Amy Rose is a pink Mobian Hedgehog who fell in love with Sonic at a young age, and would later aid him in his adventures. During and after the New Clone Wars she commanded Skull Squadron, as well as a battlegroup of capital ships. This would eventually include the first ship for each battlestar class, as well as one or two more of each class. At the end of the New Clone Wars Amy's command ship was the battlestar Mercury. Amy has a great capacity for love, and shows compassion to those inside and outside her command. But she is also a fierce warrior, and will fight valiantly to defend that which she cares about. On occasion she has gone into a fearsome berserker rage. Nonetheless, Amy doesn't like killing, and the first time she took another being's life she went into shock. Her compassionate side has earned her the respect of many.


Amy is descended from the first colonists of the Little Planet, a microplanet that occasionally appears in Mobius' atmosphere and spends the rest of its time in its own private reality. She was born to Marcus and Amanita Rose (Geena Davis), who would later take up a career in the Exploration Corps, leaving their young daughter largely in her own little but capable hands. On one appearance of the planet, when Amy was six, shortly after the first defeat of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik(for he desired world domination in those days), Amy read in a newspaper about Sonic the Hedgehog's heroic efforts in single-handedly thwarting the attempted conquest. She fell in love.

The Little Planet appeared again the following year. A week after Amy's seventh birthday, the Little Planet was attacked and conquered by Dr. Eggman. Sonic, upon seeing that the planet was being covered in a metal shell, and had been chained to a mountain, arrived to battle Eggman again. Amy was kidnapped by Eggman's latest weapon, Metal Sonic, shortly after. Sonic would defeat Eggman's machines, Eggman himself, and Metal Sonic, thus liberating the Little Planet, and Amy. Amy thereafter lived on Mobius' surface, and spent much time dreaming about Sonic. Her life between her seventh and twelfth birthdays was largely uneventful, though she did encounter a tiny group of little fairies at the age of nine.

The year Amy turned twelve was crammed full of historical events. The return of the liquid creature named Chaos, the emergence of Shadow, Metal Sonic's uprising, the Black Arms crisis, the Solaris Paradox, and others.

The year after that was 2009, and the year that Earth and Mobius, "sister" planets and connected though this was largely unknown due to the limitations on communication and trade,which had until the development of the great warp gate been possible only through a much smaller gate with a 200-pound-at-a-time limit, between the two, had a much more practical shortcut forged between them by the Great Warp Gate. The Gate's other window was a shortcut to the Star Wars Galaxy, which had recently been resynchronized with the present by Chaos Control. Interesting speculation in regards to the video games, movies, and the real beings ensued. Amy was present for the Ultimate Chaos Control that healed not only the damage of the Yuuzhan Vong War, but damage from over half a century prior to it.(This restoration would later be discovered to have been assisted by the current Fairy of the Stars)

There was a year of peace between then and the New Clone Wars. During that year Lupin III and Clarice di'Cagliostro professed their love to each other and married, Maria Robotnik received a good chunk of her Jedi training, Amy and her friends Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat struck up a friendship with the Pokémon trainer Sabrina, MewTwo and the four MewThrees led campaigns against Pokémon poachers...But all too soon it was time for war.

Amy entered the opening battle of the New Clone Wars at the head of Skull Squadron.

Behind the scenes

Note from the author: I do not own Amy Rose. Amy and other preexisting characters are copyright their respective owners. I just made up this story for them.

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Physical appearance

Age: Over a quarter-century old (born September 16, 1993)

Height: 6 feet

Width: 2 meters

Body status: Thin

Shape: Hourglass

Skin: Light tan

Fur: Bald

Appearance: Same face as in Sonic & Amy: How About a Date by Teenage-Bratwurst

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