With every land conquered on Piggy Island by the Deceptihogs, the Autobirds must stop them, but little know that the Deceptihog leader, King Pig, wanted some vengeance.


  • (The movie starts where everything is black)
  • Red (Optimus Prime form): (Off-camera, but narrative) Before the war began, there was an Island called Piggy Island, we were called Autobirds and Deceptihogs, we, the Autobirds usually won for peace, but the Deceptihogs dished out their vengeance and take over every land, they even destroy our hopes. (Scene/Camera moves to Piggy Island with some explosions) And the war has raged on. But our hope is nolonger lost when we heard for the ancient warriors that came from another planet. They were called, "Autobots".
  • (Subtitle:  Angry Birds Transformers: Revenge of the Pork)
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