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An American Holiday

It was Christmas time, the 19th of December to be exact, in the Farm of San Bernardino the preparations were in full swing. Standing in the farm entrance in a red shirt, dark blue jeans and red Converse, Farmer McJoe smiled as Miss Kattie walked up to him.

"Hiya Miss Kattie, is everything ready?" "Sure is McJoe, farm is spick and span, all the staff know who is sleeping in which rooms" Kattie replied, striating his dark blue shirt.

"That's great Kattie, I knew I could count on you."

"Thanks Kattie, you excited?"

"Sure am, things are going to be great" McJoe replied as Kattie walked up to them.

Looking at her McJoe smiled as Marcy brushed some dust off her denim skirt, her pink Conserve matching her top. Moments later Norman appeared in faded jeans and a brown long sleeve t-shirt, with Joe following at his heels.

"I hope things go well this year" Marcy said checking her watch.

"Aw Min things will be perfect" McJoe replied, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"As long as everyone stays sober that is. I've told the bar staff not to serve anyone who is too drunk."

"Good thinking, we don't want a repeat of last year" Norman replied, causing all to chuckle.

The year before Dusty, Kurt, Brad, Megan, and Dylan had all had a few too many brandies, they had then fallen down the main staircase, causing injuries to all involved. All had received several bruises, along with some sprained limbs, with Dusty and Kurt breaking bones.

"Oh don't remind me about that, I can still remember the rollicking Hera gave them the following morning" Dusty replied, walking up in a grey and green striped clothes.

"She certainly read them the riot act, you could hear the shouting throughout the farm" Norman replied as the first of the guests arrived.

First to arrive were Meilin "Mei" Lee and his friends, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grump, Prairie Dawn, Abby Hatcher, Sunny, Rox, Doodle, Blair, Dorothy, Count Dracula, Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran, and Mavis.

"Welcome, if you'll step inside, Kattie, Dusty or Norman will tell you where you are sleeping" McJoe said shaking their hands.

As the morning and afternoon wore on, the guest arrived in small and large groups, all chatting to each other. Everyone was there, All CGI Characters. All the CGI Characters arrived, as did the majority of animals, all mixing in together happily. At the train station The Boss greeted Traditional Animated Characters. Also on the train were Jenny, Winston and Oliver, now a grown cat of two.

At the farm port, Mickey welcomed the cast members who had come from France, all choosing to sail on  boat together. Also coming by boat was Ariel, Eric, and Melody, on different ship came the cast from England sailing on King Richard's ship The Crusader. Several of the cast flew to the farm, including Flash Animated Characters.

The guests chatted as they headed to their rooms, all brining lots of luggage with them. Norman only narrowly avoided being hit by a flying trunk, ducking just in time. Thankfully said trunk was then stopped by Merlin's magic, returning the trunk to its normal slow pace. Laughter rang from the different rooms as the guest unpacked, calling out greetings to each other.

Assembling in the huge dining room that evening, everyone chatted over the evening meal, a very hot chili con carnie with rice and bread, and exchanging stories of what they had been up to. After the farm staff had cleared away the last of the plates, McJoe stood up.

"Welcome all of you, it sure is great to have all of you here, I'm glad each of you could make it. Its only five days till the big day, so we've got lots to do to make it a success. Tomorrow the farm needs decorating, so let's make the old place look stunning. Well folks I'm sure you're all tired and wanting your beds, so I won't keep you any longer" McJoe said as the cast applauded.

In groups they headed off, some some to the main sitting room on the first floor, others to the farm bar for a few drinks, some went for walk around the gardens before bed, some to smaller sitting rooms on upper floors. The parents took their children off to bed, with Kopa having to carry Kiara on his back as she was so tired. Lying in his bed, Zephyr listened as Phoebus told him about one of his adventures. By the time the clocks struck eleven, all were asleep, exhausted from travelling. As they slept snow began to fall softly outside.

Decorating the Farm

It was the following morning, in the first floor sitting room everyone was assembled waiting to start decorating the farm. In charge of everything was Spongebob, standing next to Farmer McJoe and Miss Kattie, she explained her plans.

"Attention every one" she called over the chatter, but no one heard her.

"I'll get their attention for you Spongebob" Shrek said walking up to her.

"Ow? It is so noisy."

"Like this" Shrek replied "RRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOWWWWWWWWW." At this everyone jumped and the talking stopped, all turning to face Spongebob, Farmer McJoe, Miss Kattie and Fluttershy.

"Spongebob wants to speak" Fluttershy said as everyone glared at him.

"Now that I 'ave your attention we 'ave a lot to do today" Spongebob said handing out tasks.

Heading up to the Attic, Farmer McJoe, Marcy, Big Bird, Meilin "Mei" Lee and Count Dracula got the decorations down, all seventy five boxes of them, along with several large outside ornaments. Heading off into the Enchanted Forest, Héctor Rivera, Dusty, Kurt and Anna set about collecting the trees for the main sitting room and ballroom. As he was a girl, Anna was in charge of the lights, making sure they worked and were put up properly. Those that did not have specific jobs dived themselves into groups and began decorating.

Belle, Lady, Rarity and Alice all decided to decorate the library. The library took up half of the ground floor and went up to the sixth. As they put festive cushions on chairs, dusted the bookcases and sprinkled them with glitter, they chatted about their favourite books.

"I love Pride and Prejudice, but nothing is better than Romeo and Juliet, I just love the tragedy, William Shakespeare is masterful storyteller" Belle said as she hung holly from the lights.

"Rarity is a true English woman, she writes so you feel that you know her characters, I do enjoy Sense and Sensibility. My other favourites are the Jungle Book and Call of the Wild" Rarity replied placing tensile of the bookcases.

"Call of the Wild and White Fang are two of Applebloom's favourite books" Lady replied.

"What are you favourites?" Belle and Rarity asked.

"Gone with the Wind, its sequel Scarlet and the Anne of Green Gables series is simply charming" Lady replied.

"I agree, I love Anne of the Island, but the Wind in the Willows is my favourite book" Alice said as she placed a festive table cloth on the coffee table.

In Eric and Ariel's sitting room on the third floor, All Children were opening a large box labelled ASSESORIES. Looking inside they grinned with delight at what they saw Santa hats, festive jewellery, hair accessories, and various costumes.

"Oh look at it all" Abby Hatcher said in delight.

"This is great, just what we need to get into the spirit, let's put some of it on" Sunny replied pulling on a Santa Hat.

"Lets" all agreed.

"Miguel Rivera would you like me to dress you?" Melody asked, as she put on white beaded necklace with a snowman dangling from it.

"Yes please" Miguel Rivera replied prowling over to Melody and sitting down.

Setting to work Melody placed a green and red necklace with a Christmas tree hanging from it around Miguel Rivera's neck. Matching green and red bracelets went on her paws with a red and white ribbon around her tail completing the look. With Jenny's help Abby Hatcher was dressed in a red and white bow around her neck with red beads around her paws. Oliver also benefited from Jenny's help, with white tinsel wrapped around his neck and pair of reindeer antlers. With his love of fun Applebloom also joined in, swapping his leather collar for one of green tinsel, with a Santa hat to finish, with holes cut in it for his ears.

After their four legged friends had been dressed, Jenny, Melody and Sunny put on some of the things, all chatting as they did. Their laughter rang through into the halls, where Ariel, Nala, Snow White, Elliot, Sam Sparks, Sunset Shimmer, Joe, Applejack, Ferdinand the Bull, Anita, and Marion were handing decorations.

"They sound like they are having fun" Snow White said as she polished the large mirror.

"It does" Anita replied as she and Sunset Shimmer placed candlesticks on the large fireplace.

"I wonder what they are laughing about?" Joe asked from the second floor.

"They have one of the box's from the Attic" Ariel replied weaving green and red tinsel around the first floor banister.

"As long as they are staying out of mischief, I am worried what trouble Miguel Rivera and Melody could get into" Nala replied.

Outside in the front garden and the main entrance to the farm, Flint and Sam Sparks placed a white Santa and his sled. Made up of white bulbs it gave off a white glow, with a festive wreath on the doors. High above them, standing on clouds Anna, The Boss, Meilin "Mei" Lee and Holly the Christmas Fairy hung lights in the shape of icicles on the window ledges and balconies. Once lit up the lights gave off a soft blue glow that fitted in perfectly with the farm.

That afternoon once Anna, John, Héctor Rivera and Kurt had returned with the trees, everyone set about decorating the main sitting room on the first floor, and the ballroom on the ground floor. Of the five trees brought back, three were in the sitting room with the other two decorating the ballroom. Decorating both rooms was everyone's favourite part, as it meant everyone was together.

Running into the main sitting room Melody, Pippi, Jenny, Applebloom, Abby Hatcher, Oliver and Miguel Rivera caused everyone to do a double take, all shocked to see the animals wearing jewellery. Most surprised were their parents, with Anita and Joe smiling.

"So that's what the laughter was about" Joe said as they walked in front of her.

"I see you all had fun, you do look a sigh Miguel Rivera" Elliot said looking at his daughter.

"It was great the box was full of things" Miguel Rivera replied.

"Who did this for you?"


"I might have known" Elliot replied as boxes of decorations appeared.

On the first tree near a large bookcase surrounded by chairs Rapunzel, Princess Tiana, Flint, Sam Sparks and Red put baubles and tinsel on the main body of the tree, with Alex standing on a ladder decorating the top.

"Flint will you put the lights on?" Alex asked.

"Certainly" she replied opening the box that held said lights.

"I take it these do work?" Rapunzel asked.

"Yes" Flint replied.

"Just checkin, cause last year they didn't" Rapunzel replied.

On the second tree next to the fireplace Marcy, Rarity, Norman, Joe, and Pinkie Pie chatted as they decorated, weaving red and white tinsel between the branches.

"Is is great Uncle Pinkie Pie" Marcy said, placing a stained class decoration of a robin onto a branch.

"It is Marcy, all of us together" Pinkie Pie replied as he and Sam Sparks put the lights on.

"I think Christmas is the best time of year" Ariel called down from the ladder where she was decorating the tree top.

"It is Ariel" Joe agreed "Are you alright up there?"

"Fine thank you Joe, I have been up ladders before" Ariel replied smiling down at her.

Over on the third tree next to the balcony doors Melody, Miguel Rivera, Eric, Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry, Applejack and Flynn Rider were busy. Sitting on the floor next to Melody and Miguel Rivera and under her mother watchful eyes, Sweetie Belle played with some decorations.

"Mel lets hang is" Miguel Rivera said pulling out a mermaid decoration from a box, "Yikes!" Miguel Rivera called as she fell into the box.

"You look so funny Miguel Rivera" Melody giggled as Miguel Rivera reappeared covered in tinsel.

"Could you lend me a paw?"

At this Melody scooped her friend into her arms and taking her out of the box, placing her on the floor. From the stepladder Eric chucked at the sight, exchanging a grin with Twilight Sparkle, both highly amused.

"It's time to put the fairy on, who would like honour?" Eric asked.

"Sweetie Belle should do it" Melody replied.

"That is a generous idea Melody, why her?" asked Flash Sentry.

"She was too young to do it last year" Melody replied getting the fairy out of the box.

"Are you alright with this Flynn Rider?" Eric asked.

"I am as long as I take her up that ladder" Flynn Rider replied.

"Are you sure you can climb up with her?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"Perfectly sure thank you" Flynn Rider replied as Eric climbed down the ladder.

Elsewhere in the room Mavis and Rainbow Dash placed festive cushions on the chairs, Applejack and Sunset Shimmer placed garlands over the mirrors with Papa Smurf placing Christmas card holders on the walls. Turning around she gasped in horror as she saw Sunny sat on Ferdinand the Bull's back, both hanging paper snowflakes from the chandeliers.

"Sunny GET DOWN FROM HERE!" she shouted, causing several people to turn around.

"Mama I am safe here, Ferdinand the Bull will not let me fall" Pippi replied waving.

"Papa Smurf you can relax, I have put a charm on them both, your son will sprout wings if he falls" Count Dracula called from above.

"Well in that case I can relax, but please tell me next time" Papa Smurf replied with a relived smile.

Downstairs the ballroom had been transformed into a winter wonderland with the room decorated in white and silver. The two trees were in place, one at either end of the room. Decorating them were Timothy Leslie Templeton, Johnny and Kermit the Frog, along with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mickey, Norman and Aladdin, with the latter standing on Carpet. All chatted happily as they worked, their voices mingling with those of the other residents.

By the time the farm's inhabitants sat down to dinner that night the farm was done up to the nines, no room or dusty corner had escaped. With help from the walking brooms and the several enchanted mobs, the farm sparkling clean. Floors had been thoroughly mopped; windows cleaned inside and out, carpets vacuumed, curtains washed and all furniture polished. In the kitchen all cutlery had been polished and all crockery washed until it shone.

"A very nice job" Farmer McJoe said as he, Joe and Miss Kattie looked over the work.

"Come on miss bed" looking around the three saw Ariel and Melody walking towards them.

"Off to bed Melody?" Joe asked.

"Yes" Melody replied yawning slightly.

Sitting her bed a short time later Melody hugged her cuddly dolphin, laying back against the pillow as Ariel read her a story. Listening to her Mother's voice Melody relaxed, enjoying the story.

"Goodnight Mel" Ariel said kissing her daughter.

"Night Mum" Melody whispered as Ariel closed the door.

In their sitting room on the fourth the floor, Flint, Anna, Rarity and Flynn Rider were sat chatting, with Sweetie Belle cradled in her Mother's arms.

"Sweetie Belle looks like she had a good time today, I saw her playing with the decorations earlier" Anna said looking at his sister.

"She was fascinated by them, I daren't turn my back her" Flynn Rider replied.

"Relax love nothing bad is going to happen here" Anna said.

"That is exactly what you said when Anna was small and look what happened" Flynn Rider replied rolling her eyes.

"Did I do something?" asked Anna looking between his parents.

"Oh you did something alright" Anna replied shaking his head.

"Wow I cannot believe I did that" Anna said in amazement.

"Well you did" Anna replied.

"You nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw you, I have never seen so scared" Flynn Rider said looking at her son.

"You certainly gave us both a terrible fright son."

"You both laid into Carpet thick" Flint said.

"Well he deserved it, he should have known better" Flynn Rider replied.

"I must have been terrified."

"Actually you were enjoying yourself" Anna chuckled in reply.

"I bet you didn't take your eyes off me after that."

"Neither of us did, I just hope missy here does not pull any similar stunts" Anna replied looking at his sleeping daughter.

As the clock struck ten the adults began to head to their beds, calling out goodnight s to each other. As they fell to sleep it began to snow heavier outside, bringing with it the promise of fun.

Snowballs and Sleds

When the children awoke on the 21st of December they found a snow covered world, as a good two foot of snow had fallen that night. Jumping out of bed they all washed and dressed in record time. In her room Melody dressed herself in long sleeved dark blue dress, navy tights, knitted black cardigan, black boots, navy hat, scarf and gloves with a black cloak embroidered with silver stars. Jenny was also getting dressed putting on a knee length denim skirt, a long sleeved purple top and purple tights, with black leather converse, black hat scarf and gloves and a long black coat. Running out of their rooms the two girls met Zephyr on the first floor landing, himself dressed for the weather in brown trouser, green shirt with brown boots. Seeing each other they grinned as Tiny, Oliver, Dylan, Marie and Annika joined them. The humans then slid down the banister, glad that no adults were up to tell them off.

Entering the dining room they saw that only Count Dracula, Twilight Sparkle, Dusty and Gru were there.

"My you are up early" said Dusty as they sat down.

"It's only eight thirty, I wasn't expecting to see you for another hour" Gru said checking his pocket watch.

"It's snowing, we want to play" Dylan replied as a round of toast arrived.

The children were just finishing their breakfasts when their parents and other guests began to trickle in.

"Have fun and stay warm" Eric said hugging Melody.

"I will Dad" she replied.

"Stay safe and mind the ice, we do not want any injuries" Applejack said.

"I don't want any injuries either" Zephyr replied with a grin.

"Try and stay out of mischief Annika" Big Bird said.

"Trust me I don't want a telling off" Annika replied.

Running outside into the grounds at the back of the farm, the children stopped, looking at the untouched snow. Then they grinned running down the steps and jumping on each other, he sounds of their laughter drifting into the dining room. Dodging this way and that both animals and humans played together, knocking each other over. Lying on their backs Jenny and Melody made snow angels, both laughing as Tiny managed to send Annika nose first into a drift.

"Let's have a snowball fight" Zephyr said a while later.

"Great idea" Annika replied as the boys and girls split into opposing teams.

Soon the air was thick with flying snow, each team determined to beat each other. All laughing as they were hit, having as much fun being hit by snowballs as they were throwing them. Then suddenly there were two loud yells, as John and Dusty were all hit.

"Having fun?" John asked as he brushed snow off his jacket.

"Loads of it" the children replied as John and Dusty threw snowballs at them.

For a while the pair joined in the fight before walking off and leaving the children to their game. Changing location the children chased each other around the grounds soon ending up outside the farm kitchen. Just as Dylan threw a snowball at Jenny, one of windows opened and Chief Louie poked his head out, only to receive Dylan's snowball strait in the face. Seeing what he had done Dylan gasped in horror as Louie wiped the snow away, then yelled as Louie threw one back at him.

"Having fun?" Louie asked as he brushed snow from his hands.

"Sorry Louie, I was aiming for Jenny but she ducked" Dylan replied.

"Do not worry Dylan, it was only a snowball, I made plenty as a lad myself, no 'arm done. I simply heard the noise and opened to window to see what was its source was" Louie replied shutting the window.

Moving further away from the grounds the children stopped as they saw Mavis and Flint walking towards them. With a nod to each other they dived behind trees, waiting for the pair to walk past. Then the human children threw snowballs, while the animals pounced on the pairs. Both Mavis and Flint gasped with shock, throwing snowballs back and trying to fend off the animals. Catching Melody and Dylan by their cloaks, Mavis gently threw both of them into a deep snow dirt, while Flint did the same to Annika and Marie. Surfacing out of the snow the four gasped, all grinning from ear to ear.

"Truce?" Flint suggested.

"Truce" the children replied as Mavis and Flint left.

Arriving back at the farm, Flint and Mavis found the parents deeply involved in present wrapping.

"What on earth happened to you two?" asked Shrek as she wrapped Dylan's presents.

"Your son and his friends, they ambushed us with snowballs" Flint replied.

"Well at least they are having a good time" Shrek replied.

Outside in the garden the children had given up their snowballs, all walking through the grounds towards the farm.

"I know lets all make snowmen" Jenny suggested as they walked.

"Great idea Jenny" Oliver replied as the rest nodded in agreement.

Melody, Zephyr, Harvey Girls, and the Kids of Harvey Street began working together with Jenny, Oliver, Dylan, Megan, Pippi, CMC, Tommy, and Annika and Marie teaming up. As they were working, Annika began to sing Frosty the Snowman

"Frosty the snowman

Was a jolly happy soul

With a corncob pipe

And a button nose

And two eyes made out of coal" Annika sang

"Frosty the snowman

Is a fairy tale they say

He was made of snow

But the children know

How he came to life one day" sang Oliver

"There must have been some magic in that

Old silk hat they found

For when they placed it on his head

He began to dance around

O Frosty the snowman

Was alive as he could be" Dylan said as he gathered twigs for arms.

"And the children say

He could laugh and play

Just the same as you and me" Pippi sang place coal eyes on her snowmen.

"Thumpetty thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

Look at Frosty go

Thumpetty thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

Over the hills of snow" Applebloom sang.

"Frosty the snowman knew

The sun was hot that day

So he said

"Let's run and

We'll have some fun

Now before I melt away" sang Tiny

"Down to the village

With a broomstick in his hand

Running here and there all

Around the square saying

Catch me if you can

He led them down the streets of town

Right to the traffic cop

And he only paused a moment when

He heard him holler "Stop!"

For Frosty the snow man

Had to hurry on his way

But he waved goodbye saying

"Don't you cry

I'll be back again some day"

Thumpetty thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

Look at Frosty go

Thumpetty thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

Over the hills of snow" they all sang as they worked, their voices carrying into the farm.

Standing back they admired their snowman, all they were missing was a carrot for a nose and some clothes, the coal eyes and mouth obtained from the coal bunker.

"Well you have certainly done a good job" said Winston as he, Rarity, Eric and Big Bird walked towards them.

"We all made them" Jenny replied.

"Who started off Frosty the Snowman? We could hear your singing on the second floor" Eric asked.

"I did, well we were building snowmen" Annika replied.

"Well you can finish them later it is time for lunch, you all look cold" Rarity said.

"I'm warm Grandfather" Tiny replied as they went inside.

"Hold it there all of you. None of you are taking another step until you have taken off those snow covered things" looking up they saw Pinkie Pie glaring at them.

Seeing the black look on her face the humans obligated, removing boots, and cloaks/coats, with dry footwear appearing instantly. Reaching the dining room they joined the other guest, with the children eating double helpings.

"You must be very hungry" Ariel said.

"It will be all the running around they have been doing" Lady answered.

Further along the table Simba and Nala were trying to persuade Tiny that she needed to wear a scarf and gloves outside.

"But I'm warm" she protested.

"Tiny you are not used to this weather, the last thing we want is for you to catch a cold so close to Christmas" Serabi said as Tiny groaned.

"Tell you what Tiny, I can make you a set" Flora said "What is your favorite color?"

"Burned orange, thank you Flora" Tiny replied with a smile and a glare at her parents.

Once lunch had finished the children made their way to the Attic at the top of the farm, the one place where all old clothes were stored.

"Where are you all going" came a voice and all turned around to see Belle standing behind them.

"We are going up to the Attic" Marie replied.

"Why might I ask?"

"To find some old clothes to dress our snowmen in" Oliver replied.

"You children know you are not allowed in the Attic alone. I am not letting you go in alone, heaven only knows what could be lurking inside" Belle replied as the children groaned, annoyed that they had been caught. "I will come with you" that this all grinned.

"I will come as well, two adults are better than one" looking around they saw John Darling walking up the stairs.

Setting off the group climbed up three more floors until they reached the Attic door, with Dylan opening it with a load squeak. Entering the Attic they began to explore, eager to see what was stored in the various boxes, battered trunks, wardrobes and sacks. Pulling on an old sheet, Dylan grinned as he put a werewolf mask over it. Silently he crept up behind Belle and tapped her on the shoulder. The shriek she made was so loud it was heard four floors below, with everyone wondering what had happened.

"Is there a problem?" asked King Aladdin poking his head around the door.

"No, it was just Dylan having some fun" Belle replied with a faint smile.

"Jolly good, it is just that the shriek was rather loud" Aladdin replied as he left.

A short time later the group sat investigating six boxes of old clothes, full of every item of clothing you could imagine from ball gowns to basketball shorts.

"These will be perfect for the snowmen" Jenny said pulling out an old scarf.

"They will, and they will work well for charades" John Darling replied as she looked at on old dress.

"Well if we want to use these things we had better take them downstairs. They will all needed washing if we plan on using them for charades" Belle replied making the boxes float out of the room.

On the fourth floor they passed Mavis and Princess Tiana who were moving a piano.

"Where have you been? You're all covered in dust?" Princess Tiana asked.

"Attic, these rascals wanted old clothes for their snowmen" Belle replied brushing dust off her dress.

"I thought as much, was it you how shrieked earlier?" Princess Tiana asked with a grin.


"I scared her. I put a white sheet and a werewolf mask on then tapped her on the shoulder" Dylan said, causing Princess Tiana and Mavis to laugh.

"Fine work lad, there are not many people who can catch my wife out like that" Princess Tiana chuckled as Belle blushed.

A while later the children walked outside with the clothes for their snowmen, with Tiny wearing an orange scarf and hat. Melody, Zephyr, Annika and Tiny placed an old green silk scarf, a fake silver tiara and a green evening bag on their snowwomen. Meanwhile Jenny, Oliver, Dylan and Marie dressed their snowmen in a battered top hat, black tie, blue cravat, with a slightly battered cane attached to his left hand by a piece of string. Standing back they looked at their work with pleasure as The Boss walked out of the farm.

"Wow you guys have done a good job, stand next to them and I'll take a photo of you" The Boss said.

A few moments later The Boss's camera licked, all the children smiling widely.

"I'll print this off tonight, it will look nice of one of the walls, what are you doing now?"

"I'm not sure" Annika replied looking at his friends.

"I've got an idea! Let's all go sledding" Dylan suggested.

"Great idea"


"That will be fun" came the replies.

"The Boss would you be able to open the garden shed for us?" asked Dylan.

"Of course I can, the keys are in the kitchen" The Boss replied as they headed to the kitchen.

Reaching the kitchen they found it was quiet. As The Boss took the garden shed keys from the key rack, Dylan noticed a tea tray on the table.

"Are you coming Dylan?" asked Oliver as they left the kitchen.

"Say guys, how fast do you think a tea tray would go down a hill?" asked Dylan turning to his friends.

"Pretty fast" Annika replied as Dylan grabbed the tray.

Leaving the kitchen the group walked to the garden shed, chatting as they walked. The garden shed was three stores high and the size of a double garage. Opening the door The Boss led the children inside. Entering they saw piles of gardening tools, 60 shovels, 5 lawnmowers, flower pots by the dozen, several wheelbarrows and about twenty wooden sleds. Grabbing the sleds The Boss locked the shed, and the group headed off.

Half a mile from the farm was a very large hill with a slightly smaller one directly next to it. Standing at the top of the hill all got on their sleds, with Tiny sitting with Melody, Oliver with Jenny, Annika with Zephyr, Marie with Dylan and The Boss on his own. With a nod to each other they set off, flying down the two hills, from the largest hill to the smallest. Reaching the bottom they all grinned before heading back up the hill for another go. Several goes later Dylan looked at the tea tray with pride.

"This sure makes a fine sled" he said Flint, Valentine, Kopa and Fluttershy appeared with sleds.

"Mind if we join you?" Fluttershy asked.

"The more the merrier" Annika replied as they headed back up the hill.

Sledding down, Flint and Melody's sleds accidently crashed into each other near the bottom of the second hill. Getting up all four had a few bruises off but were otherwise unhurt, both drivers apologising the each other.

While the accident was taking place, in the farm the clocks struck three thirty, with Shrek staring at the table in the kitchen.

"I could have sworn I left a tea tray on table there, and where on earth ahs Dylan gotten to, I have not seen him in hours" she said.

"If you are looking for your son I saw him with The Boss and the other children dragging sleds" said Gru.

"So that means they will be at the hills, I had better go and see what they ate up to" she replied pulling on her coat and boats

A short walk later, Shrek reached the hills where the children were sledding, and stopped in her tracks when she Dylan and Annika on her missing tea tray.

"CHRISTOPHER Rainbow Dash POTTS! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING ON THAT TEA TRAY? She shouted, as Dylan and Annika reached the bottom.

"I just wanted to see how fast it would go" Dylan replied in a quiet voice.

"Hand it over now" seeing the look on his Mother's face Dylan handed over the tray, shaking as she inspected it. "Well it is still in once piece, so I will say no more about it. However if I EVER catch you doing the same thing again you will be grounded."

"Yes Mother" Dylan replied.

"Alright then let's leave it there. Honestly though Dylan, you are just like your father."

"I am" Dylan asked in surprise.

"Oh yes. When he was your age he once sledding down the kitchen roof on a tea tray."

"I bet Grandma was angry"

"Hopping mad, now off you go."

"Can I ask him about it later?"

"Oh you have some nerve Dylan" Shrek replied as Dylan chose a sled and headed up the hill with Annika.

Shaking her head Shrek watched her son and his friends of a few moments before walking back to the farm. On the way she ran into her husband Rainbow Dash who was head gardener at the farm. Telling him what their son had done Rainbow Dash laughed with delight, pleased his son had continued a long running family tradition.

A few hours later as it got dark, the sledding group walked back towards the farm, with Fluttershy leading the way. Once the sleds were returned to the shed they headed inside and were soon tucking into their dinners.

"I think we are in for a quiet night" Applejack said after dinner had ended.

"I agree, all the snow has worn our children out" Sunset Shimmer replied, Applejack took Zephyr to bed.

Applejack's words proved true, as one by one the children headed to their beds without protest. Sitting down that night their parents chatted happily with the other guests, glad that their children were fast asleep.

You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly

Melody, Ariel, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, Harvey Girls, Hogarth, Jenny, Sunny, Spongebob, Annika, Pippi, Tommy, Marcy, Christopher Robin, and Boog skated on the frozen lake a short distance away from the castle. On the ground next to the lake Pinkie Pie, Applebloom, Applejack, Babs Seed, Oliver, Marie, Scamp, Kids of Harvey Street and Rox played together, with The Boss stood on the stone bridge taking pictures. Looking up Melody and Jenny gazed at them in awe.

"I wonder where they are going" Jenny said.

"They are going to visit others of their kind in the Forest" Marcy replied, skating over.

"What are they like?" Jenny asked.

"Very beautiful, the most gentle creatures you will ever meet" Marcy replied.

"I would love to meet one."

"So would I" Melody said skating up to her friend.

"We should go and see them, it would be a great adventure" Applejack called from the grass.

"What a brilliant idea Applejack" Marie replied as the others nodded.

"You may think it is, but we do not" Rarity said as the other mothers nodded in agreement.

"You are all for too young to go into the Forest alone."

"It may be fairly safe, but you could get hurt."

"Do not even consider it."

"Aw but Mum" the children groaned as they faced their parents.

"It does seem a little unfair not to let them see Peter Pan, I could go with them" Tommy said.

At this the children grinned as the mothers looked at each other, all relived that Native American princes had offered to accompany the children.

"I can go as well" Boog said with Sweetie Belle nodding in agreement.

"I'll tag along, someone's got to keep the boys in line" Babs Seed called.

"Count me in too" Pippi said with a large grin.

A brief discussion and some words of advice later, the group set off into the forest. Marie, Jenny, Oliver, Melody, Scamp, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Babs Seed, Hogarth, Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle, Boog and Tommy all chatted happily as they walked. As they ventured deeper into the forest Tommy told them all about the plants and animals that made it their home. To her delight all were eager to learn, asking her questions about different animals. Walking through the forest the children began to see the world differently. Entering a small clearing they saw Doodle, Blair and Rox chatting together, with the sunlight reflecting off Blair's magnificent antlers. Nearby Blair's twin fawns played with Doodle's children, seeing the group all smiled as they passed through the clearing. Walking up a large tree Tommy climbed up a short way, stopping on a thick branch.

"Come on up, this one is easy to climb" she called down.

With that everyone apart from Babs Seed and Scamp began to climb, with Tommy throwing down a magically extending rope to help them. As they climbed Pinkie Pie and Oliver grinned at each other, amazed that everyone was finding the climbing so easy. Eventually they reached the top, all gazing at the view. In the distance they could see the Children shining proudly, as much a part of the landscape as the trees. Looking hard they could just make out Sunny, Flora, Zeus and Children having a snowball fight on the roof. To their right were the mountains covered in snow. Further on, so small it look like a speck of dust, was the faint outline of The Forbidden Mountains. As wind blew through their hair and fur Sweetie Belle took photos of them. The climb down was taken much slower than the climb up had been, with all arriving safely on the ground.

After another couple of miles of walking, the group arrived at the place where Peter Pan herd lived. The herd was made up of every Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling could imagine, some were all one kid while others were a mixture of two or three. Soon the group was surrounded by Tinker Bell and friendly Darling's, with Pixie Dust to welcome their guests. Soon the children were playing with the young members of the herd, chasing each other through trees, bushes and around a lake. Just as Applejack was caught by a Holly the Christmas Fairy, and Camilla the Christmas Present Fairy flew over the trees.

"Ah so this is where you all are, Louie has sent you all lunch" Peter Pan said as Darlings landed.

"Is that that time already?" Tommy asked.

"It has just gone a quarter past one" replied Peter Pan looking at her silver pocket watch.

"Time sure passes fast" Sweetie Belle replied as the children walked over.

"It does, now dig in" Peter Pan replied, conjuring up a blue blanket and laying the food out on it.

Soon everyone was sat down eating hot sandwiches and drinking hot tea from mugs. As they ate Peter Pan told them about the events at the castle. Sunny falling on the ice and taking Philip and Auroa down with him, Jewel and Annette dressing up in some old clothes and the noise coming from one of the music rooms.

"Well I have to be getting back. Your parents want you all back at the castle for four. The idea of you being out at night does not sit well with them."

"We will have them back for four" Sweetie Belle replied as Peter Pan flew off, with Darlings choosing to stay.

"You kids seem to being enjoying yourselves" said Wandy Darling "Would you like me and my friends to give you all a ride?"

"Yep," Peter grabbed Tinkerbell by the wings and dipped her like a condiment shaker to douce everyone with pixie dust. "Just a little bit of pixie dust... Now, think of the happiest things, or gloomy if you're Children... It's the same as having wings!"

"Let's all try, just once more." Wendy floated.

"Look, we're floating off the floor!" John observed.

"Jiminy!" Michael nearly fell, but landed in Wendy's arms.

"Oh, my!" Wendy caught him. "We can fly!"

"You can fly!" Peter cheered.

"We can fly!" the children were thrilled, then met Peter at the window as he held onto Cherry tight. "Come on, everybody, here we go!" Peter was on his way out, causing their passengers to gasp. Peter Pan's soon stopped gaining height, flying gently through the clear sky.

"This is wonderful" Jenny called as she looked around her.

Down below they could see the entire Forest, the Seven Dwarves house, the woodcutter's cottage, a large lake known as Sword Lake, and the mountains in the distance. As they flew Jenny let her shoulder length hair down so that it swirled around her. Together the group soared over the snow covered word, with Children doing a couple of loop the loops, causing Babs Seed and Pinkie Pie to laugh. From her Darling's back, Tommy saw the spirits of the air flying next to her, the eagle, owl, hawk, falcon and numerous other birds. As if sensing her joy, the eagle spirit flew up to her, allowing her to touch his wings. Sitting on Sunny's Pals, Pinkie Pie looked over at Applejack, seeing how happy she was.

"You alright Applejack?" he called.

"Fine, this is great, I understand why Zazu likes to fly so much" she replied.

"So do I Applejack, WOH!" Pinkie Pie replied in shock as Children did a double loop the loop.

"Scamp how you finding this flying?" Babs Seed asked as Children drew level with Scamp and Hogarth's horse.

"It great Uncle Babs Seed, I bet Dad would love it" Scamp replied.

"He might, this sure beats teasing the dogcatcher any day" Babs Seed replied.

"LOOK" cried Melody pointing to a cliff where Blaire and the Great Prince stood overlooking the forest.

Flying low the group flew past the pair, seeing the amazed look on their faces, followed by smiles. Exchanging a look, the pair smiled, both wondering if the group's parents knew about their flying. Reaching Sword Lake Children and Peter Pan's flew down low, so that the horse's hooves to trial along the frozen water. Reaching down from her Darling's back, Jenny trialed her hand across the ice, for a brief moment she saw a women swimming under the ice.

"I saw" Jenny said to her Darling.

"I know you did Jenny. You are aware of the story of King Arthur."

"You mean?"

"Yes, why else would it be called Sword Lake" her Darling replied as they flew away from the lake.

Flying back into the air, the children laughed as snow began to fall, with Marie looking like a giant snowflake. Seeing how at ease their riders were Peter Pan's did a few loop the loops to the joy of everyone. With shrieks of delight Jenny, Melody and Tommy put their arms out, reveling in the joy flying brought. As the sun set Peter Pan's headed for the Children, with the stars shining brightly overhead, the moon giving off a soft light.

In the castle grounds Ariel, Lady, Twilight, Rarity, Duchess and Winston looked up that the star filled sky, all wondering when the children would arrive.

"Where on earth are they? I told Peter Pan we wanted them back my nightfall, I thought Boog and Tommy were responsible" Winston asked looking at his watch.

"They are responsible, nothing will have happened" Twilight replied.

"How can you not be worried?" asked Winston.

"Because Pinkie Pie and Babs Seed are with them" Twilight replied as shapes appeared in the sky.

From the air Pinkie Pie and Applejack heard their Mother's remark and grinned, and then Pinkie Pie let out a loud roar. It had the desired effect, causing everyone on the ground to look up and receive the shock of their lives. Although they were aware the children had gone to see Peter Pan, although neither Twilight, Ariel, Duchess, Lady, Winston or Rarity had every imagined the children would ride them. As the group landed all saw the large smiles on their faces, and the snow on their clothes.

"Thank you for lettings us ride you, it was amazing" Jenny said.

"Not at all."

"It was a pleasure"

"You will have to visit us again" were the replies from Peter Pan as they flew off.

"Well it certainly sounds as if you all had a good time" Twilight said as they walked into the castle.

"It was amazing Mum, we flew so high, higher then Pride Rock" Applejack replied.

"I am glad you enjoyed yourself, you will be able to tell Zazu when we get back" Twilight replied as they entered the castle.

"I was so surprised to see you with them Marie, you 'ad not told me where you were going" Duchess said, looking at her daughter.

"Mama I am a grown cat, I am quite capable of taking care of myself" Marie replied as they entered the dining room, before stalking off to sit with Oliver.

"Marie" Duchess called, but Marie paid no attention, leaving her Mother slightly flustered.

"These thing happen Duchess, Marie is a growing cat" Rapunzel whispered with a smile as they sat down.

Soon was full of the sound of cutlery and people eating, with talking between various groups.

"I hope our children behaved themselves and did not give you any trouble" Ariel said to Boog and Tommy.

"They were all angles, we had a lot of fun, they were very curious about the animals, they asked me a lot of questions" Tommy replied.

"I am pleased to hear it, it certainly makes a change" Lady replied as Scamp shot her a black look.

"It was a pleasure to have them with us, I for one had fun" Boog from her place next to Aurora.

After dinner had finished many choose to go up to the sitting room, sitting around two large plasma screen TV's to watch A Miracle on 34th Street. As they had been outside all day, many of the children were in their pajamas or nightdresses. Sitting on a sofa in her emerald green nightdress, Melody sat next to Ariel, with Applejack sat in her lap and Twilight lying on the Children in front of them. In a nearby armchair Jenny was curled up in a pair of pink pajamas with unicorns on them, with Marie and Oliver next to her. As the film began servants brought around trays of hot chocolate and cinnamon and ginger biscuits shaped like penguins. With whispered thank you's everyone took their chocolate and biscuits, with the animals having theirs on plates and bowls on the floor. Soon everyone was engrossed in the film, both adults and children alike. Their hearts went out to Flint and her mother, amazed at David Attenborough's portrayal of Santa Clause.

By the time the film finished a couple of hours later, many of the children were so sleepy they had to be carried to their beds.

"All that flying must have worn them out" Ariel whispered as Eric carried Melody to bed.

"It must have" Twilight replied as Red did the same with Applejack.

Singing Carols

The sounds of laughter filled the front garden/main entrance of the Enchanted Farm as parents and children enjoyed another snowy day. On one side of the garden Ariel and Melody made a snow mermaid, with Applejack and Applebloom a few feet away building a snow knight and Jenny, Winston and Oliver making a snowman butler. Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn chased each other through the snow, pouncing on each other to the amusement of the others. Near the pond on the left side of the garden, Pippi was building a snowman while Annika and Tiny watched, with Tiny gurgling as she felt the snow on her hand.

"She is just like her Mother, isn't she?" Pippi said with a smile.

Hearing her Father's voice Captain Underpants looked up at him with blue eyes identical to Annika's. Hair that was the same color as Pippi's poked out from under her lavender hat, with a lavender Sunnyf wrapped around her neck and a thick pink coat covering her body.

"It would appear so" Annika replied, as the sound of hooves traveled into the garden.

Moments later a large silver sled pulled by four black horses pulled up the drive, stopping in the courtyard come parking lot. Sitting inside the sled were Meilin "Mei" Lee, Abby Hatcher, Sunny, Dusty, Kurt, Brad, Megan, Dylan and Kermit.

"Good morning everyone" Abby Hatcher said as they climbed out.

From the 15th of December to the 15th of January there was a truce between villains and heroes, a tradition that had been begun by Walt himself in the year that Spongebob was released. It was a special time of year when both groups came together to celebrate and all conflicts were forgotten. All the villains met at The Dark Farm which was their equivalent of the Enchanted Farm. It was amazing who got on well with whom and what they got up to. For instance, three years previously Annika, Abby Hatcher, Donkey and Ursula had all one out together one night. The following morning Annika awoke in one of Abby Hatcher's spare rooms with jet black hair and the worst handover in the world. The events had taken Pippi and Cecilia N. and Louie by surprise, as had the sight of her when she arrived back that evening. Cecilia N. and Louie was partially stunned by the sight, unable to believe that his mother would ever get drunk. And there was the time when Sunny, Shrek, Tramp, Ferdinand, Minions, and Elsa played poker together, well how on earth they ended up with their fur dyed bright pink, and passed out on the deck of the Jolly Roger was anyone's guess.

Contrary to their usual outfits both Meilin "Mei" Lee and Abby Hatcher were dressed differently with the former in black trousers, red shirt, his hair tied back in short ponytail, a snake stud in one ear, and black boots, the air of a cool art teacher. The latter had her long black hair down, was wearing a dark long sleeved purple dress that came to her knees, with black angle boots, with dangling silver star earrings and a jet and silver raven necklace.

"Well this is a surprise, it's great to see you" Mickey said walking out of the Farm.

"A pleasure to see you as well Mickey" Meilin "Mei" Lee replied.

"Please come on in where it's warm" Mickey replied.

With that the villains and many of the others walked inside the Farm, with everyone assembling in the main sitting room. Sitting down the villains handed out cards as Kurt, Dusty and Elmo headed outside.

"So Sunny, what brings Kurt and Dusty here?" asked Shrek as he and Sunny watched the cubs leave.

"I did not have a choice" Sunny chuckled "They accidently knocked a potion all over two of Donkey's Armani coats, she threatened to make them into gloves if I did not take them out of her sight."

"No wonder you had to bring them here, how did Princess Fiona react to Donkey's threat?"

"Very badly, I left them arguing with each other" Sunny replied chuckling at the memory.

Both brothers looked around the room, Brad, Eric, Count Dracula and Mavis were chatting to each other, the conversation varying from seafaring to sport. Looking across to the seats near the second fire, they gazes settled on the second pair of opposing other who had been united by the season. Pippi and Megan were chatting together happily, their feuds forgotten, on the sofa next to them sat Annika and Captain Underpants, with Dylan and Kermit stood next to Megan.

"Do not even think about coming any closer" Annika said cuddling her daughter close and glaring at Dylan and Kermit.

"Jeez Annika you need to relax, stop being so uptight, this pair won't touch Captain Underpants" Megan replied with a grin.

"I have every reason to be concerned, I have not forgotten Megan, and I do not trust you or them" Annika snapped in reply.

"Relax sweetie, my brother will keep those two in line. It is as time of truce, nothing is going to happen" Pippi said sitting next down and looking into his wife's eyes. "I will not let anything happen."

"Nice work bro, so Annika, you gonna give me chance?"

"I will, for my husband's sake, but you had better stick to this truce" Annika replied as Pippi put one arm around her.

Unlike his brother Pippi saw the conflict within Annika, whether or not to trust the person who had stolen her son from her. Annika's fear of losing their daughter, along with memories of losing Cecilia N. and Louie, had combined and increased her fiercely protective nature to creating a deep distrust of Megan. For Pippi remembered well the effect that Cecilia N. and Louie's kidnap had had on her, the heart break it had caused, and how close they had come to disaster.

"I don't get you at times Annika, you talk to Abby Hatcher every year and yet you don't trust me" Megan said as he sat down.

"She has not betrayed me like you did Megan, she did not take my child from me" Annika replied softly.

Hearing this Megan looked at her, amazed at her words, and for a brief second a spark of guilt for his actions entered his heart.

"You don't know the half of it Megan, you do not truly know how much trouble to you caused, and if you did you would not be so quick to judge Annika. Abby Hatcher certainly kept her word this time, my brother is clueless about those events" Pippi though.

"Listen Annika, I swear neither I nor this pair will harm your daughter."

"Alright Megan, for Christmas I will trust you" Annika replied getting off the sofa with Pippi.

"So Megan, how are things with Donkey?" Pippi asked, partly to lighted to mood and partly because he was curious about his brother's relationship.

"Great, she's one of kind, though not as mad as she makes you think, she's ditched the mad hair for sleek and shoulder length."

"I just cannot believe you have a girlfriend, I though you would never date after you ditched Abby Hatcher" Annika said with a sly grin.

"Jeez bring that up will yah! That was four years ago, and I'd had several when I asked her out. Man you women don't half gossip when you get together, still hard to believe you and her get on so well, you're both total opposites! Listen me and Donkey fit each other, and any fool can see Abby Hatcher and Meilin "Mei" Lee are perfect together" Megan replied.

"You have a point bro, that pair are perfect couple, and Donkey seems to be doing you good."

"The thought of you having a girlfriend is strange, you once told me you would never get married" Annika said as Captain Underpants reached out to Megan.

"Wow cool it, we've only been together eight months, hay watch it!" Megan replied as Captain Underpants pulled at his toga.

"No sweetie" Annika replied, as laughter erupted from where Abby Hatcher was talking to Miguel Rivera, Nina, Olaf and the Blue Fairy.

Outside the children were playing together, with the animals pouncing on each other in mock fights. Keeping an eye on them was Cookie Monster, who was also joining in with games, and was currently fending off an attack from Elmo, Kurt and Dusty. Suddenly with a flick of right front paw, Cookie Monster send Dusty off his paws into the snow. Then before the cub could react, Cookie Monster picked him up and dropped him into the snow filled wheelbarrow that stood under a window. Dusty grinned as Melody and Mickey Mouse walked over, letting out a roar of delight as they pushed the wheelbarrow around the garden. Everyone burst out laughing at the sight, including Minnie Mouse when he saw them, taking a picture with the small camera he always carried in his coat pocket.

"As much fun as you are having with that barrow, can I have it back please? Me and the lads have got to clear some ice and snow off the path to the harbour" he asked walking up to them.

"Ok Dad, it was just for a laugh" Mickey Mouse replied taking Dusty out.

"I'm not telling you off son, I can see perfectly that you were just having fun. It's just that is eleven people have already slipped on that path, it doesn't take a genius to work out that it needs clearing. See you all later" Minnie Mouse replied walking off with said wheelbarrow.

Leaving the front garden the children made their way to the adventure playground, which contained very type of outdoor equipment imaginable. The playground was enclosed in a large wooden fort that in itself was built to played on, with four watchtowers, a couple of huts and a rope bridge. Laughing Mickey Mouse, Oilver and Scamp played on the outdoor play set, running across a wooden bridge and up the tallest tower. Over on the fort they could see Applejack fighting Dusty with a wooden sword and shield, with Dusty acting every inch the furious lion. Over on the swings Melody and Jenny were laughing as they swung high. Then came delighted shrieks from below as Elmo, Marie and Vatani went flying down a tube slide. Seeing the boys looking at them the three waved before running over to a different slide. Over on the fort Dusty had been joined by Cookie Monster and both were now chasing Mickey Mouse across the long bridge that connected the fort to the play set.

Then out of the blue came a shouted of "LUNCH" and all stopped their games, all laughing as they walked to the Farm.

Reaching the Farm they saw Sunny and Shrek waiting for them, both grinning when they saw the children.

"Well you all look a sight" Shrek said as his eyes travelled over the snow covered group.

"We've had fun Granddad" Elmo replied.

"So I gather, come on, lunch time" Sunny replied leading them to the dining room.

Sitting down the children chatted to the villains, all curious and eager to hear about what they had been doing. Most answered their questions happily, more than willing to be friends with the children during the truce. However Megan did was not happy, finding the children's questions annoying.

"Honestly bro I don't get how you cope with kids, and why on earth you and Annika would want another is just beyond me" Megan said as he drank his coffee.

"Ah you only say that because you are not a father, things change when you became one" Pippi replied, looking behind him to the crib where Captain Underpants lay fast asleep.

"Trust me, that's one thing me and Donkey are not planning on, I'm never becoming a father and that's that."

"Oh I would not be too hasty, not all babies that arrive are always planned, some come as a surprise to both parties" Annika replied with a smirk as she took a drink of chamomile tea.

"Wow how on earth do you know that, and your example is?"

"I know because I am goddess of childbirth and Captain Underpants is my example. Pippi and I love her and would not want to be without her. However I didn't plan to became pregnant, she came as a very pleasant surprise" Annika replied smiling as Pippi nodded.

"Annika's right Megan, it was a shock when Annika told me was expecting."

"Oh Gods, that's another thing to worry about, did you both do that deliberately?"

"No, just consider it a piece of brotherly advice, we do have New Year coming up" Pippi replied, causing Megan to blush.

After dinner had ended the children played inside, their laughter ringing through the halls as they ran into the sitting room.

"Seeing as there is a truce in place, would you children care to take a ride in my sled?" Abby Hatcher asked them, as they raced into the sitting room.

"Yes please"

"That would be great"

Were the replies from the children, although their parent's reactions were very different, all slightly shocked at Abby Hatcher's suggestion.

"Where would you be going?" asked Prairie Dawn speaking on behalf of everyone.

"To my place and back. I can give them a tour, we can all have a drink and then Abby Hatcher and I will bring them back for dinner" Meilin "Mei" Lee replied walking up to the group.

"You guys should relax, most of us want to stay here anyway, and we all arrived in the sled, so Abby Hatcher will have to come back to pick us up" Sunny said.

"I swear no harm will come to them" Abby Hatcher said looking at each of the parents.

"Are you willing to swear an oath to that?" asked Leah.

"I will. On my oath I will make sure no harm comes to your children, you have my word" Abby Hatcher replied.

"Alright then"

"As long as you take care of them"

"Best keep your eyes on Scamp"

"Have them back by dark please" were the parents replied, all well aware how highly Abby Hatcher valued her oath. Although they all hated her most of the year, all the heroes agreed that once Abby Hatcher swore an oath she kept it.

The sled itself had two seats back and front, with the driver sitting on a raised seat at the sled's front. Sitting in the front was Abby Hatcher, Elmo, Kurt, Jenny, Mari and Melody, with Meilin "Mei" Lee, Dusty, Scamp, Mickey Mouse, Applejack and Oliver sat in the back. Setting off the sled travelled through the snow covered landscape, soon arriving in the lands belonging to the villains. On entering the children gazed around with curiosity, having never set been to the area before. In truth it looked a lot like the lands that belonged to the heroes. Soon the group arrived at Meilin "Mei" Lee's Arabian fortress, with thick snow covering every inch of it. Climbing out of the sled the children looked around as Pippi landed on the floor in front of them. On the ground several black cobra's slithered around, hissing at Melody and Elmo, causing both to shriek.

"Leave them be, they are guest, go down to your cages" Meilin "Mei" Lee said glaring at the serpents who instantly obeyed.

"So Meilin "Mei" Lee, what are the children doing here? Have their parents got you on babysitting duty? Asked Pippi, looking at the children with mild annoyance and wondering what was going on.

"They are here as my guests" replied Meilin "Mei" Lee.

"We're NOT babies, you over grown feather duster" Scamp said glaring at Pippi.

"Yeh call us that again and I'll have you for lunch" Dusty replied, pouncing on Pippi and flattening him.

"Now now Pippi mind that peak of yours. They are guests" Meilin "Mei" Lee replied before taking the children on a tour.

Starting with the battlements Meilin "Mei" Lee handed Mickey Mouse and Applejack wooden scimitars, with both boys having a duel as they walked along the walls. Gazing out they saw a vast expanse of desert that was covered in snow. Entering the buildings they were taken through various rooms, where potions bubbled in caldrons and were stacked on shelves and tables. Suddenly there was a crash, as Scamp accidently knocked over a stool, breaking an earth wear bowl and sending the contents all over himself, seconds later his fur turned bright green.

"I knew I should have put that potion away" Meilin "Mei" Lee said walking over to Scamp.

"Sorry. Can I stay like this? It would give my parents a shock."

"If that is what you wish. I can pour the antiTommye over you later" replied Meilin "Mei" Lee as they walked into the library.

The library was vast, books written in English, Greek, Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian and Arabic sitting on the shelves, books that ranged from magic to natural history for example The Encyclopedia of Snakes. Five floor to ceiling bookcases were taken up with history, with the Crusades taking up a complete shelf, for example A Rare and Excellent History of Saladin and A history of the Crusades by Jonathon Reily-Smith.

"So that is why Meilin "Mei" Lee does not get on will King Richard" Mickey Mouse said.

"Well that heretically crusader deserves it, he should never have tried to defeat Saladin" Meilin "Mei" Lee said angrily.

"Meilin "Mei" Lee leave it" Abby Hatcher said, looking over to where the boys were looking at some books.

Applejack was sat reading Advanced Snake Charming, Mickey Mouse was looking at The magic of Seth: a guide to chaos magic, and Dusty The rituals of magic for the evil Sorcerer.

"I would suggest you put those books away, I highly doubt your parents would be pleased if they saw you reading them. Those books are full of dark magic."

"We were just curios" Dusty replied as they put the books back.

Leaving the library Meilin "Mei" Lee took the group into his sitting room, where they sat on Arabian style furniture, chatting over tea and Arabic food. Meilin "Mei" Lee told them what life was like living the desert, what animals lived there and what types of magic existed. Along with his he told some details of his own childhood. Then suddenly the phone rang and Meilin "Mei" Lee left to answer it.

"Hello Meilin "Mei" Lee speaking"

"Ah Megan good afternoon"

"Allah is that time already! Well time does certainly fly"

"Yes fine, no no they have behaved perfectly."

"Well alright, Scamp did knock a stool and a potion over."

"No nothing serious, he's only bright green"

"Well he does look a sight."

"No he laughed it off, he wants to come home like that, thinks it will give his parents a fright."

"No just a little mischievous."

"They found the library interesting and the boys were scimitar fighting."

"Do I look suicidal? They were wooden ones the guards use when training, I was a boy myself once."

"Yes that will be fine, we'll set off now, tell them we will be back soon."

Walking back into the sitting room Meilin "Mei" Lee stood at the doorway as everyone turned to face him.

"That was Hade, your parents want you home" he said, causing everyone to moan.

As short time later everyone sat together in the sled, with the children looking about them, having never been out at night. As they travelled they heard wolves singing, their voices hauntingly beautiful, with everyone gasping when they saw the singing pack on hill. The children stared with aw when a silver griffin flew overhead, its feather shining in the light of the new moon. Suddenly the group saw four stunningly beautiful people, two men and two women. Seeing them Abby Hatcher called the sled to a stop and turned to the children.

"Stay still and keep quiet I will deal with this" she said exchanging a worried look with Meilin "Mei" Lee.

"I'll take care of them, go" Meilin "Mei" Lee replied as the four walked up to the sled.

"Who are they?" asked Oliver quietly.

"Annika, Tommy, Pinkie Pie and Alex, they are old friends of mine" Abby Hatcher replied.

"Greetings Lady Abby Hatcher, well I must say, I was not expecting to see you with such a vast array of company. They all appear to be children of heroes, interesting" the women called Annika said.

"Annika, to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you here? There is a truce as you well know, they are under my protection."

"We care not for them. We came as messengers from the Griffins, Lord Nightwish has an heir, a son was hatched two hours passed" said Charles.

"I am pleased to hear the news, tell Lord Nightwish I will visit on the morrow. Now I would suggest you leave, the children have not met your kind before" Abby Hatcher replied.

"We mean them no harm, greetings children" Pinkie Pie said walking up and touching Kaira.

"An African princess, you have a kind heart child, one not so ruled by the past" then she turned her attention to Melody who was sat next to Elmo. "You are born of two worlds, you are united yet dived by this" she said.

Then she turned to the boys, her gaze instantly falling on Dusty, who was glaring at her with all his courage.

"I see conflict in your future, you will be a great fighter and the heir of Sunny. Yet I see another side, one that would choose a different path to the one set out by Princess Fiona" Pinkie Pie said stroking Dusty.

"I will see you again, goodbye" Abby Hatcher said as the sled set off.

Seeing the shaken looks of Melody and Elmo's faces, Abby Hatcher put her arms around them both. As she did she silently cursed her Pinkie Pie for speaking to them, vowing to have words with her. In the back Meilin "Mei" Lee watched his girlfriend, not in the least surprised that her actions. Soon the sled arrived at the Enchanted Farm, with the parents extremely glad to have their children back. On seeing Scamp's fur Tramp was less than impressed, but was not the least bit surprised when Meilin "Mei" Lee told him how it happened. A short time later the villains set off, with Abby Hatcher and Meilin "Mei" Lee sat together in the front.

After dinner that night, everyone assembled in the Farm ballroom, where Roger was sat the piano and Scatcat's band had set up their instruments. With McJoe conducting, everyone gathered to sing carols. Everyone's favorites were included; Do they know it's Christmas? Santa Baby, I wish it could be Christmas everyday, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, with some being sung as solos and others with everyone joining in.

"It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, won't see another one And then he sang a song The Rare Old Mountain Dew I turned my face away And dreamed about you

Got on a lucky one Came in eighteen to one I've got a feeling This year's for me and you So happy Christmas I love you baby I can see a better time When all our dreams come true

They've got cars big as bars They've got rivers of gold But the wind goes right through you It's no place for the old When you first took my hand On a cold Christmas Eve You promised me Broadway was waiting for me

You were handsome You were pretty Queen of New York City When the band finished playing They howled out for more Sinatra was swinging, All the drunks they were singing We kissed on a corner Then danced through the night

The boys of the NYPD choir Were singing "Galway Bay" And the bells were ringing out For Christmas day

You're a bum You're a punk You're an old slut on junk Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed You scumbag, you maggot You cheap lousy faggot Happy Christmas your arse I pray God it's our last

I could have been someone Well so could anyone You took my dreams from me When I first found you I kept them with me babe I put them with my own Can't make it all alone I've built my dreams around you" everyone sang together, with a few of the laughs at the lyrics, everyone enjoying a Fairytale in New York.

After the song ended Roger held up the score for A Christmas to Remember, a song which had always been sung as part solo part group.

"Who would like to sing Amy Grant's part?" asked McJoe.

"I think Annika should" Hogarth Hughes said.

"I agree, she has a beautiful voice" Spongebob replied.

"I also agree, Annika will you?" McJoe asked, turning to where Annika was stood with Captain Underpants in her arms.

"Well alright, Pippi will you hold Captain Underpants" Annika replied, turning to her husband.

"Take her with you sweetie, she will enjoy it" Pippi whispered in reply as Annika walked out onto centre stage.

"Why is Mum so nervous" asked Cecilia N. and Louie in a low voice.

"She doesn't like singing in front of crowds" Pippi replied as Annika began to sing.

" Twinkling lights A chill is in the air And carols everywhere Close your eyes, it's almost here Candles and cards And favorite movie scenes The smell of evergreen As special as it's always been And I have a dream or two Maybe they will come true

Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight We'll wake up to a world of white It's gonna be a christmas to remember Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole Always sentimental and don't you know that It's gonna be a christmas to remember

I know it's true Time doesn't stand still Many things can change But we know some things never will The memories we share The songs we always sing The mystery of life The hopefulness this season brings And I have a dream or two Maybe they will come true

Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight We'll wake up to a world of white It's gonna be a christmas to remember Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole Always sentimental and don't you know that It's gonna be a christmas to remember" Annika sang her voice beautiful and clear, cuddling Captain Underpants close as she sang. Her voice held everyone spellbound with the beauty of the song, all cheering when she finished.

With a blush on her face Annika hurried back to her husband, glad the ordeal was over.

"That was amazing Mother, why are you so embarrassed?" Cecilia N. and Louie asked.

"I do not like singing in public, I never have" Annika replied as another song began.

Oliver, Cookie Monster, Valentine, Minions and Toulouse took to the floor, all wearing gold and silver chains. With Red as the lead singer they began to sing Christmas Time by the Backstreet boys.

" There is something special About this time of year The Christmas feeling's everywhere

I just got home To join you I've been away too long But now I'm back to share my love Friends are reunited One big family Filled with love to last Throughout the year

Christmas time Time to share our love Come and join The tidings to the world Christmas time The best time of the year Yes it's Christmas time

You and me together A sleigh ride in the park Loving is straight from the heart (Straight from my heart)

Snowflakes falling gently A smell of chestnuts in the air And Christmas lights they gleam across the sky

Christmas time Time to share our love Come and join The tidings to the world Christmas time The best time of the year Yes it's Christmas time

Do you remember Everything felt so right When I held you close to me

Do you remember Those cold Christmas nights Where we saw the world in harmony

Christmas time Time to share our love Come and join The tidings to the world Christmas time Always the best time

Christmas time Time to share our love Come and join The tidings to the world Christmas time The best time of the year Yes it's Christmas time" the group sang dancing around the stage, their movements in time with each other. It was crystal clear they had spent time rehearsing the performance, their voices loud and clear. The song ended and the group bowed as everyone cheered.

"You were amazing, especially you Oliver" Marie whispered, flocking her tail at him.

"Thanks Marie, you go ahead" Oliver replied.

Marie then joined Ariel, Sam Sparks, Gloria, Hogarth Hughes, Jasmine, Lady, Prairie Dawn, Spongebob and Dorothy singing, The Beauty of the Season. Their voices blended together perfectly, the song lifting everyone's spirits to the roof. When they finished the room erupted with applause, brining the carol singing to a close.

"Mulled wine all around" Miss Kattie said, as everyone left the room, with many heading straight to their beds as it was after ten o'clock.

Christmas Eve

Everyone awoke on Christmas Eve to find another four foot of snow had fallen in the night, with the weather forecast bringing reports of further snow to come. The excitement was high, with the children full of energy, hardly able to sit still.

Elmo, Jenny, and Scootaloo ran along the third floor corridor, both humans held wooden swords, with cloaks billowing behind them. In front of them ran Melody, Hogarth and Robin, the humans wearing black cloaks, holding wooden swords and staffs. The children were on a heroic adventure, with the latter three playing the villains. Running down the stairs they reached the ground floor, with the heroes and villains clashing outside the entrance to the cellar. The cellar was located 10 meters under the farm, and was full of a variety of things, with the odd rat running around. It would be fair to say there was more than one, as it was dived by several walls, with a very large one under the kitchens.

As the children neared the cellar door it became apparent the villains were losing, then suddenly out of the cellar, sprang a black shape. The heroes shrieked with shock as the saw Spongebob standing in front of him, his fur dyed jet black, his mane silver and his eyes glowing green. With a roar he advanced, swiping Scootaloo with his paw as Jenny and Elmo tried to fend him off with their swords. With a snarl Spongebob bared his teeth at them, hitting Jenny's shield as Robin pounced on Scootaloo. Seeing Elmo was distracted by the animal's fight, Melody attacked, striking his arms with her sword. Elmo let out as yell, immediately trying to hit Melody, only to have it blocked by her staff. Unknown to the children, Aladdin, Eric and Tramp were watching the fight from the first floor, all highly amused by the sight.

"Tommy with have a fit when she sees Spongebob, I wonder how he became black" Aladdin mused.

"I'm going to say one of the fairies had a hand in it, most likely Tink" replied Tramp.

"Whoever did it they did a fine job" Eric replied as the clock struck twelve thirty.

"LUNCH" Aladdin called as Elmo and Jenny managed to capture Spongebob, throwing a rope around his neck.

Looking up the children grinned, with all walking proudly up to stairs, with everyone faking an injury or two. Entering the sitting room caused a few gaps, especially from Annika and Tommy, shocked at the sight of their son.

"What on earth have you been doing?" asked Tommy.

"Just having fun, relax it's just a spell" Spongebob replied, seeing the less then happy look on his Mothers face.

"Well well, I see you have captured a deadly lion" Pippi said, walking over to Elmo, Jenny and Scootaloo.

"Yes sir, he was a challenge, but we won" Elmo replied bowing.

"Hmm, I may have to consider having you trained as a knight in a few years" Pippi replied as lunch arrived.

"It is time for Raymond Brigg's Father Christmas" Shrek called, causing the children to run over to the plasma screen TV.

Sitting down Melody sat between her mother and grandmother, Robin jumped onto Aladdin's back while Spongebob sat down next to Serabi, Marie, Oliver and Jenny were sat together, Elmo next to his Father, with Scootaloo sat between his Father and Grandfather, with Lady and his sisters on Tramp's other side. The chatter stopped as Father Christmas began, with everyone soon engrossed, eating their lunch as they watched.1 When Father Christmas reached France everyone grinned, with laughter erupting when he awoke with a hangover in Scotland, all smiling when he got home to find his front door blocked by post. When he set out on Christmas Eve everyone smiled, with the children grinning in anticipation.

"I always feel warm after seeing that" Shrek said as the credits rolled.

"So do I Mum" Ariel replied as the children headed outside.

Soon the delighted sounds of laughter drifted up from outside, as Melody, Hogarth, Elmo, Robin, Jenny, Spongebob, and Oliver had been joined in a snowball fight by some of the adults. Pippi, Rainbow Dash, Miguel Rivera, Aladdin, Genie, Peter, Dorothy, Sunny, Abby Hatcher, Meilin "Mei" Lee, Big Bird, Darlings, Donald, Goofy, Timothy, Cinderella, Hercules, Farmer McJoe, Miss Kattie, Marcy, Harvey Girls and the Kids of Harvey Street had joined them. Snowballs flew everywhere, with everyone getting hit, with people teaming up at different times. the Kids of Harvey Street yelled as Hercules, Elmo, Melody and Marcy threw snowballs at him, with one hitting him strait in teeth. Spitting out a mouthful of snow he glared at them, before picking up Elmo and throwing him into a drift. Grinning broadly Elmo got up, throwing a snowball strait back at the Kids of Harvey Street, hitting him on the arm.

Inside the farm several people were watching the fight from the windows, with a couple taking pictures as they did. Sitting on a window seat in the main sitting room, Red watched her husband and son with amusement.

"Your Daddy and big brother will have some bruises in the morning" she said to Cookie Monster who was sat on the seat next to her.

"They certainly will, snow brings out the child in all of us" Prairie Dawn said as she sat down next to Red.

"I know, oh well, at least they are having fun" Red replied as a snowball hit the window with a loud thud.


"SORRY MUM, I WAS AIMING AT Meilin "Mei" Lee" Hercules yelled in reply as Red shut the window.

"Oh it is cold out there" Prairie Dawn said looking out.

"I know, they will be frozen when they get in" Red replied.

As the afternoon wore on the competitiveness increased, with several of the parents joining in. There were several near misses with the windows, with several more snowballs accidently hitting them, mainly because the person they were aimed at ducked. There were also a few falls, with a few curses uttered by those involved. By the sun set everyone was frozen stiff, with a couple of people limping in. Sitting down for dinner the adults received a gentle ribbing from their respective spouses, all keen to make the most of the opportunity.

"Will you lay off, it just a bit of fun" Pippi replied glaring at Prairie Dawn.

"Well it is not often you get beaten by children" Prairie Dawn replied with a smile.

After getting dried off everyone split up, with music coming from a third floor music room, as Roger's band practiced for the Christmas Day ball. Sitting next to each other Roger tinkled the ivories, working in harmony together, while band played. In the main sitting room Oliver and Marie sat together on a chair, both reading Eclipse by Stephanie Mayer. From his position in the floor, Chuck looked up from his painting of Santa on his sled, shooting a glare at his sister.

"You know Marie I don't know what you see in Oliver, he's just as Yankee cat" Chuck said.

"Take that back, Oliver is a fine cat" Marie replied.

"Well Mother and Father will not be happy, besides he lives in New York and we live in Paris. What I don't get is why you would want to be with him, you could do better."

"Chuck cut that out unless you want a fight" Oliver said hissing.

"Exactly, anyway since when did you care who I dated" Marie replied.

"I just want to make sure you date the right cat. I've heard stories about cats from New York, all smooth talking charmers, with a knack of talking themselves out of trouble."

"Chuck! That is not fair, Oliver is NOT like that, besides I can take care of myself."

"Listen Chuck I don't know who you've been talking to, but I'm not one of those cats. Sure I'm a smooth talker, all well brought up cat's are, its New York style. I respect and love Marie, I'd never hurt her, so unless you want to fight, keep your nose out" Oliver said standing up.

"You think you're so tough."

"Wow cool it guys, its Christmas Eve" Donkey said.

"You heard, your friend is dating my sister."

"Listen honey Marie is a grown cat, you're gonna have to accepted that she'll date" said Alex joining Donkey.


"Nothin sugar, besides you'll understand when you find a girl."

"I just want to make sure she doesn't get hurt"

"That's admirable, but Marie won't be happy with you interfering" Donkey said with a wink.

"I guess I have been a bit over the top."

"You have sugar" Alex replied as she walked over to Hamm.

"Finished helping Olly out babe?"

"I have, he was getting grief off Chuck" Alex replied, sitting down next to him.

"Well you would know" Hamm as Tramp and Orfeo glared at them.

"I take it your brother and Father still unhappy with us dating?"

"Afraid so babe, I think Tramp wants me to find a nice house pet like Lady."

"Oh ppplleeeeeaaasseee."

"Exactly, I need a street girl, one who knows the world, you Alex are perfect for me, a girl with some spirit" Hamm replied kissing her.

"Why you flatterer, a girl would think you wanted something."

"Who's to say I don't" Hamm replied slyly.

"Oh you" Alex laughed.

Over in a corner, Hamm's brother Mr. Potato Head turned round, exchanging a grin with Marty.

"I think they will be in bed late" Marty said as the two dogs in questioned walked out.

"So do I" Mr. Potato Head replied.

"I wonder if your Father or Tramp realize."

"Maybe, but then both hate the fact Hamm and Alex are dating anyway."

"I cannot see why, they are perfect together. So has your tall, dark and handsome sent you a card?" Marty asked turning to her friend.

"I saw him yesterday, he gave me a card and present but made me promise not to open them until tomorrow" Mr. Potato Head replied.

"It's amazing you both date at all, take about taking risks" Marty replied.

"Well you know all girls love a bad boy" Mr. Potato Head replied as she walked over to the TV.

Gathering around the TV everyone settled down to watch Mrs Santa Claus staring Angela Lansbury. Sitting together were Oliver and Marie, Lady and Tramp, Eric, Melody, Ariel, Princess Fiona and Shrek, Phoebus, Twilight Sparkle, Hogarth, Meilin "Mei" Lee and Melman, Farmer McJoe, Norman, Donald, Goofy and Marcy, Pongo, Perdita and the pups, Marty and Hercules sat other with the Kids of Harvey Street, Red and Cookie Monster curled up together, with Red laying back against the Kids of Harvey Street with Cookie Monster laid on her chest. As the film started everyone settled down, smiling as the music started and the film. Mrs Santa Claus was a firm Christmas favorite with everyone, with many more people settling down to watch. As they watched the film the servants brought around a tray of gingerbread reindeer and cups of hot chocolate.

"Happy sweetheart?" the Sweetie Belle whispered.

"Yes, I have everything I could every wish for" Red whispered in reply.

"We are a family now, you've never seen you look so happy."

"Nothing could be better than this" Red replied snuggling closer to him.

As the film was only short, there was still a good hour until dinner once it ended. The children made their way into the farm kitchens, interested to see what was going on. Opening the door they found Louie yelling at a couple of the others cooks, giving them a thorough roasting and threatening to roast them if they were not more careful. Turning around he then saw the children standing at the door.

"'Ello there, is there a problem?"

"No, we just came to see if you needed any help" Elmo replied.

"You know I think we do, Cecilia I have four willing helpers here for you" Louie said, turning to a young women with light brown hair.

"Excellent just what I need. Come in and wash your hand" Cecilia said, with the children obeying instantly.

Standing at a table Cecilia showed the children how to make biscuits, mixing the ingredients in a bowl. Soon the children had rolled the dough out into boards and used reindeer shaped cutters to make their biscuits. While the biscuits baked in the oven the children helped chop vegetables for dinner that night. Once the biscuits had baked the children decorated them with chocolate and icing, all making a very good job.

"Oh this is where you are" Melman said opening the door.

"They 'ave been helping us cook" Louie replied.

"Come on, I've been sent by your parents to find you, though you might want to brush that off" Melman said gazing over the flour covered group.

A short time and a dusting down later, the children and Melman made their way up to the dining room. Dinner that night was French cuisine, with Gloria's specialty being very popular. The chatter was high, with the children chattering like jackdaws to each other about what they were hoping to get for Christmas.

After dinner had ended, everyone spilt up, many heading to the main sitting room, with the children gathering around to hear a story. Sitting on sofas and chairs, the children listened as Belle told the children of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Reading from a book Belle did different voices for different characters, before singing the song. "Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows.

All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say: "Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

Then all the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with glee, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history!"

After the song ended the children clapped, as a sudden noise came from the chimney, causing everyone to jump. Soot fell from the chimney, then a pair of thin legs encased in boots and red trousers appeared, followed by the body of Jack Skellington.

"Merry Christmas everyone, I've come on a special errand from Santa Claus" Jack said as the children and adults walked over to shake his hand.

"It sure is great to see you Jack" Farmer McJoe said shaking his hand.

"Same here Farmer McJoe, now then, where are the children?" Jack asked. "Well now I have got a special present for you all. As you have old been very good this year, Santa has asked me to give each of you a special present."

Hearing this, the children grinned as Jack handing each of the children a present. Opening their presents, the children found a stuffed reindeer, which began to move as soon as they hugged it. The moment each child named their reindeer they began to fly, causing the children to laugh with delight.

"Thank you Jack they are wonderful" Jenny said, running up and hugging him.

"Yes Jack they are great" Elmo said.

"I love mine, I've called her Evergreen" Melody said grinning at Jack.

"They are lovely, I cannot wait till I take her outside" Robin said, putting her paws on Jack's knees.

"Well I am glad you all like them" Jack said.

"Are you in a hurry Jack?" asked Farmer McJoe.

"No hurry, Sally is not expecting me back until nine, and it is only half six now. No latter then nine though, or I will be in trouble" Jack replied sitting down.

"So how are things in Halloween Town?" asked Rainbow Dash handing Jack a class of mulled wine.

"Not bad at all, Dr Frinklstein and his wife are very happy, they often babysit for Sally and I when we go out" Jack replied.

"Good to hear Jack" Rainbow Dash replied with a smile.

"So how are the children doing?" asked Aurora.

"Fit as fiddles. Our eldest is four now and our youngest eight months" Jack replied thinking of his daughter and son, the former the eldest and the latter the youngest.

"So how are Shock, Lock and Barrel doing?" Meilin "Mei" Lee asked as he handed Jack another glass of wine.

"Different, all are very different from who they were when Ooggie was still around. Shock, I mean Sibyl to call her by her real name, is now nineteen, she's already a talent witch, give her a few more years and she will be very powerful. Sally and I often see her flying around on her broom with other witches, she's a typical teenager. Don't even get me started on Lock, eighteen and a holy terror, I have to deal with trouble every other day because of him. It drives me mad. And Barrel he's not so bad, he is a fine young man, a terror on Halloween but someone I can trust."

As the time ticked by Jack heard more stories of what other had been doing, in return telling them of events in Halloween town. Laughter filled the room as amusing stories were aired, with several more drinks being passed to Jack. Pippi was just telling Jack about the events of a joust when the clock on the mantelpiece struck half eight.

"Half past eight already! I'd better be off or else Sally will have my head on a platter, it has been great to see you all" Jack said getting up.

"Same here Jack, you Sally and the children should come over some time, and you would all be welcome at the club" Farmer McJoe said.

"I might just take you up on that Farmer McJoe, night all" Jack replied before vanishing up the chimney.

"Time of bed Melody" Ariel said walking over to her daughter, as other parents said the same to their children.

"But Mum I'm not tired yet" Melody replied.

"It is too early" said Elmo as Mrs Potts said the same thing to him.

"Why do I have to go to bed? Spongebob gets to stay up" Robin said looking at her father.

"Only for another hour he does" Annika replied.

"The sooner you are in bed the sooner Christmas Day will come" said Twilight Sparkle as she took Hogarth up to bed.

With a few moans the children picked up their stockings and headed for their bed, soon all were curled up under the covers. Sitting next to their children, the parents told them stories about Christmases they had had a children. Lying next to Robin, Annika and Tommy told her a story about a Christmas they had had as cubs.

"We were about your age Robin, we spent all of the 23rd outside building snowmen with Ariel, Mulan, Aurora and Jasmine, we had so much fun" Tommy said.

"After lunch we then went into the Attic to get some old clothes, just like you did. We had a mighty shock when the floor beneath are paws gave way and we fell strait through" Annika said, smiling at the memories.

"What happened?"

"By sheer luck Carpet caught us both, and Flora used her magic to stop Mulan, Jasmine and Ariel falling, you should have heard the screams" Tommy replied.


"It gave your Grandparents a fright, they all gave Farmer McJoe and Donald a talking to. Christmas Eve we spent skating on the lake, we all looked like fools, we did have a good time though" Annika said as he licked Robin.

"Time you went to sleep, night" Tommy said as she and Annika left.

In her bed Melody listened to her parents tell her about Ariel's first Christmas, smiling as she listened.

"Time you were asleep starfish, remember to make a wish on the North Star" Ariel said as she and Eric kissed Melody.

"Goodnight Mum, Dad" Melody replied cuddling her stuffed dolphin.

Up in his bedroom in the servant's quarters, Elmo was sat up in bed, with Sylvian sat on a chair next to the bed.

"Papa, will you tell me a story about a Christmas you had as a boy?"

"Certainly son"

"Will you tell me about the year you went sledding down the kitchen roof?"

"Alright, but don't tell your mother, she will do her nut if she finds out" Sylvian replied. "Well I was about nine at the time, and Pippi, then Prince Pippi, Princes Aladdin and Taka."


"Scar, Taka was his birth name. Taka, Louie and I were all playing outside in the snow and having a great time. Louie then suggested we go sledding, but we were not allowed to go far on our own. So we walked into the kitchen for a hot drink, well Taka then saw the tea trays on the table."

"So it was Scars idea."

"Taka then suggested we use the trays as sleds, and I then had to bright idea of going down the roof" Sylvian said as he and Elmo grinned. "The snow that year was six foot deep, so we got the sleds and Pippi got a ladder that was outside the shed."

"How was it going down the roof?"

"Great fun, we went down first time and landed in the snow, plain shot off the roof. We then kept doing it. Well a couple of hours later your Gran came out to see what was going on, she walked out just was we went down the roof."

"I bet she was mad."

"That's an understatement, she was absolutely fuming, people could hear her shouting on the third floor. I've never been so scared in my life" Sylvian laughed.

"That sounds fun" Elmo replied with a grin.

"Don't even think about it lad, now then off to sleep, night" Sylvian said as he turned off the light.

"Night Dad" Elmo replied, cuddling his toy griffin.

Back down in the main sitting room, the adults were chatting quietly over a last glass of mulled wine. Outside the North Star shone brightly, with many looking up at it.

"Well folks it is late, time we were all in bed, remember to make a wish on the North Star before you turn in" Farmer McJoe said hugging Norman.

Making a wish on the North Star on Christmas was tradition in the farm, as everyone knew that wishes made on North Star on Christmas Eve always came true. Looking at the star people made their own private wishes, some for minor things others for larger things. Looking at the star Red smiled, remembering the wish she had made years before, and how it had finally come true two years previously. In ones and twos people went to their beds, with everyone soon curled up beneath the covers.

Sometime later, they were a soft thud on the roof, and Santa Claus and his sled landed on the flattest part of the farm roof. With a smile he took two sacks out of his sled and hopped down the nearest chimney. Moments later he appeared in the fireplace of the main sitting room. Dusting off his boots he walked over to the tress and placed presents under each one, smiling as he saw a slice of Christmas cake and glass of sherry left out on a table. Leaving the sitting room he tiptoed up the stairs, leaving presents in every stocking in every bedroom. As he did he looked at the peaceful faces of the occupants, his heart filling with joy at the sight of the children. Leaving the same way as he had come, Santa arrived back on the roof to find that it had started to snow.

"Time to go my dears, we have a long night to go" he said patting each of his reindeer.

Getting in his sled he pulled out his long list and an atlas, looking at both.

"Hmm so that is the United States and Canada all done, think I will head to Europe, let's see now. Ah yes Ireland and then BAlexin, lovely places, time to go" he said flicking the rains and flying off into the star filled sky.

Final Chapter

Christmas Day was finally here, everyone awoke to find their stockings full and another three foot of snow outside. Getting up they pulled on nightwear, dressing gowns and slippers, and then heading down to the main sitting room.

"Merry Christmas Daddy" Melody said, as Eric walked out of his bedroom in a pair of red pajamas and slippers.

"Merry Christmas Melody" Eric replied hugging her, as Ariel walked out in a blue nightdress, dressing gown and white slippers.

"Are you excited sweetie?" Ariel asked.

"Yes" Melody replied as they felt their rooms.

Up in his bedroom Pippi was dressed in a pair of red pajamas with a green dragon on, sitting in his bed he was busy opening his stocking.

"Pippi are you coming down?" asked Tiny, walking in a pair of yellow pajamas, followed by Pippi in a green and white nightdress.

"Of course I am, Merry Xmas" Pippi replied hugging them both.

In their sitting room Big Bird and Elmo were stood talking, the former in a blue sleeping toga and the latter in a lavender pajamas. Walking out of their bedroom Cookie Monster and Grump smiled, with the latter carrying Prairie Dawn who was dressed in a pink nightdress with unicorns on them.

"Merry Christmas, Elmo, Grump, Prairie Dawn" Big Bird said walking over and kissing them each on the cheek.

"Merry Christmas to you too son" Grump replied grinning.

Leaving their room they all chatted as they headed downstairs, meeting their fellow guests on the way down. Everyone was in various styles of nightwear, with the children racing down stairs as fast as their feet or paws could carry them. Reaching the main sitting room they were met with the sight of presents under the trees, with everyone hugging each other as walked in. Sitting down people began to open their presents, with the sound of paper being shredded and delighted shouts echoing throughout the room. Opening a bag of presents from Meilin "Mei" Lee and Count Dracula, Melody tore of the blue wrapping paper to a sMiss Kattiel box and inside a sMiss Kattiel gold dolphin ring.

"Oh this is beautiful, thank you" Melody said.

"When you put it on in water you will transform into a mermaid" Meilin "Mei" Lee replied.

"That is the best" Melody replied as she opened another box, grinning when she found a book called Ocean Tales.

"Thank you, I've been looking forward to reading this."

"I know" Count Dracula replied as she opened another, finding a toy dolphin drawn chariot.

"This is just like your Grandfather."

"That is right I had it made especially for you" Count Dracula replied as he and Meilin "Mei" Lee hugged Melody.

Opening presents from her parents, Melody found a flute, a doll, a toy horse and a beautiful rose quartz bracelet, along with several other things.

"Thank you both" Melody said, as Eric and Ariel opened their presents.

Nearby Pippi was opening his presents receiving for example a toy dragon, a wooden painted dagger, a book of adventure stories from his parents. From Quasi and Madellaine he received a set of wooden soldiers, and two wooden mounted nights, all painted a carved by Quasi, with Captain Underpants giving him a knights costume she had made herself.

"Thank you, these are great" Pippi said with a grin.

"We are glad you like them" Pippi replied as she opened a present from her son.

Over under the second tree Jenny was busy opening her presents, receiving some Hello Kitty toys, a Barbie, and a couple of novel from her parents. Unlike most years, Jenny's parents were unable to be with her this year, as they were both ill with the flue, and had not wanted Jenny to miss out because of other family she received a variety of things, such as music and clothes. Opening a present from Oliver, she gasped when she found a framed photograph of them both in front Niagara Falls.

"Oh Oliver thank you, I love it" she said was she watched Oliver open his presents.

Opening his presents Oliver found a new blue collar, a catnip mouse and a winter coat with snowflakes on. Seeing them Oliver purred rubbing up against Jenny, with Winston taking a picture of the pair. On the sofa behind Jenny and Oliver, Chip was opening his presents, a toy bow and arrow set, a set of soldiers and toy griffin were among his haul.

"Thank you Mama, Papa" Chip said as he handed his parents their presents, grinning when they opened them.

Sat around the third tree, Ilithya was sat next to Grump, Cookie Monstern, Big Bird and Elmo, with the adults helping her open her presents. Gurgling happily Ilithya held the pink and white toy unicorn that Grump and Cookie Monster had given her. Sat next to her was a purple Pegasus that was almost as big as her.

"She seems to be enjoying herself" Elmo said taking a picture of them.

"She does, you can see it in her eyes" Big Bird replied as he opened a present.

"You can, she has certainly gotten you wrapped her little finger Big Bird" Cookie Monster said.

"Ah well all men fall for a pretty face, I am glad all of us are here together" Grump said smiling.

In the farm kitchens Christmas dinner was in the making, the turkeys stuffing and vegetables were cooking away, with the Christmas puddings being made. The tension was high, with Louie shouting at those who made even the sMiss Kattielest mistake. As they cooked the radio played classic Christmas songs, with many singing along as they cooked, with a few wrong notes thrown in. Looking at his fellow cooks, Louie chuckled as one of the pastry chefs belted out a rendition of Wizards, I wish it could be Christmas everyday. The smells of the cooking wafted up into the main rooms, making the guests mouths water.

As lunchtime got neared, the walkers and those who had been lying outside walked in, the aniMiss Katties dried off and the humans took off their cloaks and boots. Sitting down for dinner in the dining room, everyone tucked into their starters of chicken liver pate on toast. In the break between the starter and main course, everyone exchanged stories of what they had been doing that morning. The main course arrived, turkey with all the trimmings, with a few moans at the sight of the sprouts.

"A toast to a MERRY CHRISTMAS" Mickey said raising his class of wine.

"TO A MERRY CHRISTMAS" everyone said raising their glasses, with red or White wine for the adults, with juice for the children and none drinker.

As they ate they pulled crackers, paper hats, jokes, with plastic figures of aniMiss Katties, key chains, rings, chess sets and Santa hats inside. People chucked at the jokes, some good and others terrible. The children chatted about their presents and made plans for the afternoon. Dessert of warm Christmas pudding and custard followed the main course, some people putting brandy butter on theirs, with Anita nearly breaking her teeth on a pound coined imbedded in her slice. As the wine came around, a few of the adults became slightly tipsy, with many having rosy glows on their faces.

"Tell the cooks that dinner was excellent" Donald said, as the waiting staff cleared the plates away..

After dinner had ended everyone headed back to the main sitting room to watch Raymond Briggs's The Snowman. Sitting together, everyone sat in family groups, all enjoying the classic British story.

"We're walking in the air We're floating in the moonlit sky The people far below are sleeping as we fly

I'm holding very tight I'm riding in the midnight blue I'm finding I can fly so high above with you

Far across the world The villages go by like trees the rivers and the hills The forest and the streams

Children gaze open mouth Taken by surprise Nobody down below believes their eyes

We're surfing in the air We're swimming in the frozen sky We're drifting over icy mountains floating by

Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep

We're walking in the air We're floating in the midnight sky And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly"

"I love the Snowman" Jewel said sitting on Anita's lap.

"So do I Jewel" Anita replied stroking her fur.

After the Snowman ended, some people went off to different rooms, with the majority staying to play charades. The categories were film, music, TV, historical figures and literature. The clothes that had been found in the Attic had been washed, with other props having been located and brought down from the Attic.

The two girls then sneak downstairs, and peek, seeing that the glass of milk was already empty, the plate of cookies were eaten, and all the letters were marked and written.

"Whoa. It's magical.", Farmer McJoe and Miss Kattie said as they look at each other, after looking at the drank milk and eaten cookies. "Guys, come down!"

They wake up the other Disney, and guest characters after the two girls say this, and Sunny and Dorothy ask, "Is it Christmas yet?"

"The cookies are eaten, the milk is drank, and the letters are marked!", the two girls said, which people jolt downstairs to look to see the cookies and milk already finished, and looked at their letters.

Miguel Rivera and Héctor Rivera also ask, "Wait. But where are the presents?"

"...There's only one way to find out.", Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry says a bit drowsy, both about to open the doors to the ballroom, Farmer McJoe and Miss Kattie leading.

Once they do, they were amazed to see that the presents that Santa gave them, was in a pile in the form of the same Christmas tree!

"Oh, boy! Presents from Santa!", they all said, as all the characters went to the piled presents with Farmer McJoe near it.

Farmer McJoe said to her friends, "Before we open it, we need to gently grab each of the stacked ones on top. Okay?", for safety.

"Oh. You mean this one? Because it looks like mine.", Héctor Rivera says, grabbing one of her familiar presents near the bottom.

Suddenly, it causes the present stack to collapse, before Farmer McJoe turns around at the time and gets seemingly squashed by the hundreds of presents.

"Farmer McJoe!", everyone worried, including Héctor Rivera, and Miss Kattie.

After a second, Farmer McJoe comes back up after the Miss Kattie incident, who sustained no injuries, since the fallen presents have missed her chance of getting injuries. She said, "I'm okay!", relieving all the Disney, and guest characters.

"Since you're okay, Farmer McJoe, are the presents still okay?", said and asked Miss Kattie.

Miguel Rivera looks at her present and looks at a certification of no fragilities for all the presents. Miss Kattie's friend answers, "It says that all the presents are also fragile-proof. So yes, they're still okay."

"No matter what we get this year, we are all still grateful.", Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry agree, as everyone gives and takes their presents to one another and theirs, before Farmer McJoe was the first one to open her first present, which is the biggest one she had out of the presents she got as well.

She then slowly takes the wrapping off the first present that she got from Santa, and she was surprised to see what she got.

It was actually the new Xbox One S, which is more sleeker, Miss Kattiele and ultra 4K resolution! It also has the full game of Battlefield 1 on it!

"The Xbox!", cried happily Farmer McJoe, kissing the package in grateful thanks, before she slowly opens her next four ones to find new games for the Xbox One S, like Far Cry 4, Just Cause 3, Dying Light and Dead Rising 3 too! "Thank you, Santa. If he was here with us, we will kiss, or hug him gratefully!", she then said, as the rest of her friends agree.

As Farmer McJoe was opening her last present to reveal the Selfie Mic she also asked for, Miss Kattie opens her presents to gratefully reveal her asked wishes of the Crayola Masterworks Expresso Art Case, mascara and dragon skin, whilst Héctor Rivera opens her presents to reveal pink dolls and a jewelry boutique she asked for, Miguel Rivera opens her presents to see two mini mirrors, four crowns, and three beautiful outfits she asks for, and everyone else open theirs to reveal the presents they've been asking for, gratefully.

...and it's revealed to be Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the other Disney mascots!

"Mickey!", they all cheer, as the mascot chuckled.

Mickey says, "Hi, guys! How was your Christmas holidays? And I see you've got some more friends here!"

"It was amazing, we went shopping, watch movies, ate delicious foods, watched TV and stuff, even got to know each other and prepare for Christmas!", Farmer McJoe and Miss Kattie gratefully said to the mascots through a little storytelling.

Héctor Rivera and Miguel Rivera yell, "YAY! THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!"

"Gee, that's wonderful.", Mickey smiles.

Farmer McJoe and Miss Kattie then said to each other, "We're also gonna leave in less than a hour. How about we all take a picture of our Christmas holiday together?"

"And sing one last song?", asks Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry.

Mickey agrees, "Sure!"

As music began to play, Twilight sat back in his chair with a satisfied grin. Just as Pippi came up and leaned against the chair, looking over the decorations, happy with everything. Meanwhile, as Pinkie Pie leaned against the fireplace with his parents and characters, Pippi began to sing a little song.

Pippi: Here we are,

Warm and cozy by the fire's glow

With a grin, Sweetie Belle held a mistletoe over himself and Mash Buttons.

Sweetie Belle: Singing songs

And stealing kisses under the mistletoe

Grinning, Scootaloo gave Rainbow Dash a kiss on the cheek, making him smile.

Scootaloo: We've finished our feast

Rainbow Dash: Had the tastiest treats!

Twilight and her husband, Sunset Shimmer, came up to the stage, holding each other's hands.

Tilight and Sunset: But the spirit of Christmas just isn't complete

All: Without true friends and family

And the memories we recall

As the Applebloom and Applejack walked towards the stage, they joined in the sing as well.

Applebloom and Applejack: It's the love we share that fills the air

All: And makes this the best Christmas of all

Soon, all the party gathered around the tree. One of them The Smurfs picked up a present and handed it to Tiger.

The Smurfs: Something special underneath the tree

The Smurfs opened his gift to find a plushie version of himself inside. Tiger smiled and sighed happily as Scootaloo hugged his new plushie, because this gift seemed perfect for him. Meanwhile, HuCMC watched as Mr. Potato Head Seville opened their gift to him. He smiled widely to find inside the package a suit fit for a prince.

Pippi, Tommy, and Annika: We hope it fits you perfectly!

Mr. Potato Head gave them each a hug, "You guys are so sweet!"

As he sang, Cecilia N. and Louie looked up at the star on the tree.

Cecilia N. and Louie: I'm making a wish

On a sparkling light

Just then, Riding on his back were two human pre-teen named Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: But that's not what makes this a magical ni-ight

"Everybody now!" Pippi, Tommy, Annika, HuCMC, and The HuMane Six exclaimed.

Everyone: It's our true friends,

And family...

And the mem'ries we recall...

Disney Characters: That we recall!

All: It's the love we share

That fills the air

That makes this the best Christmas of all

The Mane Six: It's good friends

And warm wishes that makes this the best...

Kids: It's the beeest...

All: Christmas of all!

The crowd cheered and applauded wildly from the performance before the Everyone got onstage and stood with Pippi, Tommy, and Annika happily while Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity hugged HuCMC hugged her parents.

They laughed a bit before Donkey noticed something outside.

Donkey: (pointing) Hey, everybody, it's snowing!

Boog: (shocked) What!?

Spongebob: (excitedly) Snow?! Oh boy!

Donkey: Come on.

They chattered before they headed to the window, looking amazed at the snow pouring. All while near the familiar window, Shrek and Princess Fiona glanced at where the others were.

Donkey: We're gonna have a White Christmas after all.

Winnie the Pooh: Yeah.

Princess Fiona: Look at them, having a wonderful time.

Shrek: I dunno about you, but I think this is my best Christmas yet, too.

Princess Fiona: You know, there are times I don't think Santa grants wishes.

Shrek: (glances) Why's that?

Princess Fiona: We still live in the neighborhood with bullies like Dameon Malfoy and others.

Shrek: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Princess Fiona: Well, shall we join them?

Shrek: Sure! Time to move out of this dump and give it to those old tennis rivals that lost the Ridonculous Race.

Princess Fiona: Yeah. Let's go!

The two then left the room as two old men known as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider frowned.

Rapunzel: Ah, who needs you two anyway?

Flynn Rider: Yeah, get outta here!

Rapunzel: Those two whippersnappers.

Then the two old men glanced at where the gang was.

Flynn Rider: (shouts) Hey, will you keep it down?

Rapunzel: I dunno about you, but I think this is my worst Christmas yet.

Flynn Rider: You know, I still don't think Santa grants wishes.

Rapunzel: (glances) Why's that?

Flynn Rider: We still live next door to those guys.

Both: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

A moment later, Shrek and Princess Fiona arrived at farm, along with Joe, Norman and Sweetie Belle Shin.

Princess Fiona: Hey, you guys!

Shrek: Merry Christmas to one and all!

Sophie: Shrek! Princess Fiona! Joe! Norman! Sweetie Belle!

Hogarth Hughes: You guys made it!

Mickey: Come on in, fellas!

Joe: Thank you, Mickey.

Norman: We'd be delighted.

Sweetie Belle: Glad we didn't miss the festivities.

The others in farm looked at one another with grins on their faces.

Donkey walked to the viewers

Donkey: Hey you, (to the camera) Happy Holidays, everybody.

All: Happy Holidays!

They laughed a bit while the party continued inside the apartment.

Abby Hatcher: Hey, Farmer McJoe, can you take a picture of all of us?

Farmer McJoe: Sure, Abby Hatcher.

She brings out her camera before the everyone got together. Then they all smiled together as they posed.

All: Cheese!

The camera made a flash before the picture of the whole group is shown, and then we fade to black.

The End

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