Angus Monster
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family UnNamed Parents (Deceased)
UnNamed Grandparents (Deceased)
Grenadine (Grandson)
ALF (Great Uncle)
Jock (Uncle Grandson)
The Tanners (Adopted Family)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Green-Brown
Height 3.5 ft
Affiliation His Memory Discovering
Weapons Teeth
Species Melmacian Dog-Like Monster (In Books and Films)
Black Spotted Melmacian (In 1967 Film)
Home Planet Dave
The Tanner’s House
Appearances Angus’ Family
Quests To Get The Job (In Films)
To Eat Lucky (Formerly Failed)
To Save Lucky Tanner from The Darkness
Performer Hardie Albright (Voice, In 1967 Film)
Richard Briers (Voice, in 1970 Film, US/UK), Awaludin (Voice, in 1970 Film, Indonesia)

Angus Monster is a Quite a Common Alien Character from Angus Monster’s Film and Novel Series.

He is an Alien from Planet Dave But Moved Into Earth and Adopted By The Tanner Family.


Angus Monster Lived In Planet Dave for Several Days Till He Goes To Earth, He Lives With His Family Against The Standup Collection Product Between His 2 Grandsons, Grenadine and Jock Which They Are The Boys of Best Friends, Angus Monster was Born In July 7 1577, He Has Been an Explain Always With The Family Owners’ Information.

Later, Angus Monster Went To Earth Which was Adopted by The Tanner Family In 1976.

So on The Own Despite Message In 1983, The Hunter Shoots Angus Monster In Few Days and Then Till He Died In His Sleep from Gunshot Wounds After Waiting For His Death.

Film, TV Series and Book Appearances

  • Angus’ Family (1931)
  • Alien Focus (1932)
  • Angus‘ Problem Dog (1938)
  • Angus Monster, Get Lucky Off My Couch! (1940, Book)
  • Angus That Breaks The Wall (1950)
  • Smelly Cat Never Go With Angus Monster (1954)
  • Sam and Angus (1955)
  • Angus Went The Tempo (1958)
  • Son and Dad (1958)
  • Angus’ Summer Brand (1965)
  • Oops! Here’s The Angus Monster! (1967)
  • Angus Monster, Get Lucky Off My Couch! (Animated, 1967)
  • Bathroom Break (1967)
  • The Savage Beast (1969)
  • Angus Monster, Get Lucky Off My Couch! (1970, Live Action)
  • An Angus Monster‘s Life (1983, Book)
  • Angus Monster (1970-1986)
  • Lucky Off The Couch (2000-2005, 2000, Season 1)


  • He Sounds Just Like Grenadine and Jock (Angus’ 2 Grandsons)
  • In 1983, Angus Monster Who Passed Away In His Sleep Possibly from Gunshot Wounds Which was Shot by The Hunter from Mistaken for Killing His Pet Dog.
  • In 1967 Animated UK Film, His Species Was Changed To Black Spotted Melmacian.
  • Angus Monster Was Adopted by The Tanner Family In 1976.
  • His Cause of Death is Gunshot Wounds, Dehydration, Asthma and Melmacian Starvation Poisoning.
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