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Angela Fontana is a recurring character in the TV series, Hartman and spin-off Vargas & Shane.


Angela (season 8-10)

Born in San Diego, California in August 2009. Angela was the only child of Ellis Henderson and Gordon Fontana. She has a close relationship with her half-sister Ariel, always wants to follow her sister's footstep.

She first appears in Season 8 of Hartman when Gordon brings a "unwell" Angela to her sister's office. Gordon begs Ariel into looking after Angela while he was at work. While working on the case, Ariel spends time with Angela but her mood change when Angela asks Ariel why she did leave her for a big city. Ariel struggles to answer but then Ariel and Angela's mother arrive in the office, Ariel quickly change the subject.

Not knowing his true nature, Angela has a special bond with her father, refuses to believe that he is a bad man but in season 9, Angela discover the truth when she learns that Gordon raped Ariel and other girls before getting caught in the crossfire between her father and her half-sister. Angela survive after accidentally getting shot by her father in the leg.



Portrayed by

  • Elle McKinnon (season 8-10)
  • Mila Brener (season 11-)