These are details about Anakin's relationships with his family members.

Dan Scott



Dan is Anakin's father. Like Lucas Dan abandoned Anakin and left him alone to be taken care of by Karen with the aid of Keith. Anakin disowned his father for abandoning him, Karen and Lucas making Anakin the character that hates Dan the most and only came around to hang out with Dan's son and Anakin's half-brother Nathan who he formed a close bond with. Overtime Dan would try to get Anakin to leave Karen and Lucas to come live with him, Deb and Nathan but Anakin had not intention of living with Dan after abandoning him, Karen and Lucas.

Karen Roe 



Karen is Anakin's mother. It is not known how close Anakin is with Karen but they seem to be very close even after Dan abandoned them. Anakin always had Karen's support throughout his life and supported his decision to date Haley James (one of Karen's employees are her cafe and Anakin's love interest). During both episode one and episode two Karen saw how Haley affected Anakin over the years and encouraged him that he told her how he felt about her and vice versa. Sometime in the 8th episode during the cafe shooting Karen heard the gunshot outside of her own cafe but was not aware Anakin was the one who got shot.

Lucas Scott

(twin brother)


Lucas is Anakin's twin brother and built in best friend. Anakin would often buttheads with Lucas on certain subjects but for the most part they get along. Lucas introduced Anakin to Haley who in turn fell in love with. For the longest time Anakin would feel like he was left out of the family due to Lucas always getting more attention leaving Anakin to become depressed and felt unwanted. Behind the scenes Lucas was not aware of Anakin undergoing MMA training until he noticed Anakin still wearing his gloves and had a wound on his lip from a fight that he won. As time went on Lucas tried really hard to get his twin brother and Haley together but Anakin went to date Brooke Davis who was really mean to Haley and him. After starting his junior year of high school Anakin was pressured by Lucas to join the basketball team but he declined it until he begun dating Haley because he felt as if Haley was not proud of him for anything. Anakin later made Lucas his best man at his wedding 4 years after high school graduation. During an episode in season one an angry Anakin fought Lucas as well as Nathan in a MMA fight though not Lucas did not survive the vicious match because of the amount of beats Lucas took from his twin brother therefore knocking Lucas out.

Nathan Scott 



All though they are half-brothers Anakin and Nathan get along really well. Nathan was the third to see through Anakin's feelings for Haley the other two being Lucas and Karen. Anakin is very protective of Nathan even against Dan who is also Anakin's father. Not much is really known about Anakin and Nathan's relationship outside of the fact that they are half-brothers. Nathan like Lucas would butt heads with Anakin but its more often with Nathan and Anakin then Anakin and Lucas. While Anakin was in a coma after having been shot in his left kidney Nathan would visit Anakin in the hospital to see if anything changed. 

Haley James 

(best friend, wife)

Haley James .jpg

Haley is Anakin's best friend and wife. Anakin and Haley were young when they originally met. Anakin fell in love with Haley and vice versa. Haley guards Anakin with her life and is willing to do anything to protect him even against Brooke. When Haley fell off the playground and got hurt Anakin rushed over to her and took her to the nurse's office to get a band-aid for her wound which in turn made Anakin's feelings for Haley grow. Haley was the only person to know about Anakin's mixed martial arts training aside from Karen but Anakin would not tell Lucas abou it because of how overprotective Lucas is with Anakin. During elementary school Haley had came close to telling Anakin how she felt before Brooke stole him from her turning Haley and Brooke into enemies for that reason. Anakin would never allow any harm to come to Haley even it meant taking a bullet to the left kidney saving her from certain death. After Haley fell ill Anakin took her home but promised he would return later to take care of her. Haley later showed up at Anakin and Lucas's house to convince Anakin to move in and he eventually caves in. Anakin stated Haley is his Kryptonite and he is proud she is. During the events of Rhinestone Cowboy Haley noticed her boyfriend Anakin singing Rhinestone Cowboy to himself and it was revealed that its Anakin's favorite song in the world. In season four after Anakin was in the car accident Haley was in the hospital room crying her eyes out. After both Haley and Anakin graduated Haley saw how Anakin was depressed because he missed high school and all of his friends on the basketball team but Haley helped Anakin through it and promised she would never leave. In season five which is set 4 years after high school graduation Anakin proposes to Haley and they get married. 

Lydia James 



Lydia is Anakin's mother-in-law. They were first introduced to each other when Haley brought Anakin over to meet her parents. Lydia actually thinks of Anakin as her own son. Eventually when Anakin leaked out his feelings for Haley she like Karen encouraged Anakin to tell her daughter how he felt. In the chaos following the shooting at the cafe, Lydia was the first one to know about Anakin getting struck by a bullet after he jumped in front of Haley to save her life and it hit his left kidney causing a large amount of blood loss. Sometime after the shooting Lydia suggested Anakin moved in with her and Jimmy so that he could spend a lot more time with Haley there after work while as keeping their status as boyfriend and girlfriend. Lydia saw how much her daughter changed Anakin and Lydia helped Anakin settle in when he caved in and moved in with her and Jimmy to help take care of Haley. It was revealed that Lydia loved Anakin like one of her own kids and was extremely happy when he and Haley got together. 

Jimmy James 



Not much is know about Anakin and Jimmy's relationship other then Jimmy is like a real father to Anakin. Jimmy first met Anakin when Haley brought him to her house after school one day so he can meet Jimmy and her mother. During his junior year of high school Anakin moved in with Jimmy, Lydia and Haley but as Haley's boyfriend so he can keep an eye on Haley when she is ill. Jimmy knows of Anakin's fandom for mixed martial arts and would often see Anakin in the gym practicing lifting weights or in the octagon fighting someone. 

Quinn James

(Best friend, sister-in-Law) 


Anakin was introduced to Quinn through Haley when they were kids as explained in Eye of the Tiger when Anakin remembers an old photo he received as a birthday gift from her. Quinn always treated Anakin like a younger brother because of how much she cared about him. However after Quinn left Tree Hill it left a void in his heart and the two only spoke over the phone or texted each other. After receiving word that Anakin was shot in Karen's Cafe Quinn dropped everything and returned to Tree Hill to have a status update on Anakin's condition and she learned Anakin was hit in the left kidney and would need a kidney transplant. At the end of season one Anakin reveals to Quinn he and Haley will be touring around the United States. It is shown that despite Anakin being her brother-in-law Quinn cares deeply about Anakin and loves him as if she was apart of her family. After Anakin and Haley had their kids Anakin decided to name his daughter after his sister-in-law much to Quinn's surprise but she felt blessed and promised Anakin if she has a son she'll name him after Anakin. Anakin proves he loves Quinn more then his own life which is why he is so protective of her. 

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