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Amityville is a 2019 American Supernatural, Psychological Horror film written by Trey Edward Schults and Greta Gerwig. Directed by Trey Edward Schults, Amityville is the 22nd overall instalment in the Amityville Horror franchise based on the real-life haunting case, documented popularly in the Jay Anson's book 'The Amityville Horror.'

It is the second Amityville film produced by Jason Blum and distributed by his production company Blumhouse Pictures, following Amityville: The Awakening (2017), which received a limited theatrical release and received poor critical and audience reception.

The project was conceived after creative differences in accordance to the making of Amityville: The Awakening, with Gerwig approaching the project motivated after her actress work in Ti West's acclaimed The House of the Devil (2009).

The project entered production by the end of the 2017, filming wrapping in mid 2018, premiering at the Sundance and Toronto International Film Festivals on March 5th, 2019 before securing a large theatrical release on May 24th, 2019, including some select IMAX theatres.

It is based on Hans Holzer's 1979 American novel Murder in Amityville and is the second film adaption of the novel after Amityville II: The Possession (1982).

It stars David Harbour, Sara Gilbert, Luke Benward, Isabela Moner, Elias Harger, Zach Sulzbach, William Fichtner, Ella Anderson and Helen Slater.


Ronald DeFeo and his wife Louise move to 112 Ocean Road, Amityville, Long Island, New York with their struggling 23 year old son Ronnie Jr, daughters Allison & Dawn and young sons John Matthew and Marc.

Upon arrival at the beautiful, colonial mansion home Ronnie becomes drawn to the basement, Louise to the kitchen, Dawn to an upstairs bedroom featuring strange arched windows.

A title card reads that through the next narrative is of the DeFeo's 28 day stay in their new home, which concluded on November 13th, 1974.

The first day and night, the family settles in well, while Ronnie still remains tense and at disagreement with his father over his dabbles in addiction and general alcoholism. A scattering shadow is noticed that afternoon in the kitchen by Louise as she is preparing dinner, but is completely dismissed.

Allison brushes away younger sister Dawn who wants to spend time with her, as Allison is focused on calling and remaining in contact with her New Jersey based friends, now focusing on her own age group and adolescence.

The realtor Jean Garlowe arrives at the property to hand over the final paperwork of the property to Ronald and Louise, though seems visibly uncomfortable, and impatiently trying to work through fast, as the house has wind banging unlocked doors and windows, while she herself catches glimpse of the same scattering shadow in the kitchen.

That night Ronnie in his set bedroom struggles to sleep, finding himself to be freezing and after being unsuccessful in adjusting the thermostat discovers warmth in the basement, setting up down there in a fold out couch. Dawn upstairs begins communicating with an unseen friend, John Matthew tries to half asleep make his way to the bathroom, becoming turned around into all manner of wrong rooms, before ultimately urinating in his pyjamas.

On the second day as Ronald begins work in town and Ronnie has slept most of the afternoon, and awakens sore in the basement, windows shatter from what seems to be excessive wind which alarms a gardening Louise. Louise calling Ronald and tending to the damages comes across Dawn in her room conversing with 'Jodie' her unseen friend.

Ronnie taking a walk down to the boathouse sees a bloody figure in Dawn's room.

Various figures from there come out of sight to all members of the family it appears: minus Ronnie and Dawn.

Ronnie becoming horrified night to night, and even in the morning to afternoon of the next few days by reappearing spirits: A blood eagle executed native american male, braced and beaten man, hulking and tumored man, water saturated man, hatchet in the head guy, halved woman, talking decapitated bloody male head and obliterated head man. Jodie also appears in visage as a large, mostly covered in the silhouette of darkness, demonic pig with glowing red eyes that regularly manifests outside Dawn's bedroom windows, and is also seen by Ronnie.

Ronnie's complaints from there of having the spirits of the house harass him and whisper him frantically to do horrible things in confession to local Priest Father Thomas Presley, leads to mandated appointments with psychiatrist Dr. Salvatore, who correlates his visions with schizophrenia and mounting stress and withdrawal.

John Matthew and Marc who are also light sleepers are awoken frequently by noises, that they cannot find the source of in those following nights. Allison invites over new junior high Amityville based friends for a sleepover, where they lock one in a prank in the basement, exactly what she sees beyond the back of Ronnie behind a broken wall is not clarified, but she flees the property followed by the other friends, landing Allison in trouble.

Behind the uncovered area in the basement is old bootlegging tunnels that pertain to cellars that contained abducted native americans.

Ronnie investigates into the history of the house and neglects his therapy, learning the possibility of an 18th century Reverand Jeremiah 'John' Ketcham being based in Amityville, and most possibly the plot of their address. He learns at the time it was believed he dabbled in occult practice and outlawed capital punishment practices.

Ronnie opts to leave the house, and unable to cope with his inability to convince his family, including Dawn or his mother to abandon Amityville, he checks into a nearby motel, and relapses into heavy alcohol consumption at a local bar. He experiences visions of his dead family while falling into his shower and returns to the house.

Stumbling about upstairs he sees at the end of the hallway Jodie the demonic pig, which mauls him.

He is found by the family as among the wreckage of upstairs furniture, seemingly cut up on glass.

Louise dissuades Ronald from contacting the police, and has Allison and Marc help escort him to the basement.

Now day 28, over the course of Ronnie's detox in the basement he is seemingly possessed by the whispering force of the horrific Reverend Ketcham's spirit, which is accompanied by his enslaved souls and the overlooking demonic pig of Jodie at the basement stairs.

Dawn senses something wrong that night as all windows appear to break before nightfall in the kitchen again, and doors by wind are released from their hinges.

That night a bloodshot eyed Ronnie arms himself with his father's gun and proceeds to kill all of his family while they are sleeping, his father and mother in together, Marc and John Matthew in their shared room, and then Allison and Dawn. He seemingly snaps out of his trance in the basement and then calls the police.

He fumbles through trying to initially convince authorities that intruders were responsible to the confession that the house made him do it, and he didn't know what had happened until after.

In 1979 couple George and Kathy acquire the property and meet with Ronnie's former lawyer William Weber, who tells them all the accounts of the house and how such stories could produce success, if they capitalised on it in the right way.

Jodie becomes visible to George as he begins gardening in the yard of the house.


  • David Harbour as Ronald DeFeo Sr.
  • Sara Gilbert as Louise DeFeo
  • Luke Benward as Ronnie 'Butch' DeFeo
  • Isabela Moner as Dawn DeFeo
  • Elias Harger as Marc DeFeo
  • Zach Sulzbach as John Matthew DeFeo
  • Ella Anderson as Allison DeFeo
  • William Fichtner as William Weber
  • Helen Slater as Jean Garlowe
  • Liya Kebede as Officer Nina Camp
  • Greta Gerwig as Dr. Meredith Salvatore
  • John Oliver as Officer Peter Meschell
  • Javier Botet as Reverend Jeremiah Ketcham
  • Ian Whyte as Jodie The Demonic Pig
  • Joseph Bishara as Brace/Pillory
  • Zahn McClarnon as Burning Figure
  • Doug Jones as Headshot
  • Derek Mears as The Man With The Hatchet In His Head
  • Michael Spears as Waterlogged Victim
  • Gil Birmingham as The Head
  • Adam Beach as Hulk
  • Rene Michelle Aranda as Halved Woman
  • Josh Brolin as George Lutz
  • Catherine Bell as Kathy Lutz


  1. You're Driving Me Crazy - Guy Lombardo
  2. Green-Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf
  3. The Love You Save - Jackson 5
  4. You're So Vain - Carly Simon
  5. Half-Breed - Cher
  6. Little Willy - Sweet
  7. The Laughing Policeman - Charles Polly / Penrose
  8. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree - Tony Orlando and Dawn