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American Virgin

Directed by

Alejandro González Iñárritu

Produced by

Evan Goldberg
Jonathan Levine
Steven T. Seagle

Screenplay by

Alejandro González Iñárritu

Story by

Steven T. Seagle

Based on

American Virgin by Steven T. Seagle


Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone
Jena Malone
Sam Worthington
Jake Short
Van Vicker
Simon Pegg
Diane Keaton
James Woods
Edward Norton


Emmanuel Lubezki

Edited by

Douglas Crise
Stephen Mirrione


Sony Pictures

Distributed by

Columbia Pictures

Release date(s)

October 16, 2015


United States




$16.5-18 million


American Virgin is a 2015 Black Comedy Drama directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and Written by Jonathan Levine. Based on Steven T. Seagle's 2006 Comic it follows The story follows the life of Adam, a teenager who is a born-again Christian preacher, as well as his struggle with issues of his sexuality and faith. Adam's near constant companion is a stepsister, Cyndi, who is sexually liberal

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Adam Chamberlain stands onstage before an assembly of fellow college students and delivers his message of God-inspired chastity. As leader of the National Youth Virginity Movement, Adam preaches sexual abstention to his peers, telling them to save themselves for the one that is meant for them, as God expects. Afterwards, Adam holds a book signing, where he autographs his best-selling book, Save Yourself to Save Yourself. He also signs a Virginity Pledge Card for each person who visits his table. The pledge card reads: “My countersign is witness to your pledge to God to keep your virginity until the sanctity of marriage. God bless and be with you.” 

Unfortunately for Adam, and his message, the only after-speech attendants are girls who are infatuated with him, as well as one homosexual male. Most of them write notes on the backs of their pledge cards telling Adam they love him, requests for quickie locker room sex, or hopes of his going gay. Later, Adam looks over his shoulder before taking a sneak peak at the cards. He is interrupted by Mamie and Earl. Mamie lathers Adam with praise for his speech. She says he has enough charisma and charm tochange the world. Earl begs Adam to be on his tv ministry show, The Chalice Channel, but Adam puts off the discussion to go call Cassie in Africa.

Cassie tries telling Adam she’s having a hard time with certain things in Africa, but Adam cuts her off, telling her he loves her as Mamie and Earl Approach him outside. At his next stop in Miami, Adam uses a bike and ramp to attract teens to his speech. He does a few runs on the ramp before attempting to present his younger brother Kyle as a good role model for his peer group. However, when Kyle doesn’t show, Adam goes backstage only to find Kyle smoking pot. Earl again asks Adam to appear on his show, but Adam again puts it off.

Later that week, Adam is walking down the street talking on his cell phone to Roland, an associate of Cassie. Cassie went to visit the villages to say her goodbyes before leaving next week. Roland assumes Cassie stayed the night at one of the villages and will return in the morning.As his call ends, Adam suddenly is abducted at gunpoint by two men in black ski masks. The men force Adam into a limo and take him to an unmarked building. Inside, they handcuff him to a chair and take off their masks. It’s Morgan and Levi, his half-cousins. They are tired of being held to Adam’s perfect standards and are attempting to make him lose his virginity for his bachelor party. Adam and Cassie are to be married when she returns home. A topless private dancer comes out and dances around a pole. She then gives Adam a lap dance, and he gets and erection. Adam goes into speech mode, telling the dancer he has someone special, and she uses her key to unlock his handcuffs.

Upset by these events, Adam find sanctuary with Cyndi, his half-sister who resides in a nice Miami condo. Cyndi is happy and surprised by Adam’s visit. She prods him that he only drops by when he’s in trouble. As it is, she’s the one in trouble. She’s packing her belongings and is trying to get as far away as she can by sundown. Suddenly, a tv new flash appears occurs. An African terror network called the Batu Balan have abducted and killed an American girl. The news reports that the terror cell posted a video on a website show the execution of the girl. She was beheaded. Adam and Cyndi recognize the girl. It’s Cassie. The tv news identifies the beheaded girl as 20-year-old Peace Corps work, Cassandra Cole. Adam cries hysterically and throws his own book at Cyndi’s television, which cracks the screen. Adam asks how God could do this to him and Cassie.

A car pulls up in front of Cyndi’s place and she begs Adam to get it together, as they have to make a break for it. The men come up the front sidewalk and fire at Cyndi and Adam inside the home. Cyndi and Adam barely escape out the back door and into Cyndi’s old Duster, which she has the keys to but can’t drive. She gives the keys to Adam, who pulls away from the two men as they shatter the rear windshield. However, Cyndi and Adam are unhurt. Adam and Cyndi retreat to Mamie’s house (the Chamberlain Mansion), which has had some sections added since Cyndi last visited. Inside, Adam and Cyndi find Kyle on the living room couch about to have sex with a girl. Adam launches into Kyle, telling him he signed a Virginity Pledge Card. Adam asks Kyle to retrieve his passport from Mamie’s desk, while he goes to his room to get some clothes. Adam’s room is adorned with pictures of himself, but none of Cassie or him with Cassie. Adam tells his brother that Cassie’s dead and to respect the girl he’s with while he still has time.

Adam and Cyndi make their way outside to leave, but a news camera crew is on the property. A reporter asks Adam if he will ever have be with a woman again, sexually, as he repeats Adam’s quote that God told him Cassie was the only woman for him. Adam punches the reporter in the face and Cyndi reprimands him for asking such questions right after his girlfriend was killed. The two leave in the old Duster, where Adam reveals he actually liked fighting. Cyndi explains that fighting is like having sex.At the Miami International Airport, Mamie and Earl catch up with Adam and Cyndi. Mamie berates Adam for leaving his life behind in Miami and calls Cyndi trailer trash. Adam leaves anyways, saying his life, without Cassie, is over.

On the plane, the passenger next to Adam asks him if Cyndi is single, as he finds her hot. He gets out of his seat to go to the bathroom, and asks Adam to tell the stewardess he’s there. He leaves a girl magazine for Adam to read. Cassie’s image appears in the magazine over the head of each girl shown inside. Her head encircled by a halo, Cassie tells Adam that she doesn’t need to be avenged, as she’s with God now. She doesn’t miss human love, not even his. When the plane lands, Adam tucks the girl magazine into his carry-on bag.

Outside the Pretoria airport in South Africa, Adam and Cyndi look for a guide to get them across the border to Mozambique. The local guides all decline their offers, as terror activity is on the rise in that area. One guide, however, is more than willing to help them out – for a price. The non-local tells them he can get them to Mabchaze, Mozambique using roads unsecured by the U.N. The trio reaches an agreement and goes on their way. In Mabchaze, Mozambique, Mel reveals he is from New Zealand and knows the roads so well because he’s been driving reporters to Mabchaze non-stop. Adam and Cyndi walk around the village. Adam is upset that Cassie sacrificed himself for such “heathen,” as all of the women walk around topless and the little boys masturbate publicly. Adam scolds the little boys, telling Cyndi it’s his job to confront sin. Cyndi replies that he’s not in the United States and that what the little boys are doing is perfectly natural.

Adam and Cyndi approach a small building that has many boxes stacked outside. Adam walks in to find medical examiners taking notes over a body that has no head.Adam runs from the hut in which he saw Cassie’s body. He vomits and continues his away from the village. Cyndi tries to stop him, but Mel tells her to let him go. Adam is lost and needs to find himself.Adam wanders into the next village and is mobbed by a group of young African boys that pull at his clothes, asking him what he has. He gives one of the boys a Save Yourself t-shirt and runs into a hut full of naked women. An older woman is about to initiate a rite of passage for the younger women in attendance. Adam is pushed out of the hut and is intercepted by a man, who tells him to go sleep in the bachelor’s hut.Inside, Adam meets a group of men, who are all naked, except for the kid who is now wearing his t-shirt. In return, the kid offers his bed to Adam to sleep in. Several men laugh while masturbating in the corner. Adam takes out the girly mag he took off the plane, asks Cassie to talk to him again, masturbates, and then falls asleep.

Adam returns to the Mabchaze village and reveals to Cyndi that he masturbated. It triggers an emotion, as the medics told him semen was found inside Cassie. Adam then meets Roland, whom he spoke on the phone with. Roland and Cassie shared a hut with a third girl, named Natalie. Adam wants Roland to give him all the details of Cassie’s last days, which he does in a nervous way. Mel steps outside to talk to one of the natives. He pulls the man aside, slams him into a wall, and demands to know what the man saw. Mel puts a knife to the man’s throat and gets a name and a location of the man who may have killed Cassie .Mel shares the news with Adam, but not the name or location. He entices Adam into taking things further, which of course will cost him. Despite Cyndi’s protests, Adam wants in. He wants to find and confront Cassie’s killer. Mel drives Adam and Cyndi across the African desert to Swaziland.

Mel tells Adam to fetch some more money from the local bank, while he goes to have a drink at the bar. He makes a pass at Cyndi, but she tells him to go suck himself. Mel says if he could, he’d never leave the house. Cyndi again asks Adam to reconsider this mission. What is he going to do when he meets Cassie’s killer? Kill him? Adam says no. He really doesn’t know what he’ll do when he meets the killer.Inside the bar, Mel is propositioned by a hooker to have sex in the bathroom. He says no several times until she drops her price to something he’ll pay. Outside, Adam and Cyndi witness the king speaking to his people. Because he is taking in a sixth wife, who is under the legal age of sex, he is loosening the laws. All of the women who wear umcwashos, or tassels, to signify their virginity may take them off. Adam protests that they should not give up their virginity. During the gathering, Adam spaces out and sees Cassie. She tells him everyone loses their tassles sometimes. Maybe he should to? Adam would not be committing adultery because Cassie is dead. He needn’t worry. The two lovers quote Bible versus, and Cassie points out that there is no commandment regarding virgins. Adam caresses Cassie’s hip, but the illusion fades and he is touching an African woman. She punches him and tells him that losing her tassle doesn’t mean she loses her virginity. She storms away upset.

Meanwhile, Mel is shagging the hooker in the bathroom stall, when two men begain talking at the urinal directly next to him. A young African named Selaf speaks to a white man, who says the leader is impressed with him and would like to meet him. The man tells Selaf to go to the Komati River Bridge and climb down a rope, where he’ll be collected by a boat and taken to the leader. Selaf is to let no one see him.Outside, Adam explains that he can’t get a wire transfer to get Mel his money. The two men that spoke in the bathroom pass by Adam and Cyndi as they exit the bar. Mel points out Selaf as the killer. Mel takes the pair to stake out the bridge, and gives Adam a knife. When Selaf climbs down the rope, Adam is to cut the rope sending Selaf to fall to his death. Instead, Adam climbs down the rope and hollars at Selaf for killing his girlfriend. Selaf says he didn’t kill her, but did hold her down.Selaf tells Adam two truths: Cassie’s head is in a bag hung from a tree in a Umdewa village, and that no one from the Batu Balan had sex with her. She was with a white man before leaving the village. They intercepted her afterwards.Selaf cuts the rope himself and falls to his death, when he hits a rock in the river. The men in the boat take off.Adam arrives back at the Pretoria airport in South Africa. He has the bag with Cassie’s head and hands it over to the authorities to be transported home. He sinks to his knees next to the crate containing Cassie’s body.

Back home in Miami, Adam is confronted by his parents. Though it’s the day of his fiance’s wedding, Mamie and Earl pressure him to attend the W.A.C.S. convention. The World Association of Christian Speakers conference is where Adam sets the calendar for his entire next year. If he misses the convention, he could lose the momentum he’s built. Mamie doesn’t want all of her hard work going down the drain.Meanwhile, Cyndi returns to her condo and finds her place ransacked. Unfortunately for her, the two men who shot at her and Adam show up, demanding a bag of cocaine be returned to their employer. Unfortunately for them, Mel is tagging along with Cyndi and takes out the men before they have a chance to fire their guns. Mel knows the men’s boss. He tells the men to tell Landivar that the debt’s been settled. Cyndi finds the bag and gives it to Mel to help pay for his services. Back at the Chamberlain Mansion, Morgan, Levi and Kyle are watching a porn tape in one of the side rooms, when Adam enters. Adam launches into them for watching porn just hours before his fiancé’s funeral. Turns out their watching porn from the 80’s, starring Morgan and Levi’s father Earl. Adam rips the tape out of the VCR and throws it in the swimming pool outside. The boys are upset as it was their only copy. Cassie’s funeral commences and everyone attends. The usual, clichéd speeches are given, and when it comes time for Adam to speak, he breaks down and falls apart. He tearfully and graphically tells the attendees how he wanted to have Cassie’s body wrapped around his member and how he wanted to ejaculate inside her and create a baby. He sees her spirit on top of the coffin and begins talking to it have having clothed sex with it. Mamie implores Earl to get Adam from away from the coffin. Earl takes Adam backstage, who is distraught and can barely stand from grief. Adam tells Earl he ejaculated while on the coffin. Earl hands him a monogramed handkerchief and let’s Adam clean himself. Adam then returns the handkerchief.At the burial, Adam strays away and Emma, a friend who is engaged to be married, comes onto him. It’s a moment spied by Kyle, who teases him. Later that night at the mansion, Adam lies faced down in the swimming pool, collecting his thoughts. An empty beer can hits him in the back of the head. He enters the rec house to look for Kyle, but instead finds Mel. Mel has a picture of the axe man in Cassie’s murder. He has a lead on him for one week in Melbourne, Australia.In the morning, Adam promises Mamie and Earl he’ll attend the W.A.C.S. conference. And he tells them God wants Cyndi with him. Coincidentally, the conference is being held in Melbourne. 

Adam and Cyndi sit enjoying the beaches on Melbourne, Australia. They are with Clauda and her brother the Deacon. The deacon and Cyndi bury Adam in the sand and build big sand breasts and pubic hair on top. The WACS convention will begin in a few hours, so Clauda tells Adam to get ready.Adam and the deacon share the shower to get ready and shave. A quick drive and Adam finds himself outside the Palais Theater. There, he meets Mr. Moon, his PR rep, who directs Adam on what and what not to say. Adam is a success at the conference, and sales of his abstinence program sell like hotcakes, which pleases Mr. Moon greatly, as he’ll make 20% of the profits.

During his speech, Adam asked the audience to have compassion for Alex Alexis, whom he met outside. He said no one had the right to judge Alex on his path to meet God. Alex was peeking inside and heard everything. He later approached Adam to thank him for sticking up for him, then leaves crying, touched by Adam’s kindness. Back at Clauda’s beach house, Mel returns with a leather S&M mask. He tells Adam that he must wear the mask in order to meet Cassie’s killer. Mel then pulls up a website which shows Cassie’s graphic and brutal execution.Mel says Adam needs to see what he’s up against. 


An Ad of Adam's Promotion of Abstinence is shown.

Adam sits crying on the steps of Clauda’s beach home. Clauda comes out, gives Adam a kiss and reminds him that he is alive and that it’s time to start acting like it. A little later inside, Cyndi dresses Adam in his S&M uniform, complete with tight yellow undies, fishnet stockings, a crotch rocket, leather chest straps, and a touch of mascara. Mel instructs Adam to be eye candy to attract Cassie’s killer, who is expected to be inside the gay club they’re attending. Mel says he is too known inside the club, but will send Cyndi and Clauda with Adam to keep an eye on him. Mel wants Adam to flush out the killer to some place quiet. They can’t kill him inside the club. Mel gives Adam a gun in case he needs it. The deacon arrives home and witnesses the event with a laugh. But he needs to get his rest after polo practice, and takes off to bed.

Meanwhile, Moon is on the phone with Mamie Chamberlain. She has been calling Adam’s room, but can’t get ahold of him. She wants Moon to find out what Adam is up to. He resumes watching his porn tape after hanging up the phone.Adam and Mel arrive outside Club Vortex, where Mel gives him the password to get inside: “Suck my c***.” After stumbling over the password with the bouncers several times, Adam gets it right and is let into the club.

A rave is going on and Cyndi finally has a chance to cut loose, engaging in a foam party with Clauda. They speak to Adam quickly then move away so that Adam can start attracting men. Adam spots Cassie’s killer (whom Mel calls “the chop”) and approaches him with vengeance in mind. But before Adam reaches the chop, Alex Alexis intercepts him and accuses Adam of being a hypocrite. Adam explains it’s not what he thinks, and asks Alex to dance. He needs to attract the chop’s attention. Meanwhile, Cyndi has hooked up with a girl across the dance floor. Adam and Alex watch Cyndi perform a deep kissing with the girl. But Alex recognizes the girl as a guy named Albert. Turns out he’s a crossdresser, too.Suddenly, Adam gets a tap on the shoulder. The chop has taken the bait. He asks Adam if he wants to party. 

The chop takes Adam down to the basement dungeon on a leash, where several male couples are having sex in slings in the dark. The chop kicks the other couples out of the dungeon so that he can have Adam alone.Cassie’s head appears over the heads of the men playing the passive roles. She tells Adam that she appeared to him here because this is where he is looking for her. He is confusing his desire for her with his actual memory of her. Cassie tells Adam he can find her where ever he decides to look. The chop cuts Adam’s cheek with a blade, telling him not to talk unless he’s told to. Cassie tells Adam to run if he doesn’t want this man to be his first. The man will hurt him. Cyndi calls Mel to let him know the chop has taken the bait, but that they aren’t headed outside; they’re headed to the basement instead. Mel says Adam will have to work it out for himself.The chop straps Adam to a pole and tries to enter him from behind. Adam resists, which the chop likes. Adam can’t hold back. He asks the chop why he killed Cassie. The chop recognizes Adam as the boyfriend from tv. He says God smiles on him, then sticks his tongue in Adam’s mouth. He then removes a blade from his waist and is about to kill Adam, when the police raid the building.

The chop leaves through a basement door, and tells Adam not to find him again. If Adam does, he will kill him before he f**** him. Adam comes up from the basement and is about to be arrested by the cops, when Alex hits the cop over the head with his purse and tells Adam to run. Adam runs out of a side door, only to be caught by a shutterbug, who takes his picture in his S&M outfit. The man elbows Adam in the chest then runs off.

Cyndi and Adam catch up with each other outside and run. Clauda is not too far behind them. She was caught by the police but gave him a handjob to be let go. The following day, Adam and Cyndi follow Clauda to the Gay Gaymes. The deacon is part of the men’s polo team for Australia. Cyndi is shocked to meet gay siblings. Adam is shocked that the deacon is gay. The deacon says he didn’t come onto Adam in the shower because he’s not interested in straight men. Moon appears and slaps Adam on the back with a newspaper. Moon shows Adam the front page of the Melbourne Spectator. The headline reads Gay For God above a picture of Adam coming out of the gay nightclub. This publicity will all but book Adam solid for next year. Moon is so happy, he tells Adam he could kiss him. 

Adam is devastated that his S&M outfit picture is plastered around the world. What a way to spend a birthday. Adam is so distracted that he gets hit in the head with by the polo ball. Cassie appears and tells Adam to come to her now, while he’s still pure. It’ll be harder to get to heaven after he’s sinned. Adam comes back reality to find Moon leaning over him, replacing Cassie.The deacon comes out of the water to attend to Adam’s bruise and cut in the locker room. Adam tells the deacon that he can’t accept his lifestyle, but asks if he’s square with God. The deacon says he is. He says it’s up to God to sort things out, not man. The hint seems to escape Adam. 

Back outside, Moon takes the newspaper away from Adam and tells him he’ll deal with things. He then walks off. Adam announces he doesn’t trust Moon. Clauda responds that Adam is finally making sense. She prods him a little, asking him to wonder how he just happened to me a hitman at an airport, get introduced to all of his friends, to help him find the killer (and thus earn some money). When Adam asks Clauda what she means, she says it’s just drunk talk. 

Adam prints a picture of the killer off the Internet and makes a few rounds to bars around Melbourne. He finally obtains the address of the killer. When he arrives, he finds Mel is already staking the place out. Adam confronts Mel on what Clauda told him. He wants to know how Mel knows so much about Batu Balan – and him. Mel says the African terror group was responsible for his girlfriend’s death when they exploded a bomb at the nightclub she danced at. As for Adam, Mel says it wasn’t that hard to Google him to find a picture. Mel says Adam is like any other man: if man’s girl gets killed, he’s coming to exact revenge. Mel says his leads on the Batu Balan were growing cold and Adam’s were getting warm. Adam is angry Mel tricked him into paying to find folks he was already looking for. Mel says he took the chop’s gun so he can make it look like suicide. Adam takes a 2 x 4 and clocks Mel in the head with it, rendering him unconscious. He takes the gun and makes his way into the chop’s apartment.

When the chop enters, Adam points the gun at him and tells him he spoiled his can Cassie’s holy union. The chop says maybe Adam didn’t hear the words of the true God. God told him to help kill the pagan west. Adam screams he is lying and puts the gun to his head. The chop says he won’t be killed by his own gun, as it has no bullets. He offers Adam the sword he almost used to kill him and then gets on his knees to be decapitated. The chop says he wants to go live in paradise at his hands. Adam hesitates and partially cuts the back of the chop’s neck. He elbows Adam in the stomach, telling him only an animal would make a man suffer in death. The chop takes the sword from Adam and is about to kill him when he is shot in the head from behind. Mel stands over them on the floor, and tells Adam he learned his lesson. Mel takes care of the body, then meets Adam and Cyndi at the Melbourne International Airport. Adam says he’ll wire Mel the money, but Mel suggests he’ll likely come by for it. Mel gives Cyndi a kiss on the lips and sees them off.On the plane, Cyndi wakes Adam up to tell him Happy Birthday. Due to the time zone changes, they get an extra day. One more thing, the plane’s front tired won’t come down, so the plane has to land in the ocean


  • Andrew Garfield as  Adam Chamberlain - The prodigal son, figurehead, and leader of the National Youth Virginity Movement, Adam is a 21-year-old college kid with a big heart and good intentions, doing his best to remain pure despite the almost constant and inescapable corruption surrounding him. He is almost finished his degree in theology at a college in Miami, and is the author of Save Yourself to Save Yourself, which is the core of a youth sexual abstention program sold on the religious speech circuit.
  • Emma Stone as Cassandra "Cassie" Coleman - Cassie is Adam's fiancé, the girl for whom he is saving himself. She has been gone for two years on a Peace Corps mission in Africa. A week before Cassie is to return home to Miami, she is kidnapped by an African terror group called the Batu Balan and beheaded. The execution is broadcast on the Internet. After her death, Cassie's spirit constantly appears to Adam, convincing him to live his life without her, to overcome the physical temptations that contradict his beliefs.
  • Jena Malone as Cyndi Chamberlain - Adam's half-sister is a talk-it-as-she-sees-it, red-headed mess of freckles and attitude. She's a left of center kinda girl, on the outskirts of society, but wiser for it. She's a fun-loving lesbian at heart. But that doesn't stop men from finding her attractive. She's a girl that just wants to have fun.
  • Sam Worthington as Mel - Mamie Chamberlain is Adam's strict-as-nails mother. She also is the sister of Wilton Chamberlain, a former Florida governor and presidential candidate who lost the race due to a sexual scandal. A rotund, pit-bull of a woman who constantly dresses in uni-color dress suits, Mamie is a religious zealot who rarely is without a scowl on her face. She talks big and her true agenda remains to be seen.
  • James Woods as Earling "Earl" Chamberlain - Mamie Chamberlain's new husband and sock puppet is just along for the ride. Despite looking like an old, broken-down Times Square Hustler and a snake slithered into a suit, Earl owns a tv ministry called The Chalice Channel. He wants nothing more than to have Adam on his show to help lift his sagging ratings. Earl isn't without his sordid past, either. When he was younger, he starred in porn flicks.
  • Diane Keaton as Mamie Chamberlain - Mamie Chamberlain is Adam's strict-as-nails mother. She also is the sister of Wilton Chamberlain, a former Florida governer and presidential candidate who lost the race due to a sexual scandal. A rotund, pitbull of a woman who constantly dresses in uni-color dress suits, Mamie is a religious zealot who rarely is without a scowl on her face. She talks big and her true agenda remains to be seen.
  • Gideon Emery as Brian
  • Nikolai Nikolaeff as Bill
  • Jake Short as Kyle Chamberlain - Adam's younger brother is also part of the National Youth Virginity Movement, though you'd never know it. He is completely unreliable, smokes pot and has casual sex, despite signing a virgin pledge card. He likes it when Adam gets in trouble instead of him. Kyle likely was the driver of the limo his cousins Morgan and Levi used to kidnap Adam in an attempt to make him lose his virginity.
  • Camilla Belle as Clauda- Clauda is the brother of the Deacon and the former lover of Mel. It was through Mel that Clauda was introduced to Adam and Cyndi. Clauda still loves Mel, but can't be with him because of the killer that he's become. She also recently had a girlfriend. Clauda has a minor crush on Adam, but an even bigger crush on Cyndi. She also has a bit of a drinking problem.
  • Simon Pegg as Deacon - Clauda's brother, who happens to be a gay deacon. He also is an Olympic swimmer, who participates in the Gay Gaymes on the Australian water polo team. Though Adam is critical of his lifestyle, the deacon never retaliates, and always handles their small encounters with grace.
  • Adhir Kalyan as Mr. Moon - Mr. Moon is Adam's tour manager and defunct PR agent, always manipulating the press to project Adam in a good light, or not so good light, depending upon how the exposure can benefit him. He remains in constant contact with Mamie Chamberlain to keep her abreast of Adam's whereabouts. Moon is another type of mercenary compared to Mel. He makes his money (20% of Adam's book and talk sales) without getting his hands dirty.
  • Ed Norton as Alex Alexis - Alex Alexis is a cross-dressing TV reporter for Melbourne's GLB-TV news. He asks Adam why a religious conference would be scheduled the same week as Melbourne Midsumma Gay Fest. Alex later bumps into Adam at a gay bar, while Adam is trying to lure Cassie's killer. When the bar is raided, Alex sacrifices himself to allow Adam to escape the police.
  • Van Vicker as Chop - This unnamed Egyptian man is the executioner for the Batu Balan terrorist group, and is Cassie's killer. His actions fuel Adam's revenge and provide the catalyst for Adam's world travel and explorations of sexuality and temptation.
  • Idris Elba as Selaf - An Member of Chops group and the man Adam chases and thinks is Cassie's killer.