American Events is a 2014 film based on a true story of 9/11/2001, starring


The true story of how 9/11/2001 change American's life forever.


The movie open with President George W Bush (Russell Crowe)'s speech at the night of 9/11 to everbody, how tell where people's life are lost and 9/11 hit American.

The opening credits show the news of 9/11. The story goes back in time in the morning before 9/11,


  • Russell Crowe as President George W Bush
  • Donnie Wahlberg as John McLoughlin
  • TBA as Brian Clark
  • TBA as Will Jimeno
  • TBA as Joseph Angelini Jr
  • TBA as Stanley Praimnath
  • TBA as Ziad Jarrah
  • TBA as Maria Abad
  • TBA as Todd Beamer
  • TBA as Tom Burnetta
  • TBA as Mark Bingham
  • TBA as Michelle Bratton
  • TBA as Saeed al-Ghamdi
  • TBA as First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr.
  • Martin Sheen as Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • TBA as Jeremy Glick
  • TBA as Christy Addamo
  • TBA as Ahmed al-Haznawi
  • TBA as Ahmed al-Nami
  • TBA as Diane Urban
  • TBA as Lauren Grandcolas
  • TBA as Nancy Bueche
  • TBA as Melodie Homer/LeRoy's wife
  • TBA as Laurel Homer/LeRoy and Melodie's daughter



It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox

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