American Horror Story: Hollywood Cult
Genre Horror


Supernatural Drama

Created by Ryan Murphy

Brad Falchuk

Starring Adina Porter

Kathy Bates

Sarah Paulson

Evan Peters

Denis O'Hare

Cheyenne Jackson

Lily Rabe

Norman Reedus

Julianne Moore

Frances Conroy

Angela Bassett

Opening Theme American Horror Story Theme
Location Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Country Of Origin United States of America
Number Of Episodes 10
Running Time 42 - 63 minutes
Original Channel: FX
Original Air Date September 12th 2018 - November 14th 2018
Produced by Ryan Murphy

Brad Falchuk

Directed by Various
American Horror Story: Hollywood Cult is the eighth season of the FX horror drama American Horror Story.

It revolves around a cannibalistic cult in the heart of California and the inhabitants, both willing and unwilling. The majority of the cast return from previous seasons, with the new addition of acclaimed actress Julianne Moore and the upgrade of Darren Criss to a regular for the first time.


American Horror Story was renewed for its eighth season in January 2017. It was slated to premiere in Fall 2018.

Ryan Murphy announced the theme of 'Hollywood Cult' and confirmed it'd take place in the late 50s/early 60s as well as glimmers of the present. Adina Porter, who'd been a regular on the previous season, Suburbia, was the first actress confirmed returning.

Kathy Bates confirmed her return for an eighth season at a fan event in January 2018, she also revealed she'd be joined by AHS veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Ryan Murphy confirmed the full cast list on March 27th 2018, the reveal concluded that Lady Gaga would return for a fourth season, once again as a special guest star for a limited amount of episodes and the additions of Darren Criss and Julianne Moore to the regular cast were also announced.

Shooting began on June 6th in Los Angeles, California and took a brief hiatus on July 16th for the cast to spend time promoting the season at San Diego Comic Con. Production resumed a week later on July 23rd and concluded on October 17th.




Adina Porter as Morgan Vincent, a stage actress and cocaine addict who moves from New York to Los Angeles in pursuit of a screen role. (Modern timeline)

Kathy Bates as Margaret Collins, a washed up actress who drew critical acclaim from her roles as film heroins in the 1960s who later lost her mind, despite recovering from her mental outbursts decades previously, being the sole survivor of the a film's cast and crew has a lot of suspicion hanging over her head. (Modern timeline)

Sarah Paulson as Gina Simpson, a glamorous Hollywood actress who falls into the wrong social group and begins to question her morals. (Period timeline)

Sarah also portrays Lana Winters in a guest capacity

Evan Peters as Charlie Young, a psychopathic cannibal cult leader who entices women into joining his religion by posing as a Hollywood agent. (Period timeline)

Denis O'Hare as Don Falahee, an LAPD detective who's suspicions of Young grow immensely when he recruits Don's daughter to his 'agency'. (Period timeline)

Finn Wittrock as Grant Falahee, Don's grandson and an investigative journalist who draws inspiration from the acclaimed Lana Winters and decides to expose the Charlie Young cult to the world after what it did to his aunt over 50 years ago. (Modern timeline)

Lily Rabe as Farrah Falahee, a singer and Don's daughter, she's recruited to the cult alongside Gloria, her bitter rival. (Period timeline)

Norman Reedus as The Crunch, Charlie's right hand man and a trained butcher, he specialises in Human flesh. (Period timeline)

Julianne Moore as Minnie Falahee, Grant's mother and a secret witch, she senses Scathach's return and alerts a coven in New Orleans. (Modern timeline)

Frances Conroy as Julia Danes, an acclaimed actress of great renown. She recently gained a new generation of fans after her guest spot on My Roanoke Nightmare as Mama Polk. She considers Margaret a close friend, but is also weary of her outbursts. She also claims to have prevented the murder of several girls at the hands of Charlie Young. (Modern timeline)

Angela Bassett as Granger Tucket, a chain-smoking newspaper reporter with a dark past and an even darker future. (Period and Modern timeline)


Lady Gaga as Elizabeth 'The Countess' Johnson. (Period timeline)

Chloe Grace Moretz as Delilah Montegomery, an actress with bad habits. (Period timeline)

Leslie Jordan as Max Francis, a socialite and loudmouth who's behaviour literally lands him in hot water. (Modern timeline) (Parallels Cheyenne's character in the period timeline)

Cheyenne Jackson as Horace Wilkes, a socialite and loudmouth who's behaviour literally lands him in hot water. (Period timeline) (Parallels Leslie's character in the period timeline)

Susan Sarandon as Doris Whitfield, a dance choreographer from New York who arrives in Los Angeles to train Morgan for an upcoming role. (Modern timeline)

Naomi Grossman as Jaynie, Elsa Mars' assistant. (Period timeline)

Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, a beloved variety show host. (Period timeline)

Erika Ervin as Lorna Wells, Elsa Mars' ruthless stylist. (Period timeline)

Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake, a restless spirit who roams the earth on Halloween. (Period and Modern timeline)


Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 The Exposé to Die For Lana Winters' newest protege Grant Falahee takes it upon himself to form his own exposé, in the form of the revival of a cannibalistic cult run by who he believes in a copycat of the great Charlie Young and recruits the help of Lana's former colleague, Granger Tucket to help him out. 50 years earlier, Grant's aunt, the actress Farrah Falahee is in the midst of a bitter feud with Gina Simpson, however when they get caught up in a mysterious cult, they must work together to stay alive and hope that Farrah's uncle, renowned LAPD detective Don Falahee can save them. September 12th 2018


  • Third season set in Los Angeles
  • Second season to feature Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars
  • First season to feature Jessica Lange in a recurring capacity
  • Third season to feature Naomi Grossman in a recurring capacity, first season for her to play a character other than Pepper.
  • Although the previous season was left on a cliffhanger, and season 8 set up to be a Murder House/Coven crossover season, Ryan Murphy decided to tell an original story to bridge the gap between season 1, 3, 7 and 9.
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