Among the Sleep (krown for Among the Sleep: The Movie) is an horror-adventure drama fantasy film it star Tom Kenny, Bella Sana, Danielle Panabaker and Jenny Karlo. based on the game

Among the Sleep filmposter


a birthday of a baby called Emily (Bella Sana) and her mother (Danielle Panabaker) a teddy bear (Tom Kenny) help her to find her mother. a monsters try to get rid of Emily to kill her mother forever


a baby have a birthday Emily (Bella Sana) and her mother (Danielle Panabaker) feed her a cake and get some gift for her and her father (Jenny Karlo). her mother not open. she will open the gift. and a darkness shadow are everywhere in the house. Emily scare. her mother not open the gift for her. and put in her bedroom and go away. Emily find a escape of this bedroom.

she finds a way out. Emily crawl out and escape. Emily fall the gift and open it. Teddy is not there. and Emily finding Teddy. Emily finds Teddy in a chest and play some hide and seek. and finding the toy and Emily finds it and she won. and Teddy told Emily go in closet and she told close the closet and Emily freaking out.

Teddy told Emily to hug her and she glowing light like a flashlight and she safe. and a closet dresser open. and go to the dresser. Teddy hear a sound-like monster she was thinking. her mother find her. because she will cry. and put her in bedroom. her mother take her sleep. Teddy get captured by a ghost and put her in a washing machine. and Emily wake up. and finding Teddy again. she find her Teddy Bear. and find her in a washing machine. and open it and it not. she open it and she will find her mother.

Emily in a gingerbread house and put some magic glass and open the gate. partly Teddy broken

Emily hear her mother crying in a kitchen. and she in a forest of darkness cave and Emily find a door of kitchen and open it. Emily hear her mother. and she finds her mother. and push her away and Emily head get fall by a knife and still crawling alive and she find a glowing door and she go and died. her father cry and fixed Teddy arm


  • Bella Sana as Emily the Baby
  • Tom Kenny as Teddy (voice)
  • Danielle Panabaekr as Emily Mother
  • Jenny Carlo as Emily Father



Not Rated for Sad Ending, Very Sad Violence and Bloody with Gore Contest

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