And Then There Were None is a 2009 British-American Horror film based on the 1939 cult classic slasher

And Then There Were None

Directed by Bryan Bertino
Produced by

Donna Roth

Colin Wilson

Susan Aarthur

Christopher Nolan

Jonathen Nolan

Written by Novel:

Agatha Christie Screenplay: David Self


Bill Hader

Lindsay Hartley

Meryl Streep

Erik Estrada

Diedrich Bader

Jonathen Silverman

Tea Leoni

Jon Favreau

Ryan Reynolds

Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Editing by Michael Kahn
Distributed by DreamWorks
Release date(s) April 17, 2009
Running time 106 minutes
Language English

crime novel of the same name by Agatha Christie. It is written by David Self and directed by Bryan Bertino.

It stars Bill Hader, Lindsay Hartley, Meryl Streep, Erik Estrada, Diedrich Bader, Jonathen Silverman, Tea Leoni, Jon Favreau and Ryan Reynolds.

The film was released theatrically November 12, 2009 and a raving good critical reception.

It garnered two Oscar Nominations (1. For Best Art Direction and 2. Best Cinematography) and was shot in Lanark Illinois, Orange County Indiana, Northumberland and Tioga Philadelphia.

Directors David Fincher and Gregory Hoblit had been at one point in time originally attached to the project which spanned over a period of five years before finally entering production despite it's greenlight all the way back then.

In 2008 the film had been assigned starter up director Bryan Bertino who seized the project with much joy and enthiuasiasm and over the gruelling film period of the 2008 year leading onto 2009 the film met completion and bore more than famous Hollywood Dame Actress Meryl Streep, great rising actor Ryan Reynolds, Bill Hader, Tea Leoni and the riser Australian Actor Ryan Kwanten (later to make it big in HBO's True Blood). The rest of the heading cast of the film were to be relatively unknown actors and actresses as carefully planned by director Bertino wished to ensure a big break for many actors and actresses he had set his eye on from ages ago.

The paying homage to the talented direction techniques of acclaimed director Terrence Malick uses out of focus out of order scenes which take up the film, the scenes make the story fill in completely in the end but throughout the rest of the duration confuse the watcher as had been deliberatley intended by David Self and director Bryan Bertino (an avid fan of Terrence Malick.)

The film is produced by Nolan Brothers Christopher and Jonathen.


Eight People are invited to a Mansion Dinner at the elusive Soldier Island by a stranger couple by the names of Mr and Mrs. Owens.

Upon arrival to the almost completely sealed off Island Estate they discover their inviters are not present but are substituted by another strange couple by the name of Thomas and Ethel Rogers.

The two Rogers claim they received a great financial offer which will brought up over a lovely banquet dinner in the estate's central dining quarters and that they will have sleeping quarters they can pertain to should they wish.

The Eight Guests all brought together for an apparent big offer notice in each of their rooms pinned to a wall is an old book titled: Ten Little Soldiers and upon coming to the prepared dinner all dressed up each of the eight strangers takes direct notice on the large central dining room table is ten little soldier figurines positioned in a domino line across the centre of the table.

They are joined by the Rogers Couple who had already introduced themselves as their entertainers whilest the actual couple is away and the presenters of the offer.

The Couple tell how they work for Owens Couple upon the dinner bombardment of questions.

A Gramaphone is played by Ethel Rogers as the group sets down to the fine dinner which had suspiciously been already prepared for them.

The scene hazes and jumps estatically stopping with the sound of a breaking bottle, choking and liquid sifting.

What is then shown is screaming and backers up.

One of the ten toy soldiers positioned upon the centre of the table falls face down as the body of one of the eight invited is shown: Anthony Marston a spoilt businessman is seated with his face down on the table. Blood rushing out from out his mouth onto the table and a flash of the bottle breaking is seen as the whodunit begins.

What follows is the knocking down of all those toy soldiers upon the table.

Next following is Ethel Rogers whom is believed firstly to be the killer of Anthony Marston whom is placed upstairs in her and Thomas' living quarters and told not leave is killed whilest falling off to sleep.

Her death is blamed upon her husband and so then is Anthony's.

The group fails to get Anthony whom runs off and the rest separate to acquire him on the island.

He isn't found until one of the searchers: General John Gordon Macarthur is found murdered at the shore of the island's orifice dead of a gruesome bludgeoning.

Straight after Thomas Rogers is found in the woodshed dead.

As the doors to the shed are opened up to reveal him his positioned up body collapses into two halves his death being the result of a horrible axe attack.

On the end wall on the inside of the woodshed written in blood is the large wording of: "Domination."

What remains of the group now are on edge still believing one amongst them is the killer but are persuaded otherwise by retired police inspector William Henry Bore whom tells the boat captain whom supplies to the Owens Estate stated that bad things would become of those coming to the island a comment he had until now shrugged off.

The group then come to believe seeing as the body count as knotched up to four victims and they all seemingly have alibies it must have been the vague boat captain suppliant.

The First Day then breaks out of the group being stuck on Soldier Island at the Ownes Estate.

The group had gathered in the foyer and taken turns had wielding the General's left behind Roscoe Pistol Firearm watching as the others slept and for anyone.

None were allowed through the night to take-off anywhere and should they do so would be automatically confirmed as being the maniac behind the grotesque killings.

However come that morning to the first day they count up and line-up confirming one to be missing.

The strictly religious elderley woman of them Miss Caroline Brent.

She is found in the dining room where Anthony's face down body still remains.

Many more of the toy soldiers have been knocked down which alerts the group and carved on the back of her chair which her corpse is positioned in is: "Dismiss."

The group then come to argue taking their altogether opinions to that something unnatural must be the killer as there was no possible logical way anything human could of gotten away with Caroline Brent the rigid religious hag's murder.

Former Inspector Lombard however refrains and a flashback is shown of the night where he was the last watch and wielder of the gun.

He had fallen asleep at a point before morning but refrains to tell the others just agrees with the paranormal culprit opinion.


  • Bill Hader as Philip Lombard
  • Lindsay Hartley as Vera Claythorne
  • Meryl Streep as Emily Caroline Brent
  • Erik Estrada as William Blore
  • Diedrich Bader as Dr. Edward Armstrong
  • Jonathen Silverman as Justice Lawrence John Wargrave
  • Tea Leoni as Mrs. Ethel Rogers
  • Jon Favreau as Thomas Rogers
  • Ryan Reynolds as Anthony Marston
  • Dennis Haskins as General John Macarthur
  • Nolan North as Sir Thomas Legge
  • Amaury Nolasco as Inspector Maine
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Isaac Morris
  • Billy Drago as Fred Narracott


  1. Dream of my Hometown- Soft Cloud ( Rou Yun )
  2. Come and Go With Me- Del Vikings
  3. Shake, Rattle and Roll- Joe Turner
  4. Stay- Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
  5. That'll Be The Day- Buddy Holly & The Crickets
  6. La Bamba- Ritchie Valens
  7. The Little Man Who Wasn't There- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
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