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*Oguma Corporation(Metal Slug)
*Oguma Corporation(Metal Slug)
*Classic Doom's Monsters
*Classic Doom's Monsters
*the Combine from Half-Life

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Ani-Toonspiracy is a series of a Mega-Crossover with Real Life Conspiracy Theories

Premise and Story so farEdit

Following the event in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Spongebob has finally becomes Krusty Krab 2 Manager for some years until he receives Strange Dream about he's become secret agent recovering Cheese from special machine that Transmutes yellow objects into Naquadah, then when he goes to work he hear the news of Plankton disappears from the Asylum for the Criminally Tiny last midnight, and then there's the events that renders Spongebob and his friends exiled from Bikini Bottom only to teams up with bunch of people from different universes and fights Illuminati and Anunnaki whose ranks includes Pacman, Cho Seung Hui, the Grox, the Transformers, and so on. meanwhile Plankton manages to do the perfected version of Plan Z

and additionally, a Mega-Corporation that wants to wipe out everything that aren't strictly regular human beings are makes everything complicated

Crossovers and ParodiesEdit

Here's the stuff that this project crossovers and parodies in it's installments:

  • Spongebob Squarepants(follows Movie canon)
  • Real Life(mainly for it's Conspiracy Theories and related Subject matter)
  • The Simpsons
  • Command and Conquer game series
  • Heroes TV show
  • Pokemon anime
  • Teen Titans Animated TV show(excluding it's 2013 spin-off called Teen Titans Go)
  • Digimon
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • The World Ends with You
  • Crysis game series(ignores everything from Crysis 2, Comics, and 3)
  • Spore(computer game from Maxis)
  • Prototype game series
  • Metal Slug game series
  • The Mummy Trilogy
  • Jurassic Park trilogy
  • Halo/Red vs Blue
  • Call of Duty(uses Modern Warfare mixed by Nolanverse Batman in "Captain John Price kills the Nolanverse" comic book(that spoofs Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe) and parodied as "Morden's Waaghfare")
  • The Dark Knight Saga aka Nolanverse Batman
  • Iji(homemade computer game)
  • Classic Doom
  • Half Life
  • First Encounter Assault Recon
  • Grand Theft Auto game franchise
  • Scooby Doo
  • Warhammer 40.000
  • Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
  • Happy Tree Friends(this is probably the only one that involves any OCs)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Mario series
  • Chzo Mythos(Homemade Computer game series)
  • MacGyver(MacGyver appears)
  • Angry Birds(only when it's birds are become summons)
  • a Backwater DC Comics Universe(where Flanderized Lex Luthor came from)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe(mostly when Lex Luthor acquires Ironman Suit technology from as well this is also the source of Infinity Gems in this project)
  • No Country For Old Men(Film Version)
  • Hannibal Lecter franchise(represented by Flanderized Hannibal Lecter)
  • Powerpuff Girls
  • South park(a bit)
  • Flame of Recca
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Soar High! Isami
  • X-men Evolution
  • American Dragon: Jake Long
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day(parodied)
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
  • Portal(it's only elements are become one of new tech that Adam Jensen's augs uses)
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
  • Kindaichi Case Files/Detective Academy Q
  • Amazing Alex(another game series from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Pacman(cameo)
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Friday the 13th(cameo)
  • Nightmare on the Elm Street(Cameo)
  • SCP Foundation
  • Detective Conan
  • The Incredibles
  • Power Rangers/Super Sentai
  • Twilight(as it's mockery)
  • Harry Potter
  • 2001: a Space Oddyssey
  • Soylent Green(as Parody)
  • Barney the Dinosaur
  • Touhou
  • Bakugan
  • GoGoRiki(arguable)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica(arguable)
  • Extreme Ghostbusters
  • Downfall(Der Untergang): where it's clip are used to promote this project
  • Homestuck(a bit for Summon)
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • Robocop(it's title character imported from 2014 movie)
  • Ben 10
  • The Da Vinci Code(100% AU)
  • Deal or no Deal game show(parodied)
  • Are you Smarter than 5th grader(Parodied)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Time Crisis game Franchise
  • Watchmen
  • Sly Cooper
  • Bioshock
  • Transformers(used as Parody)
  • Warcraft series
  • Duke Nukem
  • Kamen Rider
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
  • Futurama
  • Overwatch
  • and many more(except those listed listed here)



The Ultimate Crossover Movie ProtagonistsEdit

  • Spongebob's gang
  • Springfield folks(The Simpsons)
  • Unstoppable 21: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts); Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody (Pokemon); Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koshiro, Joe, Takeru, and Hikari (Digimon); and Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven (Teen Titans)
  • team DMGD(stands for Drew, May, Gary, and Dawn)
  • King Mickey Mouse
  • Revived Reaper Game's players(TWEWY):consists Neku Sakuraba, Shiki Misaki, Daisukenjo Bito, and Raimu Bito
  • Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fio, Trevor, Nadia, Ralf, and Clark from Metal Slug
  • Master Chief and Cortana
  • Jake "Nomad" Dunn
  • Michael "Psycho" Sykes
  • Mystery Inc
  • Iji kataiser
  • Flynn Taggart aka Doomguy
  • Tommy Vercetti
  • Gordon Freeman

Spin-off ProtagonistsEdit

  • Cuddles(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Giggles(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Toothy(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Lumpy(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Petunia(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Flaky(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Handy(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Nutty(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Sniffles(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Mime(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Disco Bear(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Pop(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Cub(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Russel(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Lifty and Shifty(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Lammy(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Truffles(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Flippy(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Splendid(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Buddhist Monkey(Happy Tree Friends)
  • The Mole(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Generic Tree Friend Soldiers(Happy Tree Friends)
  • Mario(Mario Bros)
  • Luigi(Mario Bros)
  • Peach(Mario Bros)
  • Daisy(Mario Bros)
  • Yoshi(Mario Bros)
  • The Toads(Mario Bros)
  • Rosalina(Mario Bros)
  • Professor E. Gadd(Mario Bros)
  • Robotic Operating Buddy(Mario Bros)
  • Sonic(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Tails(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Knuckles(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Amy Rose(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Cream the Rabbit(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Rouge the Bat(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Silver the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Blaze the Cat(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Big the Cat(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Twilight Sparkle(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Spike(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Rainbow Dash(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Rarity(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Fluttershy(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Applejack(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Pinkie Pie(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Isami Hanaoka(Soar High! Isami)
  • Toshi Tsukikage(Soar High! Isami)
  • Soshi Yukimi(Soar High! isami)
  • Leona Heidern from Metal Slug
  • Recca Hanabishi(Flame of Recca)
  • Domon Ishijama(Flame of Recca)
  • Fuko Kirisawa(Flame of Recca)
  • Tokiya Mikagami(Flame of Recca)
  • Kaoru Koganei(Flame of Recca)
  • Imperium of Man
    • Imperial Guard regiments
      • Cadian Shock Troops
      • Catachan Jungle Fighters
      • Tallarn Desert Fighters
      • Praetorian Guard
      • Steel Legion
      • Elysian Drop Troops
      • Tanith 1st and Only
      • Penal Legions
    • Space Marine Chapters
      • Ultramarines
      • Blood Ravens
      • Black Templars
      • Space Wolves
      • Iron Hands
      • Salamanders
    • Sisters of Battle
    • Adeptus Mechanicus
      • Skitarii
      • Imperial Knights
      • Titan Legions
  • Commander Shadowsun
  • TF2 Mercenaries

Shared Protagonists(those that both in The Ultimate Crossover Movie and Spin-off)Edit

  • Hiro Nakamura
  • Jimmy Neutron

Honorary ProtagonistsEdit

  • Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine, Rotor the Walrus, and other Mobians: they're ordered to stay in Mobius to defend the Planet itself from enemies
  • Extreme Ghostbusters: consists Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, Garrett Miller, and Roland Jackson(they're in early 30s), also works on ACME Corporation(only to later defects from it at fateful meeting with former Reaper Game's players)
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic): ordered to defends Dan Kataiser
  • Sly Cooper and His companions: fought Battle of Traverse Town alongside Imperium of Man renmants
  • The Real Ghostbusters: consists Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore. their old age prevents them from helping Extreme Ghostbusters by the time there's disaster involving Heartless converts those held in Containment vault, but they manages to reverse their aging
  • Kaito Kid and Conan's Group: fought Battle of Traverse Town
  • GTA5 Trio: Consists Trevor Philips, Michael DeSanta, and Franklin Clinton. lands in War-Torn Traverse Town when escapes their doomed universe
  • the main cast of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • The Survivors from Left 4 Dead Series
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Megaforce Rangers
  • the heroes of Overwatch


The IlluminatiEdit

  • Sheldon Jr. Plankton
  • Computer-Assisted and Biologically-Augmented Lifeform

ACME CorporationEdit

  • Lex Luthor
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Emile Danko(with Crynet Nanosuit)
  • Syndrome(The Incredibles)
  • Princess Morbucks
  • Anton Chigurh

The Anunnaki EmpireEdit

  • The Anunnaki
  • The Grox
    • Dronox
    • Insectrox
    • Grox Guardsmen
    • Grox Space Marine chapter(Space Marine chapter that simply serve the Grox)
  • Oguma Corporation(Metal Slug)
  • Classic Doom's Monsters
  • the Combine from Half-Life


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