Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson Parchment Trenny's biological daughter of Lawrence. Actress and Writer; Former Porngraphic Actress, Comedian.

from being sexy her more sexy.


  • Untitled South of Codes (film) (???) as Nina Walton (mentioned) Angie's daughter and L.J's lover. (Producer)
  • Untitled Boat in Gut (¿¿¿/???) - (producer/story by)
  • Untitled Five Seasons (???) As, Dr. Patrica Farmer\Kimmy Robins\Yoly Farmer (rumored)/(producer)
  • Untitled Godfather (reboot film) as Vito's daughter/Gladys Carano (rumored/producer)..,,, Vito's adopted daughter.
  • Untitled Blood of Sexy (???) Karen Swaby (rumored)..,,, Davis's ex-wife and niece.,
  • Untitled Death of Linked (Film) (2017) as Debbie Carter (picture only)..,,, Robert's photo meets his niece. And Robert's niece.
  • Untitled Deadly Bye (???) as Cameron (rumored)..,,,
  • Godfather Part VI (???) as Gladys Carano (rumored)..,, Vito's adopted daughter.
  • Red Speed (2019 film) (2019) as Katia Breese, Lance's ex-girlfriend.
  • Untitled Resident Evil Prequel (???) as, Tera Neil (rumored)

TV Series

  • The Look (TV Series) as Chloe Benson (episodes-27)..,,, Kevin's adopted daughter.
  • Untitled 100th Wishes (???) as Jeanne Bradley Deacon's foster daughter. (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Ben 10 Reboot (???) as Gwen..,,
  • Untitled Fire Guns (???) as Jean Brody (rumored).


  • Untitled Black Outs (??) as Shaniel Carver (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Convince (???) as Bennie Barrows (rumored)..,, Will's daughter and Phil's half sister.
  • Death from Dead (TV Series) as Clarissa Cassidy-Foster (rumor) Matt's Cousin, Best Friend.
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