Animated Movie is the Crossover Movie directed by Jeffery Katzenburg, Antonio Banderas, Peter Lepeniotis, and more. The Movie is Produced and Music-Conducted by Sergio de la Puente. It is rated PG, and stars Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Branden Fraser, Shia LaBouf, Liam Neeson, Stephen Hughes, Matt Lanter, Daniel Ratcliffe, Keanu Reeves, Dee Bradley Baker, Chris Pratt, and Jim Sturgess


  • Will Arnett = Surly, RJ, Shrek, Sinbad, Humphrey, Manny the Wooly Mammoth
  • Kathrine Heigl = Andie, Lynxette, Marina, Kate, Princess Fiona, Astarte the Falcon, Gylfie
  • Branden Fraser = Grayson, Gus the Chamelion, Twilight
  • Jim Sturgess = Soren, Felix the Lynx, Donkey, Prince Proteus
  • Shia LaBouf = Buddy, Rupert, Garth, Puss in Boots, Digger, Hammy, and Kale
  • Matt Lanter = Mumble, Noah (The Missing Lynx), Winston, Verne, and King Dymas
  • Jennifer Lawrence = Betty the Goat, Lilly, Eve, Stella, Shira, Ellie, Otulissa, Scrate, and Eris
  • Daniel Ratcliffe = Sid the Sloth, Ezylryb, and Lord Farquaad
  • Keanu Reeves = Diego the Sabre-toothed Tiger, Scrat, Artie, and Elder Wolf (The Missing Lynx)
  • Dee Bradley Baker = Wolf Consular (The Missing Lynx), Diogenes, and Metal Beak
  • Chris Pratt = Buck the Weasel
  • Liam Neeson = Raccoon, Tony, Vincent, Captain Gutt, and Kludd
  • Stephen Hughes = Newmann


The Now-Redeemed Purple Squirrel Meets new Allies from different Dimensions to Stop Raccoon and the Villains from dominating Animation Worlds

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