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An Anthology is an American-British animated anthology TV series that began airing on April 3, 2017, on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), with 7 episodes airing for its first season.

On January 31, 2017, a second season of 7 more episodes was announced. It later aired on October 2, 2017. And, on April 20, 2017, it was also announced that the show would end after airing completion of season 2 due to negative reviews the show has received. The show aired its last episode on March 5, 2018, which was dedicated to Kenneth Dumont.


Each episode is a certain genre, such as horror or drama, and has its own story based on the genre.



  • Alyssia (Jenna Coleman)
  • Jacob (Eddie Redmayne)

"Kids' Show"

  • Tomford (Jacob Tremblay)
  • Hammy (Tara Strong)

"Wrong Love"

  • Edouard (Nolan North)
  • Amelie (Jennifer Hale)


  • Ramona (Sanaa Lathan)
  • "Runners" (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

"The Many Misfortunes of Trevor Gottfried"

  • Trevor Gottfried (Jack McBrayer)

"Last Days"

  • Arnold (Tom Kenny)


  • Toran (Mason Vale Cotton)

"Awkward and Introverted"

  • Priscilla (Laura Bailey)

"Washington Johnson and the Cursed Volcano"

  • Washington Johnson (Will Arnett)

"Oregon Derailed"

  • Jake (Isaac Hempstead Wright)

"In The Middle"

  • Detective Emmett McLauredale (Wally Wingert)

"The Baargaar War"


"I Spy"

  • Jamie Powers (Daniel Craig)
  • Ava (Ava Acres)

"Music Is Life"

  • John Bob Doe-Smith (Chris Parnell)

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 7 April 3, 2017 August 7, 2017
2 7 October 2, 2017 March 5, 2018

Season 1 (2017)

No. # Title Genre Original airdate Prod.
1 1 "Relive" Science fiction April 3, 2017 103
In a dystopian future not much different from the present, every human being on Earth sleeps on a capsule built into their basement that makes them forget, or causes them insomnia to, the events that happened on said day, making them wake up to "relive" the day.

A girl named Alyssia (Jenna Coleman in a guest appearance) wakes up from the capsule in an accident after she has a horrendous nightmare. She realizes that she has broken the rules for waking up while in a capsule, as she has yet to forget the day's events. Alyssia finds going back to sleep a tad bit hard, however, and, curious, breaks free of the capsule. She escapes her basement carefully and quietly to not wake up her parents and sister. She goes outside and realizes she is not the only one awake, as a boy, Jacob, (Eddie Redmayne in yet another guest appearance), is also outside. Alyssia meets up with Jacob and finds out that he woke up because it is his nightly routine. Jacob also tells Alyssia that the reason everyone's memories from each day must be forgotten is because the government has been planning a human "extinction" event for over a hundred years as human life is "worthless and useless" in their eyes. He knows this as he has succesfully sneaked into a military base at least two times, revealing him to be of a street-savvy personality. Jacob has been going outside at night hoping that someone woke up themselves and helped him wake up the others and reveal the government's plans. They put Jack's plan to action and try to wake everyone from their town, which works. After trying to convince their plan to everyone and somehow succeeding in doing so, they all go to the official residence, where the head of government resides. After telling him what he and the government were planning, he gets angry and admits that he did so, but it would be a good cause. The head of the government then says, "so glad you came here just to tell me what's happening tonight", and as the audience of angry citizens get confused, they hear the earth crumbling between them. As it turns out, outside of the town, the world was already starting to end. Everyone screams, but nothing can be done. As the earth crumbles and throws them down into death, Alyssia holds hands with Jack.

2 2 "Kids' Show" Horror April 24, 2017 107
A kid named Tomford (Jacob Tremblay in a special guest appearance) finds himself really bored on a Saturday and decides to channel surf the TV. He stumbles upon a channel aimed at a preschool demographic named ChildChannel, which is airing a show in the vein of Sesame Street named The Playful Puppets Play! Hour, where a septuplicate of rainbow-colored puppets star in educational skits that run for at least five minutes. The catchy songs and education featured in this show entice Tomford and apparently "brainwash" him into leaving his house and heading towards an undisclosed location where he encounters a cult full of equally brainwashed kids. These brainwashed kids follow the orders of the same puppets who appeared on THPPP! H, and their mission is to commit a mass genocide! Tomford manages to escape after he realizes that by acting more like a immature preteen, he can leave his trance. He escapes and manages to go back to his home, where he finds his slaughtered parents. The TV on the background is playing THPPP! H, and as Tomford comes to terms with his parents' deaths, he hears the words, "We Wanna Play!" before blacking out in an apparent death.
3 3 "Wrong Love" Romance May 15, 2017 105
A romantic named Edouard (Nolan North), is in love with a girl named Amelie (Jennifer Hale), but a series of tests get in their way of that happily ever after that Edouard strives for.
4 4 "Run" Dystopia June 5, 2017 101
Ramona (Sanaa Lathan) is "the last girl" in Earth, and one who must fend herself from the "Runners" (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), the re-animated dead bodies of former track athletes.
5 5 "The Many Misfortunes of Trevor Gottfried" Comedy June 26, 2017 106
As unlucky as he is, Trevor Gottfried (Paul Reubens) discovers that there is an upside to all of his misfortune.
6 6 "Last Days" Drama July 17, 2017 104
A cancer-stricken preteen, Arnold (Tom Kenny), has only a month to live as accorded by his doctor. Arnold decides to make the most out of the 30 days that he has left to live by having life-changing experiences along the way.
7 7 "Dangerous" Thriller August 7, 2017 102
A preteen, Toran (Mason Vale Cotton) is on the run from the police after he's considered "the most dangerous preteen to walk on this Earth".

Season 2 (2017-)

On January 31, 2017, a second and last season was announced for the show. 7 episodes began airing on October 2, 2017.

No. # Title Genre Original airdate Prod.
8 1 "Awkward and Introverted" Coming of age October 2, 2017 202
A girl, Priscilla (Laura Bailey) deals with the ups and downs of being awkward and introverted in middle school.
9 2 "Washington Johnson and the Cursed Volcano" Adventure October 23, 2017 201
Washington Johnson (Will Arnett) is an archaeologist whose latest mission is to explore a cursed volcano in South Africa and retrieve treasure. Trouble is, the treasure is cursed by the volcano.
10 3 "Oregon Derailed" Historical fiction November 13, 2017 203
A boy (Isaac Hempstead Wright) finds something that may make his family's trip to Oregon for a better life a little bit easy.
11 4 "In The Middle" Mystery December 11, 2017 207
Detective Emmett McLauredale (Wally Wingert) investigates a string of murders with the victims always the middle child in their family. He must avoid this murderer in the process since the detective himself is a middle child.
12 5 "The Baargaar War" Fantasy December 18, 2017 204
A war in the fictional "supercontinent" of Baargaar, the only one in this fictional world, against the Blue Ones and Green Ones, culminates in deciding the faith of the loser.
13 6 "I Spy" Spy January 22, 2018 206
A spy (Daniel Craig in a special guest appearance) must target his next enemy who may be a threat to his family: a seemingly innocent little girl (Ava Acres).
14 7 "Music Is Life" Musical March 5, 2017 205
The life of an Average Joe, John Bob Doe-Smith (Chris Parnell), as told in a musical.

Note: This episode is dedicated to Kenneth Dumont.


Upon premiere, An Anthology got scathing reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season received a 34% "Rotten" rating. The consensus read, "With clichéd and boring plots, along with one-dimensional characters that are not fully introduced and which viewers cannot relate to, An Anthology is a disaster".