American McCeal is a 2017 family comedy film directed by Gil Junger.


A dysfunctional family goes on their true adventure with various dire results such as facing the shallow, rich and socially successful Lia Sioux, being forced to have a beauty contest, and many other crazy moments on what happened in the modern world.



  • Christina Ricci as Monica McCeal, the mother of the family
  • TBA as Joseph McCeal, the father of the family
  • TBA as Ryan McCeal
  • TBA as Dolores McCeal
  • Lauren Taylor as Phoebe McCeal
  • TBA as Lincoln McCeal
  • TBA as Elizabeth McCeal
  • Kira McLean as Diane McCeal
  • Catherine Chan as Aurora Wong
  • Taylor Ann Thompson as Lauren Horowitz
  • TBA as Ava Morgan
  • Cristina Pucelli as Chloe Cunningham



  1. "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony
  2. "Dressed in Black" by Sia
  3. "Linger" by The Cranberries
  4. "The Place Where I Feel The Most Like Me" by Meg & Dia
  5. "Get Low" by DJ Snake and Dillon Francis
  6. "People Are Strange" by The Doors
  7. "Mint Car" by the Cure
  8. "Not That Kinda Girl" by JoJo
  9. "Back From The Dead" by Skylar Grey ft. Big Sean, Travis Barker


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