FNAF Timeline
These kid-friendly characters are being controlled by the dead souls of the kids I've slain. I could help you survive as long as you help me get my revenge. After my naughty behaviour, my "friend" offed me. Now I began my new killing spree of five new children, the choice is yours if this stops. You bring me Derek Peterson from prison and you and many other could be victims shall be spared.
~ Puppet to Jeremy Fitzgerald about their deal

Animatronics are the main protagonistic turned main antagonistic groups in the Five Nights at Freddy's movies and the crossover film. They were to entertain the children who went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza but they have a dark secret.


Before 1987, five children were lured into the backstage of the pizzeria where all the animatronic characters were. A killer and his partner were going to "rob" the restaurant, however the killer had different intentions. He managed to kill every single child while wearing a Golden Freddy suit and then stuffed their remains in the animatronic suits, while his partner was secretly taking money from the cash register in the reception room, while the receptionist was in a meeting. The murderer had the five child murdered but no room left for his body, so he took off the suit and then used it to stuff the kid in it, while the robber returned to find out why he stayed behind. The robber pointed his gun at him while calling him "monster" and shot him in the chest, instantly killing him. The police soon arrived and found the robber, everyone including the cops believed he was the killer, so the thief was arrested and placed in prison with a life sentence.

Security guards Mike Schidmt and Jeremy Fitzgerald were there to protect the place at night in case of anything bad. The equipment, the two were given were: walkie-talkies, stun guns, handcuffs and security cameras. Everything was fine but the souls of the children began to slowly possess the robots, blaming adults for their deaths. The next day, Foxy was performing for a birthday party but accidentally bit off the frontal lobe of the brain from the little girl who was making fun of him. This caused the management to shut down Pirate's Cove alongside Foxy with it.

Security guards Mike Schidmt (Ron Perlman) and Jeremy Fitzgerald (Mike Colter) were on night duty again but a group of people, consisting of Nick (Dylan O'Brien), John (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Sarah (Emma Stone), Monica (Emma Roberts), Ron (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) arrived for their own little "investigation" on Foxy and why he did that. Mike went to get them out of the place or the cops will be alerted, but Jeremy found out Bonnie is missing and calls Mike. Mike orders the group to get out and goes into the Show Stage to find Bonnie. Bonnie is seen standing in the Dining Area, slowly turning his neck to stare at Mike. Mike goes to the group of survivors to tell them to get out quickly but the power was disabled for the doors in the building (except for the Office's doors) so the group quickly run to the Office to take cover in there. Jeremy asks whats happening, Mike says that Bonnie is moving like a person could with free will and that someone shut off the power downstairs so everyone's locked inside the building. Jeremy searches through the camera's to find the power room but it, for some reason, has been disabled.

Nick (one of the survivors) sneaks away from the group to find out what exactly is going on. Mike finds out his in the Dining Area with Bonnie. Bonnie returns in the room and sneaks on him, proceeds to kill him, while his being murdered, Chica looks over the camera and knocks it out. Sarah (Emma Stone) begins screaming and crying over Nick's death, Mike then tells Jeremy (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) they need to be armed with their stun guns and Jeremy claims some more equipment may be in the pizzeria owner's office if the need to including baseball bats and firearms and some other equipment is in the supply closet. Ron and Monica ask if they should go, Mike and Jeremy give Ron a stun gun and say they don't have to. But Ron and Monica go anywhere to find some equipment while Jeremy focuses the monitors on both the owners office and the supply closet. Ron finds a firearm in the owners office and sees Chica coming through while saying "LET'S EAT!!!" in her animatronic voice. Chica then drags him away and kills him in the backstage. Monica is still searching for any weapons in the supply closet but spots Bonnie coming her away. Monica attempts to escape, but Bonnie disables the camera's. Later on, Monica is seen crawling to the Office with her jaw nearly sawn off, Freddy then enters and takes her away to finish her off.

The remaining survivors now are Mike Schidmt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Sarah, John, Lucy and Mark. Sarah, saddened, steals Jeremy's stun gun and says I'm going to go check the power room, don't even stop me". She goes and see's Foxy who was staring at her, with his hook sharpened to kill. As he runs towards her, Sarah uses the stun gun to temporarily electrocute and stun him. With this, Sarah searches through the power and finds that the cable has been cut in two by one of the animatronics. Foxy gets back up and uses his hook to slit her throat, making her choke on her own blood and die. The survivors are greatly saddened, with Mike saying the rest of the survivors should stay while he and Jeremy goes out to find some weapons to fight back.

Mike manages to find a blow torch in the supply closet and Jeremy manages to successfully grab the pistol that Ron found before he died. Bonnie and Chica head towards the Office, but the survivors shut the doors to prevent them from reaching them. Bonnie heads to Mike to find him, Bonnie tries to kill him but Mike uses the blow torch to burn the majority of his face off, revealing his endoskeleton, red eyes and the insides of his face. Mike escapes afterwards with Bonnie attempting to stop the pain. Chica finds a fire axe and smashes her hand through the window, grabs Mark and brutally decapitates him with the axe. Mike witnesses this and in anger, goes towards Chica, holding on the axe and attempting to disarm her. But Bonnie goes through the door and tries to stop Mike but Mike runs away, causing Chica to accidentally strike Bonnie in the chest with the fire axe.

Chica then stops for a second before Jeremy pins her down. Mike takes the axe and uses it to destroy her beak, mouth and jaw, killing her. Foxy runs towards the door and grabs Lucy, attempting to brutally bite into her neck, but Jeremy uses the gun to shoot both of his knee's, taking away his ability to walk. Jeremy then went to finish him off but Foxy springs to life and grabs his legs, pulling him towards his deadly mouth. But Mike grabs the gun and shoots him in the eye, blinding him in one eye, allowing Jeremy to take the time to shoot Foxy through the mouth, ending his life. Mike and Jeremy then rush through the hallway to find Freddy Fazbear, staring at them while saying "You finished my friends" in anger with his animatronic voice. Freddy then proceeds to choke Jeremy almost to death before Mike can stun him and grab him off. Mike then sacrifices himself to eliminate Freddy for now, using the stun gun to electrocute the active wires, and then puts them onto Freddy, electrocuting them both to death. 

The management found all the animatronic characters destroyed and the deaths of people, with the survivors attempting to get out the pizzeria. The police arrived and sent the survivors to the hospital for medical attention in case, while the management had the corpses given to the police and the animatronics were sent to a repair company to try and repair them. But the owner of the pizzeria decided to have the entire building rebuilt and decided to have the animatronics given back unrepaired to be used as spare parts in the Parts/Service Room and had newer looking models built instead. Jeremy Fitzgerald was rehired as the new night watchman for the pizzeria, claiming Jeremy will do it in honor for Mike Schidmt.

Jeremy finished up his first night fine and didn't notice anything strange. Though the soul of the murderer that killed, the five children possessed the Puppet that was in the Prize Corner. During the day, Puppet sneaked away from the corner and revived the old animatronics, but they can only be active during night. Five children managed to get into the Parts/Service Room to see the old animatronics, but Puppet managed to murder them all and then return to the Prize Corner. Some security guards found the corpse and reported it to the police, who took in the corpses and notified the owner and parents. Some claimed children would mysteriously die if they went out at the back unsupervised. So the security guards were to guard the back areas to prevent anymore casualties.

Beginning his second night, Jeremy searched through the camera's to spot the new version of Bonnie missing from the stage. Terrified and worried about the previous incident, Jeremy found him in the next room where he was staring at the camera. Jeremy discovered his worst nightmares have returned. Fitzgerald decided he'll finish up the night without attempting to destroy the animatronics and report this to the owner. Toy Bonnie entered through the vents but Jeremy managed to close the vent before he could enter the Office. The next morning, Jeremy reported to the owner who then got annoyed of these incidents about the animatronic characters attempting to kill the guards. So he set up six more security guards with Jeremy to patrol the area and do their job. Though Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica escaped with Toy Freddy staring at the camera at the stage. 

Toy Bonnie captured one of the security guards and knocked him out with his guitar. Toy Chica then captured another guard by knocking him out with her cupcake. The four guards attempted to radio them but received no call, becoming suspicious. So two guards went searching for them to find both guards gagged and hung. While seeing in horror, both Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica appeared and chased them towards the Parts/Service Room. The two guards took cover in there and messeged the owner about what's happening. Though old Foxy, not seen by the guards, got up from the floor and used his hook to kill them both. 

One guard entered the office to say "Our men went missing but besides that, everything's fine" but then the Mangle animatronic came down, grabbed him and took him to the ceiling while Jeremy jumped out of his seat and dialed 911 as soon as he could. But before the pressed the final number, the TV came on and a puppet was seen on the screen, smiling. He said to Jeremy not to mention this incident to anyone and allow the guards to die. He then said he'll call him on his next night for more details about their "deal". The last guard attempted to go for the exit and banged on the door calling for help. The camera then cut off as Toy Freddy snuck behind him.

The next night, Jeremy heard a little jingle from the hallway as Balloon Boy arrived holding a tape and gave it to him. The tape was by Puppet and it explained that Jeremy had to help him deliever him to his former partner's prison where he could finally further his own plans. Jeremy agreed and said he'll do it with Balloon Boy leaving to tell him. Freddy, Bonnie and Chica then made their way to the office in their attempt to kill Jeremy but Puppet stopped them and so the deal began.

Puppet was arrived at the prison where he was taken to Cell 107 where John Edwards and his cellmate, Donnie Weston, were located. Puppet was brought inside the cell for John and slowly stared at him saying "Hi there, partner" to John's horror. Donnie jumped up and tried to destroy Puppet but the Puppet got him down by slicing his feet with a knife and then used the knife to finish him off. Puppet then turned back and explained to him about everything. Then Puppet mentioned if John helps him, John will be spared. Puppet then uses his mechanical laugh to attract a prison guard, with the prison guard taking it to taunt Puppet and John saying he shouldn't play with dolls. Puppet then sprang to life saying "You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover", then kills the guard with his knife. The two escape prison and Jeremy returns to the pizzeria where his shift ends.


  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Chica
  • Bonnie
  • Foxy
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Chica
  • Mangle
  • Balloon Boy
  • Marionette (reformed)
  • Golden Freddy


  • Nick: Head crushed by Bonnie.
  • Ron: Stuffed into an animatronic suit by Chica.
  • Monica: Jaw nearly smashed by Bonnie, then stuffed in a animatronic suit by Freddy.
  • Sarah: Slit throat with a hook by Foxy.
  • Mark: Decapitated with a fire axe by Chica.
  • Bonnie: Face burned off with a blow torch by Mike Schidmt and struck in the chest with an fire axe by Chica.
  • Mike Schidmt and Freddy Fazbear: Electrocuted to death.
  • Security Guard #1: Hung by Toy Bonnie.
  • Security Guard #2: Hung by Toy Chica.
  • Security Guard #3: Throat torn open by Foxy.
  • Security Guard #4: Eyes gouged by Foxy.
  • Security Guard #5: Mangled and thrown down by Mangle.
  • Security Guard #6: Stuffed into a animatronic suit by Toy Freddy.
  • Donnie Weston: Stabbed in the head by Puppet.
  • Prison Guard: Stabbed in the heart by Puppet.
  • Chica: Fire axe in the head by Puppet for revenge after she forced him to killed Donnie.
  • Balloon Boy: Accidentally got stabbed in the heart by Toy Freddy; put down by Puppet.
  • Toy Freddy: Betrayed by Toy Foxy and Toy Chica after discovered that The Pupper betrayed them for the humans.
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