1 year after the events of american pie beta house


a year after the greek olympiad, Eric Stifler and Mike "Cooze" coozeman are still going to school at the college at the beta house.  Eric was setting up for the naked mile and him challenging his cousin dwight to for the shot slamming heavywieght championship, he knew taking on the iron liver was dangerous. After beating the undefeated iron liver for the championship they have the ilosterious beta games, yes the beta games with it being dwight stifler's last year of school at the college he will no longer be able to lead the beta house so they have these games to determine who will lead the beta house. the naked mile is now going on as well eric was put in charge of cooridinating the naked mile and the after party, and now new pledges are coming in as well matt stifler, ernie kaplowitz and james hi ping, Kouch was leading the pledges to complete the wall. Dwight is over seeing the beta games, the events consist of party throwing, art of binging and the iron man triathalon consisting of both of the events you must crash 6 parties across campus and binge drink at 80 shots at those parties before dawn. The Betas competing in these games are Eric, Mike , Bobby and Bull. After The night of drinking and various other interesting events they must retrace there steps to find out who will lead the beta house into the future. 

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