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Android the phone is a 2022 animated youtube series.


(Prince) Android

Prince Android "Andy" is an android phone. He has 2 older brothers, Dumbphone and Danny.

His brothers can be very annoying so he often goes to Starbucks or his friend's houses to escape from them.


Dumbphone is Android's older brother and a Nokia 515. He is the middle child. His brothers are Android (9) and DS (16). Although he is annoying, he can be quite useful because he can translate 3310's evil plans (they're written in Finnish and the company Nokia is Finnish).


Danny is Android's oldest brother. He is a Nintendo DS. He is a normal teenage boy. He likes anime and video games.


She is an 9 year old white MyPod classic. She likes math, science and books but is also a cheerleader. She has blonde hair and pigtails.


He is a 9 year old MyPad and the twin brother of Gabby. He is very sporty and beefy. His favorite game is "Sit on Billy''.


She is a 12 year old MyPhone 4. She is the younger sister of Erin and is Andy;. She is very social and enjoys watching movies and wearing black. Don't call her MePhone4!


An 14 year old Motorola Razr phone. She is a tomboy prior to mid season 5 when she is attacked and almost killed. As a result, she suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


A mean girl and dictator. She is friends w/Nicole, a Samsung Galaxy who is her girlfriend, and sisters Irena, a MyPhone5C and Frankie, a MyPhone5S. She is very manipulative.