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Impressive. Certainly impressive.
~ Anakin Nakamura

Anakin Nakamura is a human Japanese-Canadian male crime lord who resides in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos with his wife and underboss, Kate Nakamura. He was born in Vancouver, Canada on March 24th, 1981.


Anakin Nakamura is a motivated, focused, deadly when provoked, and powerful crime lord, and husband. This man is someone who shouldn't be messed with as he would do anything to gain his victories over those who oppose him. Anakin is of Japanese descent, being born in Vancouver, Canada and always looks out for his wife, Kate.


Early life

Anakin's early life isn't known as he never mentions it at all. Though, he was born in Vancouver, Canada and is probably where he spent his childhood. How he got from Vancouver to Los Santos is unknown.

Liberty City

Anakin has his criminal organization present in Liberty City and rivals include Russian mobsters and Irish gangsters. He returned from Liberty City following an event that made him to make his way there, and eventually returned to Los Santos.

Los Santos

Once returning from Liberty City and back into Los Santos, Anakin is picked up by his wife to return to their home in Vinewood Hills. While on the way there, his wife tells him about things she's done about their enemies, the Hall Crime Family and White Fang Syndicate and about their new potential rival Schnee Industries.

Anakin plans a series of operations against them, first hitting the White Fang Syndicate by crashing one of their meetings. During this time, he had traveled out to Blaine County to check in with a group of rednecks who are dealing drugs with him, such as methamphetamine.


While in San Andreas, Anakin has made a lot of connections, these include relations with other people and organizations. Including a criminal organization he owns and runs with his wife.


  • Kate Nakamura - Wife and underboss
  • Lamar Davis - Associate
  • Lester Crest - Associate


  • Nakamura Crime Family - Owned criminal organization
  • Los Santos Police Department - Through his spies
  • Los Santos Vagos - Through his spies


Apart from making friends in the criminal underworld, Anakin has also made enemies, these include Faunus, other crime lords and gang leaders.


  • Hall Crime Family - Rival organization and sworn enemies
  • White Fang Syndicate - Rival organization and sworn enemies due to discrimination against both Syndicate members and Faunus
  • Schnee Industries - Potential rival organization


  • The author and creator of Anakin Nakamura's appearance has said that his physical appearance is somewhat similar to the 16th President of the United States.
  • Anakin Nakamura is also said to have his personality partially based on that of Darth Vader from the Star Wars Universe.


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