season 4 progresses, she dumps Martin and marries Roward, and have three children: Marge, Cartman and Ren.



Martin Tentacles: The Movie

In this film, Ann is the deuteragonist. She tells Martin to help her family to get rid of a ghost (who is actually revealed to be the Kraken) of her cruise ship. After a long fight, Martin finally catches the ghost in a mirror, who reveals that he was trying to make the Nedry family finishing the promise that they broke 150 years ago. Angrily, Martin goes back to the party and tells Ann she is a liar, much to her sadness.

When Ann's father, Cipher, traps the monsters, Ann sadly walks up to the DJ booth, and reveals that she is daughter of Cipher Nedry, and Gunther is the long-lost grandson of Nancy. With that, Nancy opens the Instrument of Destruction, and brainwashes the Kraken to destroy, the monsters.

After Martin and Riley are caught in the Kraken's tentacles, and begins to violently suffocate Martin, Ann couldn't bear to watch Martin get hurt, so Ann jumps off the DJ booth, (much to Abraham's shock and surprise) and jumps onto Heimilch, and using her martial art skills, kicks the Kraken in the eye, making the large sea creature growl in pain, as Ann watched a lifeless Martin, fall from the sky.

Ann jumps off the massive Heimlich and catches Martin in mid-air, and they both hang onto a ledge, while Cipher tells her father that he is wrong about monsters, and that Cipher must learn to love and respect them, but Cipher cowardly refuses and runs into the panic room instead.

As Cipher starts to get angry, Ann confesses to Martin (Which Martin was still unconscious), that his abusive brother, Gunther, was trying to kill him, and she realized that she was wrong about killing monsters, and that monsters do love each other. Then, she exclaimed that she knows all of this, because she also zinged, as well.

At the moment, Martin's eyes opened, surprised that Ann had loved with him. When Nancy bashes the two people off the ledge, Martin was holding Ann, by stating it was time to start a "A monster-human legacy", while Ann and Martin looked romantically into each other's eyes.

Later on, she discovers all the bad things her ancestors did inside a secret room of the cruise and believes that she is nothing but just "another link in the world's worst chain". But because of Martin encouraging her, Ann then finished the promise and Nancy finally rests back into the afterlife. After defeating Nancy and Cipher, in a DJ battle hosted by Little Brother, and was the monsters were all dancing to the Macarena, Ann looks into Martin's eyes and says to him, that he is so amazing, and then they zinged again. Despite their breakup in the series, she and Martin are later seen enjoying each other's company and joyfully mess up the Nedries' rug with their muddy shoes.





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