AniGamers, also known as Animated Gamers in Europe is an Action-Adventure TV show on Jetix iNfusion. This focuses on three video game battlers (Damien Gilford, Centinela Alpha and Kyle Rivers) who fight to save the video gaming universe.

Cast of Characters

Real World

Character Voice Actor
Damien Gilford Ian James Corlett
Centinela Alpha Lara Jill Miller
Kyle Rivers Andrew Francis
Sinon West Ashleigh Ball
Greg Yasumi Brad Swaile
Sarah Riley Shannon Chan-Kent
Thomas Margo Derek Roosevelt
Shen Marcus Matt Hill

Villainous Hackers

Character Voice Actor
Lord Xeroth Paul Dobson
Xenamira Kelly Sheridan
Kale Sam Vincent
Jarmani Michael Daingerfield
Kyra Andrea Libman
Myra Janyse Jaud

Video Game Universe Characters

Character Universe Voice Actor
Mario Super Mario Charles Martinet
Dr. Mario Super Mario Charles Martinet
Luigi Super Mario Charles Martinet
Peach Super Mario Samantha Kelly
Wario Super Mario Charles Martinet
Bowser Super Mario Kenny James
Rosalina & Luma Super Mario Kerri Kane (Rosalina)
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Catey Sagoian
Yoshi Yoshi Kazumi Totaka
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Takashi Nagasako
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Katsumi Suzuki
Link The Legend of Zelda Takashi Ohara

Kengo Takanashi (Breath of the Wild)

Zelda The Legend of Zelda Laura Bailey

Patricia Summersett (Breath of the Wild)

Sheik The Legend of Zelda Stephanie Young
Young Link The Legend of Zelda Fujiko Takimoto
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Sachi Matsumoto
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Michael McConnohie


For a list of episodes, see List of AniGamers episodes.

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