And The Bad Things Are True is a 2011 American Tragic Romantic Drama film written by Timothy J. Sexton and directed by Simon West starring Skylar Astin, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Whitford, Jacki Weaver and Dulé Hill.

The film chronicles the stories of a boy suffering from Aspergers Syndrome who comes to fall in love with a troubled girl, and the troubled girl's story of grievance over her father's untimely demise and struggle with severe depression.

The film secured two Satellite Award Nominations 1: For Best Original Screenplay and 2. For Best Couple (Skylar Astin & Emma Stone).

The film premiered firstly on August 1st at the Toronto Film Festival and then ran theatrically starting on August 19th, 2011.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc format on February 20th, 2012.

The film was produced by actress Winslet who delivered a revered leading performance in the film and was met with wide distribution by Dreamworks Pictures and Imagine Entertainment who presented the the picture.


Henry Townwell (Skylar Astin) is in his senior year of high at Lewton State in Baltimore and finds himself grappled with picking out a college and what he wants to do in his life.

Henry however suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and finds it incredibly hard to maintain any friendships with any of his fellow peers from Lewton and communicate with his factory worker father and emotionally broken mother as well as his older successful brothers who are embarassed by him.

Henry yearns for direction, a sense of purpose and has a fixated obsession with the notion of love and other troubled individuals often observing those who come by the dingy park near his parents' bronx apartment building.

Life changes dramatically for Henry as a face from the past re-emerges in his life: Jessica Chestle (Emma Stone) a beautiful but worn down introvert blonde girl.

Henry becomes drawn to Jess who had once been a former friend of his back in middle school and who has been on and off on attendance at Lewton State as well as having taken the previous year off on sabbatical as far as he had learnt.

He discovers Jess suffers from severe depression and is experiencing similiar emotional problems to himself.

Henry eventually breaks the barrier Jess at first brings up between them upon reuniting with her and then is exposed to his first intoxicating but poor taste of a social life.

He comes to attend shady parties which alerts the concerns of his teachers as his grades begin to dramatically drop and his parents as well as he begins to become an ice addict courtesy of Jess introducing him to the world of drugs.

Leuda (Jacki Weaver) Henry's mother goes out of her way to break her son's destructive path and comes to meet Jess' parents: discovering only a single bereaved and also equally damaged mother April (Kate Winslet).

The two connect on a level that Henry and Jess do and eventually Jess degrees a strictly sexual relationship between her and Henry after he proposes his love for her but refutes the offer in disgust declaring his genuine love.

In a blown out argument the two part ways for a period of two months in which Henry attends a rehabilitation group and becomes sober of the drugs he was exposed to as well as returning to good grades and no social life.

He writes an assortment of letters to Jess which he leaves in the property of his mother to send who in agreement with Jess' mother April does not send them but rather disposes of them.

Soon Henry experiences a new relationship with a shy nerdy nice girl and develops his own little temporary friendship group: making bestfriends with a slightly older held back student Chris Johnson (Dulé Hill).

A drunken party night with them ends him in deep trouble with his parents and in particular his father who is embarassed at work as he is called upon to pick up his drunken son from the police station for drunken and disorderly conduct.

A hefty find is issued to him and Leuda and he explodes at Henry at a Thanksgiving Dinner where Henry finally stands up against his father before the shocked eyes of his mother and brothers calling on his mother's misery being due to him and he himself is a pathetic excuse for a father and a man.

As a result Henry sustains a couple of blows to the face from his father who lashes out in anger and has to be restrained by Leuda and Henry's elder brothers.

Henry then breaks down and flees the house sobbing on a street corner before eventually running his way to the Chestle residence only to discover she is not home.

He then leaves and comes to stay with his nice new girlfriend whose parents give him a lift to school (seeing as Henry with his low self-esteem has failed to proccur his own license).

There he flames up at Chris over what transpired because of him and their little night of fun and has a breakdown upon hearing from his Maths professor that Jess Chestle wasn't home last night because she was in the hospital having attempted suicide.

It is discovered as Henry comes to visit Jess at her home that she had attempting suicide for a long while and the year of sabbatical was merely a long year spent at a rehabilitation clinic for those who abused alcohol, illegal substances and suffered from mental disorders.

Despite Jess flaring up and locking herself away from Henry in the bathroom of her house when he confronts her about her latest attempt on her own life things patch through as Chris, her mother and Henry's father and mother patch her through to his level and she ultimatley realizes that she no longer is hurting herself over the demon of her past: the death of her loving father who was the one to keep her unstable mother stable and who died in a tragic car accident.

She realizes she has been running away from her love for Henry after his declaration of his genuine love for her as she no longer feels she is worthy of any love or empathy as her father the one person she thought could only truly understood her was taken away from her.

She then runs all the way to his parents' apartment in the same fashion he ran all the way to her home when she was admitted into hospital on Thanksgiving.

She embraces him in a hug and after a long talk out on the stairs out the front of his apartment she kisses him before an onlooking Leuda, Henry's father and his two brothers.

April also happens to be looking over as she has driven to the scene.

The film ends with the scene jumping forward to them settling in at college where Jess comes to visit Henry at his dormitory room and as they sit upon empty mattresses she asks will everything be fine to which he just blatantly smiles.


  • Skylar Astin as Henry Townwell
  • Emma Stone as Jess Chestle
  • Kate Winslet as April Chestle
  • Rachel McAdams as Connie Chestle
  • Bradley Whitford as Harvey Townwell
  • Jacki Weaver as Leuda Townwell
  • Dulè Hill as Chris Johnson
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