American Solemn is a 2005 Drama film written by Spike Jonze & Will Butler and directed by Spike Jonze starring George Clooney, Charlize Theoren, Max Thieriot, Paul Dano, Peter Sarsgaard, Stanley Tucci, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lily Collins

The film received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and nomination for best supporting actor: Stanley Tucci.

The film concerns a bisexual 15 year old boy, homosexual 17 year old boy, a beautiful but mysterious neighbour, murder and the affair between two parents which weaves together a string of interlinking intelligent stories packed with raw emotion and intensity.

The film is done much along the style of a Greg Araki film.


Bisexual 15 year old Pasadena boy Brent Waddley (Max Thieriot) is chained to a homosexual relationship with reclusive 17 year old homosexual Flinn Connors (Paul Dano).

His father (George Clooney) is the principal of his boyfriend and his' high school.

Rebellious bad boy Brent seems determined to do anything to upset his father and mother (Sarah Jessica Parker).

That is until the arrival of Lynn Davies (Lily Collins) a beautiful 15 year old girl who has moved in next door to him.

He strikes an obsession to the girl and begins to abandon his relationship with Flinn for the mysterious Lynn who also begins enrolment at their school.

His act starts to straighten up, his bad habits stop and as does his homosexuality and skipping school.

We then see as the Davies family strikes up residence next door to the Waddley's father Royce Waddley strikes up an affair with Davies Mother Elizabeth (Charlize Theoren) who is meant to be in a committed marriage with husband Lance Davies (Stanley Tucci).

Meanwhile to all this dumped homosexual outcast Flinn Connors strikes an obsession with killing Brent Waddley as revenge for leaving him and their free living lifestyle for the straight laced beautiful neighbour Lynn.

Lance Davies discovers the affair occurring between Royce and Elizabeth and attempts to beat Royce into a pulp.

He leaves Royce in critical condition at the hospital.

His son Brent who had been out of town on a small trip with Lynn returns upon hearing from his mother Jeanine what had happened.

Lance tells Jeanine about the affair and Jeanine upon Brent coming home with Lynn one Saturday afternoon violently attacks Elizabeth in the Waddley backyard.

Brent, Lynn and Lance break up the fight but Lance then tells Elizabeth he wants a divorce and that he wishes to take custody of their daughter Lynn and move back to Wyoming where they had originated from and to where Lynn had grew up with all the friends she had and had to leave behind.

Lynn attempts to tell her father that night that she doesn't wish to move and wishes to remain with boyfriend Brent as she believes he is in love with him but finds herself at a loss for words as he breaks down crying in the master bedroom of the house.

Brent offers Elizabeth to stay at his residence as mother Jeanine will be staying overnight at the hospital in the guest quarters waiting until she can see his dad Royce.

Elizabeth takes up the offer and sets up in the Master Bedroom.

That night Lance finishes packing up all his and Lynn's stuff and drives with her down the highway.

He stops however and tells her she needs to go back, that she shouldn't have to be ever dragged along for what she doesn't want and that he is jealous of the love she has found.

He tells her however that can't bring himself to personally drive back and drop her so she has approximately 2k's to run.

She thanks her dad and hugs and kisses him upon the head before sprinting out.

We come back to Brent who is heartbroken downstairs sitting on the central living room couch looking at all the photo's of him and Lynn.

In comes a figure in a ski-mask who attacks Brent and topples him out outside.

It begins to rain severely and the scene comes between the running Lynn and backyard battling Brent and the figure.

The figure eventually sits atop Brent and shoots him multiple times in the chest.

Elizabeth upstairs fails to hear any of this as she has fallen asleep with earphones listening to sad music.

We then see Lance Davies driving as the rain begins to pour down and quickly fight with his hand on the clutch and turning the vehicle around.

Lance comes to where Lynn is and picks her up and drives her with a warm blanket he wraps around her.

They come to the Waddley and Davies residences.

Lynn exits and runs into Brent's house whilest Lance walks on into their old house.

Lynn sees smashed doors and is then attacked by the figure in the ski-mask.

The ski-masked figure begins to yell at her it's all her fault trying to stab her with a kitchen knife.

Lynn knocks him backwards and comes upstairs to find her sleeping mother in the master bedroom.

She screams out mum as Lance in the opposite house sees them in the bedroom and attacking knife coming through the door, then graps a vase on the ground and pifts it across in through the master bedroom window which sounds on through the ear phones and Elizabeth awakens.

The killer breaks through the door and the knife comes down into Elizabeth's shoulder and crouched down Lynn kicks the figure in the leg knocking him backwards out into the hallway and spiralling him down the hallway stairs back into the living room.

The two come running down and he sprouts up launching at Lynn.

He drops his knife in doing so but then hoists his gun at her temple as Elizabeth seizes the knife and aims it at the figure.

The figure begins conversation with her saying it's all her fault, she ruined everything.

Elizabeth tries to calm him down and drops the knife asking him in return to drop the gun.

He begins to but then hoists it back to Lynn's temple and begins to fire.

Elizabeth's face looks up in shock and Lynn closes her eyes with tears trickling down.

Lance's ute then smashes on through the living room and collides into the figure pushing him up off Lynn and pushing the figure into a wall.

The figure is however only bleeding to death and Elizabeth runs the kitchen knife into his head.

Lance steps out and unmasks the figure who is revealed as Flinn Connors.

Elizabeth, Lance and Lynn the engage in a group hug.

Elizabeth and Lance then both say at the same time they would never let anything happen to their daughter.

Elizabeth and Lance upon finishing the sentence then look up at each other.

The following morning comes and ambulances and police come on in.

The Davies emerge and Lynn rushes to Brent's body kissing him goodbye crying.

The film ends with Jeanine Waddley at the hospital being informed by police of what's happened and panicking and crying deciding wether to tell Royce.

The ending scene comes between that of all three Davies driving away in the ute which they take from a Police Tow Truck (Two officers begin to rush to sound the sirens but one stops them) and Royce Waddley's face as a tear comes down and he looks above to the ceiling.


  1. Shimmer- Fuel
  2. Wonderwall- Oasis
  3. Creep- Radiohead
  4. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman
  5. Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin
  6. Drive- Incubus
  7. Ain't No Sunshine- Bill Withers
  8. Something In The Way- Nirvana
  9. Yellow- Coldplay
  10. You're Gonna Go Far Kid- Offspring
  11. Don't Look Back In Anger- Oasis
  12. Stop Crying Your Heart Out- Oasis
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