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Angus Monster, Get Lucky Off My Couch is a 1967 British-American Family-Comedy-Action-Drama-Science Fiction-Adventure Traditional Animated Film, It Was Directed By American Directors, David Hand and James Algar.


The Film Starts in July 1977, The Tanners (Willie, Kate (When Before Become Pregnant) and The Lovely Teenager, Lynn) Who Lived In The House from Los Angeles Which Was Led By The Hagens, Lynn Cleaned Up Her Dishes and She Becomes a Happiness Moments To Be Owned by Her Father, By The Time She Meets a Black Spotted Melmacian Named Angus Monster Which He Is Owned To The Planet Alvin, Willie Has To Told Angus How Did He Get There, But Kate Is Very Busy Cleaning Up The Living Room Mess, Lynn Knows That The Hagens Will Lead Them Twice, Lucky The Cat Went To The Kitchen and He is Now Safe. 

Soon, The Hagens (A Leaders For Horse Carriage Rides) Lead Angus and The Tanners To The Horse Carriage Ride, He is Very Popular To Friendly Brown Horse Named Harry, Sometimes They Went To The Farm For Every Imagine. 

Possibly, Kate and Willie Didn’t Promise For Everything, Angus Could Not Stop Eating Cats, He Knew That He is a Cat Eater In The Planet Alvin, So Lynn was Peace and Quiet To The Nice Cows and Pigs, She Didn‘t Know That The Farm Is. 

Kate Saw The Clouds Moving From The Sky, The Hagen Family Met Angus Monster For a Second, They Don’t Know How He Has, He Has a Brown with Black Spotted Fur, He Has a Same Tail and Has a Fluffiest Hair That He Has, Wallace Mentioned The Sheeps, Willie Knew How Did He Get Strong as Melmacians.

Later, Back at Home, Angus Monster Saw Lucky Tanner on The Chair, Sometimes He Chased Lucky Off The Chair and Goes Into The Kitchen, Then Suddenly, Willie Woke Up To The Chase, He Told Angus Monster To Not Eat The Cats in The House, Unfortunately Kate and Lynn Walked Up To See Willie and Angus, Lynn Spoke To Angus’ Charity Where Lucky is in The Couch.

Suddenly, Lucky is in the Couch While Angus Monster Came Up To The Living Room, Willie Yelled To Him “Get Lucky Off My Couch!”, Then Lucky Runs Away, Meanwhile When Kate and Lynn Discovered The Backyard To See How The Dead Rabbit is on the Ground (Which It was Poisoned) Later On, Angus Monster Disappears from The Distances to The Frontyard Out of The House.

One Night, Angus Monster is Asleep on The Chair, Lynn Tanner Wanted Him To Wake Up Immediately But He is Still Asleep, Lynn Rushed To Her Mother Kate To See How Her Pet Since of Alien Still Asleep, Lucky Came Up To Arrive in The Bedroom, Kate Knew That is a Family Cat, Possibly Lynn Could To Do Something With Angus Monster and Has Told by Her Dad Willie.

Next Morning, The Hunter Shows Up at The Hagens’ House, Wallace And His Family Woke Up In The Distance as They Saw Harry The Horse Eating Grass, The Hunter Suddenly Shoots His Horse In The Chest, He Suddenly Dies as They Rushed To Mourn Him, The Next Day Which He is Buried Soonly as They Dug Up In Front of His House.

at Later Lunch, Angus Monster Woke Up as He Did Knew About The Time For Cat Lunch, Lucky is on The Dining Table Licking His Paw, Angus Got Up and Chased Him Again, Lynn Walked Up From Her Way Home and Saw Him Chasing Lucky, She was Shocked About Him, as Kate and Willie Watching The Game Show, Lynn Asked Her Parents What’s Going On, Angus Got Up There Seeing Them as Lucky Walked Off To The Couch, Angus Spoke Up To Lynn‘s Life, Suddenly He Went To The Living Room Seeing Any Other of The Hunters Coming By, Kate was Shocked and Scared.

Later This Evening, Willie Went to The Hagens‘ House To Ask The Hagens What’s Going On, The Hagens Knows That His Horse Died, Unfortunately That They Cries Over His Death, Willie Suddenly Comforts Them Soonly, They Wanted To Get a New Horse from The Farm Rescue, The Changes is Likely Out of Their Mind, They Can Find a New One and Willie Got Back Home as Soon Where He Could.

Later After The Hagens Got Their New Horse, Angus and The Tanners Led by Wallace Hagen With His Own Wife and Son to The Farm Again Since In 1978, Suddenly The Brown Dog Arrived To See Angus’ Charming Life, But He Saw a Pig Always as He Can, He Ran Off the Fence and Then, The Tanners See The Dog Running off Before The Hagens Came Up With Them and Angus Monster.

So The Fire Started In The Farm, The Brown Dog Ran Back To The Fence as It Was Caused By The 22 Torches from Their Yards, The Animals Started to Burn to Death, The Farm Starts To Burn Down and Melt Away, The Hagens, The Brown Dog, The Tanners and Angus Monster Rushed To The Horse Carriage To Ride Over Again But The Hunter Arrived To Shoot The Dog, The Brown Dog Got Injured of Gunshot as Kate Saves Him and Eventually They Got Back To The Tanner’s House.

Then, Angus Monster Seemly Gets To Sleep on The Chair But He Snuck To Lucky Being on The Couch, Willie Yelled at Him “Get Lucky Off My Couch!”, Then Lucky Ran off Again, Kate and Lynn Walked to The Distance of The Living Room, Willie Asked Them How Lucky Got Into The Couch, Kate Said To Willie “Angus Did It To Him”, Unfortunately Lynn Saw Angus Watching The Old Cartoons and so, She Joins In.

Later That Dinner Night, Angus Monster Gotten Into The Jokes During The Family Dinner, Lynn Asked To Angus How The TV Went On, So Her Parents Willie and Kate Laughed at Them, Angus Monster Telling His Jokes About Eating Cats and Everything Else, Lynn Knows How It Could, Lucky Gotten To The Smell of His Own Dinner, So Angus Monster Sniffed His Nose Gently For Lucky’s Food and Then, Kate Could Afford About The Dinner Jokes.

As Soon, Willie Walked To The Abandoned Farm as He Saw Many Horses In The Farm Died of Exhaustion, Sees a Red Deer Poisoned By The Chocolate Unfortunately, Willie Commented The Deaths from Angle and He Missed The Community Between He and His Wife.

in Early 1979, The Hunter Confirmed That Shooting Animals Will Be Announced In July 1980, His Assistant Spoke Up To Him, He Could Not Afford For His Pay and He Ran Off The Shopping Spree.

Soonly In June 1980, The Tanners Sees That Angus Monster is Chasing a Cat (Lucky), Kate Knew That Gotten a Spree After Brian was Born In Quite Months Ago, Lucky Got Into The Chair In The Living Room, Eventually Which Angus Monster Got a Great Townley Against His Way With Kate, Lynn and Willie Were Set To The Community For The Woodland Park, But The Hunter Closed Their Park Immediately and They Looked Doomed.

Next Day in August 1980, The Animal Hunting Still Begin, Wallace, Madia and Daniel Hagen and His Dog Went Hiking In Their Long Journey But His Dog Ran off, Poisoned and Got Shot by The Hunter, They Thought He Is Here But He Died Shortly and Then, They Gotten Into Home After That.

in Later April 1981, Toddler Brian was Playing But So, Lynn and Angus Monster Brought Up The New Lives, Willie and Kate Knew That Their Son is Here, Lucky Saw Something Which It Was The Fly, Angus Monster Chased Lucky Off The Distance Shortly After He Saw a Cat, Lynn Called The Hagens That They Wanted To Rescue His Another Dog From Being Stuck In the Tent, Willie Got Outside and Saw Angus’ Grandson Named Grenadine Which He is a Other Brown Melmacian-Like Fox Alien, He Greet Angus Monster For His Sensational Sensitive Way, Lynn Saw Grenadine‘s Living Lives, Her Parents Waved at Him, Lucky was Never Wanted To Be Melmacian Friend and Grenadine Saw Him Immediately After It Happened.

The Day In October 1981, The Tanners Red The Book Against Angus Monster’s Kindness But He Chased Lucky Again Eventually from The Couch to The Kitchen, Brian Saw Angus‘ Great Chase and Then, Lynn Jumped off the Room To Get Lucky Immediately.

Later, Lucky was Asleep Afterwards, Angus Monster Was Been Asleep Too in His Pet Bed.

In Early 1982, Brian is Now a 2 Years Old, Lynn Sees Angus Monster Controlling To Take Lucky Away, Now They’re Missing In The Abandoned Woodland Park, Willie, Kate and Lynn Told That Angus Monster is Missing Which Needed To Call For Several Days and They Wanted To Find Him.

in October 1982, Angus Monster Got Lost Immediately Which He is Looking for Cats To Eat Everything as Lucky Staying In The Empty Den, He Sniffed His Scent of the Cat and Tasted a Smell of the Feline, He Ran Across The Plan To Defeat The Hunter Immediately.

Soon In 1983, The Tanners Walked To The Forest To Find Lucky Tanner Being Lost, So Angus Monster Saw The Hunter’s Home Which Sees a Pitbull Staring at Lucky Tanner, Angus Monster Got In and Chase Lucky Once Again, The Hunter Heard Him “Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! Here Kitty Kitty!”, He Grabbed His Gun Which He Can Shoot His Pet Pitbull Dog But He Shoot Angus Monster from Mistaken for Eating Cats, Lynn Saw That Was Shocked About Him Being Shot and Wounded.

Kate Finally Found Lucky Tanner from Their Way Home, The Hunter‘s Assistant Told The Hunter That He Killed The Black Spotted Melmacian off The Chase, The Tanners Are Now on Their Way Home to See 2 Year Old Brian Tanner and They’re Know To Find Lucky In There.

Then, The Hunter Suddenly Shot His Pet Pitbull To Death Immediately.

In Evening In September 1983, Lynn and Willie Find Out For The Announcement That Angus is Dying of Gunshot Wounds When Crawled His Way Home To Sleep in Their Frontyard, Angus Wants To Wait For His Death To Sleep in While Lynn is Tasking to Willie, Later The Tanners Found Out That Angus Monster the Young (Now 278 Year Old) Black Spotted Melmacian Had Passed Away in His Sleep, Suddenly Lynn Mourned Over His Dead Body as Her Family Sobbed as They Mourned Together Before The Burial.

For That Afternoon, Angus Monster Was Buried Where The Tanners Dug Up The Burial Memorial as His Grave Was Added in The Backyard, Suddenly That The Hagens To His New Horse Named Harry II, The Tanners Knew It Will Be In September 12 to 13 1986 To Get Their New Pet on Their Way But They Led To The Horse Carriage Without Angus Monster Which To Go To The New Farm and They Gotten Into The New Journey. 


  • John Sutherland as Willie Tanner
  • Sam Edwards as Wallace Hagen
  • Sterling Holloway as Daniel Hagen
  • Ann Gillis as Kate Tanner
  • Paula Winslowe as Lynn Tanner/Madia Hagen
    • Cammie King as Young Lynn Tanner
  • Hardie Albright as Angus Monster
  • Junius Matthews as Grandson Grenadine/The Hunter
  • Howard Morris as The Hunter’s Assistant
  • Clint Howard as Young Brian Tanner
  • Dallas McKennon as Lucky Tanner/Brown Dog/Harry/Harry II/Hagen’s Dog/Pitbull Dog (All Animal Sounds)


  • Young Brian Tanner Sounds Like Roo.
  • According to The Production, Angus Monster Likely Changed Into Original Species To Black Spotted Melmacian As of The Following Animated Films.
  • This is Distributed By Anglo-Amalgamated
  • This is Based on 1940 Book.
  • This Film Takes Place In 1977 - 1983.
  • It Changed Planet Dave To Planet Alvin for The Events.
  • It Will Be In Technicolor.


Buddy Baker (Score)


104 Minutes

Release Date

13 July 1967 (It Was Released of The Same Year as Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon)


  • Rabbit: Poisoned 
  • Harry The Horse: Was Shot and Killed By The Hunter.
  • The Cows: Died of Burning Intense. 
  • The Pigs and The Sheeps: Died of Melting Intense By The Fire.
  • The Dog: Shot By The Hunter But Rescued By Kate Tanner as He Almost Died.
  • The Ducks, Chickens, Gooses, Geeses and Egrets: Melted By Fire.
  • The Horses: Died of Exhaustion and Infection. 
  • Red Deer: Poisoned 
  • The Wild Cat: Died of Infection 
  • Wild Cat‘s Kittens: Died of Infection 
  • Hagens’ Dog: Died of Poisoning from Gunshot Wounds
  • Angus Monster: Shot and Killed By The Hunter For Chasing Lucky (Likely He Died In His Sleep After Gunshot Wound Discoverd on Him).
  • The Hunter’s Pitbull Dog: Shot and Killed By His Owner.