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The Angels of Death go on war against the Gods, Harry and his wife Ginny will have to fight to survive.


Harry Potter was cooking the dinner when the doorbell rang.

"I will get it", came the voice of his wife, Ginny Potter.

"For you, love".


Harry stopped what he was doing and left the kitchen. He came face to face with Ron Weasley, Ginny's brother.

"Hey mate".

"Harry, i need to ask you something. It is about Hermione".

"I will leave you boys alone", Ginny walked upstairs, muttering something about an book.


"Harry, it isn't about Hermione. You know Lucious Malfoy", the red head said.

"How could i forget".

"Well, he broke out of azkaban, and guess what. They found his body, petrified, just like Hermione in second year, but this time, he's dead".

"Do you know what happened".

"No. I thought it was an angel of death".

"What's that".

"Hermione said in this book an angel of death is like an demon. It was once like an angel, like the devil, but only this time, it was another.

Aparently it created it's own army".

"Do you believe that".

"I don't know what to believe".

There was silence. "The roast", Harry yelled and he ran into the kitchen.

Ron said his goodbyes and left.

When Harry was preparing the plates, he heard an scream.

Harry rushed upstairs, ignoring the plates falling to the floor, smashing.

He ran upstairs and nearly fainted at what he saw.

An stone like creature was facing Ginny, who was cowering in front of it. "Help me", she whispered to no one.

Harry raised his wand and casted stinging spells at the thing.

The thing turned around and jumped at Harry. Harry avoided it and it fell over the banister. Harry grabbed onto Ginny and both of them ran.

"Get in", Harry shouted. Ginny quickly flooed to the Burrow, and Harry was about to do the same. He turned around and saw Kreature.

"Kreature, apparate to the burrow", Kreature did as he was told and Harry apparated.

Harry found himself in the lounge. He saw an terrified Ginny crying and Molly confronting her. Kreature was there, wondering what was going on.

"Master Harry is something wrong, did Kreature do something upset", he asked.

Harry ignored the question when they were screams.

Harry looked out the window and saw more of the stone angels, all blasting curses at the innocent.