Angella is a British metalcore/deathcore band from Wessex, England formed in 1996. The band composes of Matthew Trenton (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Brett Daniels (lead guitar), Jason Edwin (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Liam Anderson (drums). They were signed to Trustkill in 2003, and delivered their debut Mourn For Me in 2004. They followed with four other albums: When The Light Prevails (2005), Bleed (2006), I Hate What I Have Become (2007), and 4 Years At Shatham Hall (2009). The band will release their sixth studio album, Bleeding Hearts and Death Lists on March 2, 2010.

Formation and early years

Formed by high school friends Nick Carpenter, Brett Daniels, Joseph Bradhurst and Bradley Cunningham in 1997, the band played several local areas for around two years, before vocalist Carpenter quit. The others held auditions in their hometown of Wessex, where they were impressed by 18 year old Matthew Trenton, who could play guitar and sing. They recruited him as the new vocalists and lead guitarist, and recorded their first independent EP Angella in 2001. Becoming popular in their local scene, Angella were beginning to affirm themselves as a breakthrough band.

Line-up change and Mourn For Me

After three years of local shows, Bradhurst and Cunningham decided to depart the band in 2004, replaced by current drummer Liam Anderson and bassist Jason Edwin. In 2004 they received their big break, and entered the studio with local producer Bob Carter. Later that year they released their debut album, Mourn For Me.


Critics have said that Angella "transcends the sub-genres of metal effortlessly, and intergrates diverse forms and makes them work". Lead singer Matthew Trenton has stated that "the band likes to experiment with every angle of the metal music type, transcending from our base death metal to others like metalcore and thrash metal". The band has also said that major influences include Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and other classic metal bands, as well as a few modern ones like Disturbed and Slipknot.

Band members

Current members
  • Matthew Trenton - (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) (1999–present)
  • Brett Daniels - (lead guitar) (1997–present)
  • Jason Edwin - (bass guitar, backing vocals) (2004–present)
  • Liam Anderson - (drums) (2004–present)
Former members
  • Nick Carpenter - (vocals) (1997-1999)
  • Bradley Cunningham - (bass guitar) (1997-2004)
  • Joseph Bradhurst - (drums) (1997-2004)


Studio albums


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