The flim starts off with Tracy Jim and Michelle's second kid and she is at a restaurant and she see's her bestfriend Emily who is Stiffler and Finch's mom daughter.Emily see's her boyfriend Noah who is Kevin and Vicky's son and she see's him a little to close with a man and she confronts him and throws glass and braks a plate over his head and Michelle says to Jim she's just like Stiffler.

At home Nadia is Tracy's godmother and her boyfriend Shermn lives with Jim and Michelle.Tracy goes to Emily's house and Noah comes to the house and Stiffler answes and cusses him out.

When Kevin and Vicky found out they get mad but then said they weren't going to say anything.That night Jim and the guys go to the airport to pick up Finch,Selena and there daughter Ashley.Stiffler embrasses him and Finch doesn't get mad he just laughs and smiels.

Kevin visits his old highschool and finds the book of love and steals it and when Noah goes into his room he finds the book on the bed.

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