American Vampire In London Sighting

Among the most famous photo evidence of the American vampire in London, taken from July 3rd, 1979.

The American vampire in London is a humanoid vampire cryptid that is said to live in London. These humanoids are said to come in two types, the slender males with gothic clothing (black outfits, top hats, black or red cloaks, dark brown/black loafers, and even black gloves) and females with either white or black dresses and a feather on each of the dress's shoulders. They all are said to have pale skin, black hair in males and blonde in females, red slitted predatory eyes (in some cases they glow in the dark), pointy elf-like ears, and either two or four long and sharp fangs, while males are said to have slightly spiky hair that reaches all the way down to the bottom of their ears, the females have hair that reaches all the way down to their necks. Their sightings were first reported somewhere around mid-1800s, just about a hundred years after vampire fears became rampant in Europe, and their sightings continue today. There have been around 500 cases of possible real American vampires in London every year, with around 25 possible vampire killings reported every year and half of them having been said to have turned into vampires. They have been given the "American" name after there were reports of nuns carrying the coffins presumably for vampires and bringing them from New Orleans to England. So far, it is difficult to find a logical explanation for these sightings as no modern person has killed and drank blood of living people just by biting them due to diseases, and there are no humans with reported supernatural abilities (including immortality, flight, etc), which this creature is said to have. If real, one of these may have been responsible for Spring-heeled Jack and/or Jack the Ripper sightings.
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