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Amanda Megan Whitman (née Sullivan) is a recurring character of TV series The Sullivans.


Born in Hingham, Massachusetts in June 1983, Amanda was the oldest child of three children of Ryan Sullivan, a retired criminal court judge and Rachel Sullivan, who died of cancer four years before the start of the series. Her younger brother Drake is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine and now Denver Police Detective in the Family Justice Unit. Her younger sister Lydia is a Chicago Police Dispatcher.

Amanda was a prolific defense lawyer. She married Nathan Whitman, an entrepreneur who owns strip mall and several other business. They had two sons, Lucas and Wesley. When Drake was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Sharon Carlyle, Amanda represented him on trial. Upon learning from rookie ADA Katherine Ashford, who was second chair to ambitious EADA Milo Stetler, that Stetler deliberately suppressed video evidence that would have exonerated her brother, she visited Drake about it and learns that he met Katherine in the bar with Sharon the night of the murder. Thanks to Katherine and others, Amanda proved her brother's innocence when the actual murderer was one of Drake's old friends, Henry Addison, who was a jealous ex-boyfriend of Sharon and that Henry's father, then-Senator Louis Addison, conspired with Stetler to ensure Drake's wrongful conviction in order to bury his son's involvement. Amanda was one of people to testify against Stetler at his disbarment hearing.


Six years before the start of the series, Amanda was on her way to becoming a judge like her father. While driving some friends home from a bar one night, she called Ryan that night telling that she is about to become a judge. Not long after the call, a drunk driver crashed into her car, killing Amanda, two of her friends and one of his own passengers. Amanda's death devastated the entire Sullivan family.