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Andromeda is a sci-fi fantasy story created by Thecryingwolf3553. It will be written in a play format and on this wiki. It follows the story a man stranded on an alien planet in the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million lightyears from Earth, after an expedition to a wormhole goes wrong, leaving most of the crew transported to another Galaxy. He must use his past training, instincts and initiative to survive or die trying...


In the year 2104, mankind reached an era of war over power and territory, which resulted in extreme technological advances of weaponry and equipment. These advancements marked the possibility of a better society, so in the year 2208, all nations signed a peace treaty and worked as one to further develop their newly discovered tech. This started the era of science. Humanity discovered many new possibilities that helped them make things such as nuclear fusion extremely efficient and effective, allowing them to create much more power. During this time period new inventions were constantly out-matching the old, and scientific breakthroughs were just your average Tuesday.

Eventually mankind decided upon jump-starting the space programme, and space exploration became a friendly competition between nations. Mars and the Moon were colonised, and mankind had good knowledge of the Milky Way. In 2286 the Society for Space Exploration, or SSE, was founded; the SSE started to build space stations around the solar system that each had their own departments that studied a certain area of space travel. They were very well funded as they discovered many alien materials in space that came to good use back on Earth. Over time the SSE became the head of Earth's government, meaning that it was pretty much a 100% government-controlled programme. The SSE dictated everything from what parts of space are explored to the rules of encountering alien objects. The SSE had scientists, engineers, politicians, soldiers and doctors living on the space stations, and even some civilians payed to live aboard the stations in several outer-space hotels.

A long time after in 2416 humanity had space stations spread out across the Milky Way Galaxy. Technological advancement had skyrocketed and humanity had reached its zenith. The Society for Space Exploration had revamped their space programme into a large connected intragalactic space-base enterprise called Jova. It was run by a versatile A.I. also called Jova, which is non-sentient and follows the passengers' and crew members' needs. When the government aboard Jova was satisfied with their finished projects, a new phenomenon arrived. A wormhole opened up not too far from one of their stations. Wanting to discover more, the SSE sent a division of one of their scientists to travel to and study the wormhole. They set up an expedition and sent many of their crew with them to investigate. When they arrived the wormhole seemed to have became unstable and transported the members of the expedition to another location before collapsing. The expedition members were seperated from each other, being sent in different parts of space, some of them died during the break up, but they all ended up in one place: the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Protagonist

One of the survivors was a soldier who was cut off when his section of the expedition broke open letting all the oxygen out. In a panic, the astronaut used his jet pack to fly to the nearest planet, a green planet slightly smaller than Earth. He prepared for a manual landing, which was possible due to new technology that prevented overheating and acceleration, and landed on the planet in the middle of a swampy rainforest. The landing was somewhat successful, but the rest of his ship crashed into the planet far away from his location. He still had on him standard Jova employee equipment which was enough to help him filter the air and find the ship, and he needed to, because his chances of survival 2.5 million lightyears from home alone was one in a trillion...


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