64px Oh, um I'm going home, I dont use public toilets.
~ Amy talking to Courtney

Amy Smith is the daughter of Dave and Cass and the oldest sibling of the Smith family from the FamilyChoice original series, A Not-So-Ordinary Family.




  • "Using public toilets is the stupidest thing I ever saw, I never uses them because my enemy want me to poop." -Amy talking to Chris in the episode, Truth or Whateves.
  • "Say the magic word, wizard." -Amy to Chris when he asks Cass to give her the BBQ sauce in the episode, Jealous, Much?
  • "Not funny, Jessica! You know that your bratty sister listens to Meghan Trainor!" -Amy tormenting Jessica in the episode, New Neighbors.
  • "Well, I guess the Middletons have three kids, alright. Two females and one male." -Amy talking about her neighbors in New Neighbors.
  • "Krazy Karaoke? What's Krazy Karaoke?" -Amy doesn't know what Krazy Karaoke is in Krazy Karaoke.

Outfit Gallery

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  • Her favorite band was 5 Seconds of Summer.
  • Her favorite singer was Kelly Clarkson.
  • Her favorite show was Victorious.
  • Her favorite movie was The Hunger Games.
  • Her favorite teen magazines are Seventeen, Teen Beat Magazine and Teen Scene.
  • Her favorite clothing brand are Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • In Episode 11, her halloween costume was a witch.
  • Her favorite food was sushi.
  • Her least favorite drink was coke.
  • In Episode 8, she reveals that she doesn't use public toilets because she's lutropublicaphobic so she only poop in her own toilet and her own private toilet in school.
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