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Animalic Heroes is a Film That Released in 2039.


  • Sonos The Hedgehog (Main Hero)
  • Anton the Ant (Hero's Brother)
  • Attamy The Hedgeant (Hero's Half Sister Half Girlfriend)
  • Hyricok The Mysterious (Main Villain)
  • Makalak The Hedgeant (Hero's Oldest Brother)
  • GoGalsa The Echidna (Hero's Friend (Female) )
  • Joe the Caterchidna (Hero's Friend (Male) )
  • Jacholas the Stick bug (Hero's Friend (Male) )
  • Jefforut The 99 Tailed Red Fox (Hero's Friend With a African American Accent)
  • Tod & Zod The Rolly Polly (Hero's Friends Who always Twins)
  • Andius Miles Misterbruger the Panda (a Boss of Makalak & a Science Fair Manager)
  • Aunt Coria the Cat (Aunt of the Hero)
  • Jaymark (a Robot Who invented by Makalak)


a Mysterious Villain Steal the Robots while the Science Fair Still on Fire, When Sonos going to Save the Robot of his, & Stop the Mysterious Villain?


  • It's Take Place between Ant Island (Bug's Life) & Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • It's Published by 20th Century Fox & Pixar/Sega/Both.