Michael Stonebridge
Full Name Michael Phillip Stonebridge
Place of Birth Oceanside, California
Relatives Andrew Stonebridge (father, deceased), Elaine Stonebridge (mother, deceased), Kerry Stonebridge (wife)
Affiliations Defense Intelligence Agency, United States Marine Corps
Rank Gunnery Sergeant
Hair Light-Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 6'3 ft.
Weight 205 lbs.
Skill Marine Corps Martial Arts

Michael Phillip Stonebridge was born in Oceanside, California. Stonebridge's father was a Force Reconnaissance Marine killed during a covert mission. His mother abandoned him two years later. Stonebridge was eventually placed in a foster home in San Diego, California. He had a difficult childhood, feeling out of place with his foster family, the Redmonds. Shortly after Stonebridge graduated from high school, he married his girlfriend, Kerry Edwards. Soon afterwards, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

After recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Stonebridge went on to the Marine Rifleman Course at the School of Infantry at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Afterwards, he was assigned to a rifle platoon in 2nd Battalion 7th Marines at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms. Stonebridge eventually became a fire team leader. Soon after, he attended the Basic Reconnaissance Course and was subsequently assigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. Shortly afterwards, Stonebridge attended the Marine Corps Combatant Diver Course and then the Basic Airborne Course at the U.S. Army Airborne School.

He later went through Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training. Stonebridge eventually rose to the position of an assistant reconnaissance team leader. Sometime later, he was assigned to an amphibious reconnaissance platoon attached to a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Having honed his skills as a Recon Marine, Stonebridge applied to join the Marine Raider Regiment. Upon successful completion of the Assessment and Selection Course and then the Individual Training Course, he was assigned to the 1st Marine Raider Battalion. With exceptional field discipline, Stonebridge consistently showed himself to be a clear-thinking and reliable Marine Raider.

A little while after he received a meritorious promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, his exemplary work as an element leader during counterinsurgency operations caught the attention of a high-level official with the Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Army Colonel Eleanor Grant. After reviewing his records, she believed Stonebridge would be perfect for a newly-established and highly unconventional anti-terrorist unit within the DIA. In short order, he was offered a position in an elite military black ops organization called Section 20.

So top-secret that it officially doesn't exist, Section 20 is a high-tech tactical operations team that focuses on high-risk, top-priority targets. Directed to attack terrorist threats where they originate, it functions as a highly sophisticated mobile intelligence unit with the capability to move from country to country anywhere in the world, sometimes covertly, sometimes with the agreement of the local government. All of its work is unofficial and "off the books." That allows its small group of operatives to operate independent of the U.S. national security apparatus and therefore disregard various laws and international treaties.

Commanded by Colonel Grant, the missions tasked to Section 20 are deniable covert and clandestine operations that would be completely disavowed by the U.S. government if ever made public. They include targeted killings, false-flag actions, enforced disappearances, clandestine insertion and extraction of operatives, and providing secret military assistance to foreign governments in their counterterrorism efforts.

With his wife's full support, Stonebridge accepted the offer and joined Section 20. He serves as its chief field operative. Although official records accurately state that he is posted to the Defense Intelligence Agency and assigned to a classified military intelligence program, the details of the job are not mentioned and Stonebridge leads people to believe that he's simply involved in security management functions for sensitive compartmented information. In his capacity as a Section 20 field operative, he engages in covert military direct action and special reconnaissance operations, as well as unilateral espionage operations in which he assumes a false identity and goes deep undercover in order to identify targeted terrorists, track them to a specific location and capture or kill them as necessary.

An experienced professional special operations Marine, he brings strategic clout to Section 20. As a premier counterterrorism operative, Gunnery Sergeant Michael Stonebridge has helped save the United States from devastating terrorist attacks on numerous occasions.


  • A British version of this character appeared on the UK-US television series Strike Back.
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