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Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Fashion Victims is a crime anime film created and directed by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Janice Karman. However, the original release date was unknown.


The Seville house was destroyed and attacked by an unknown assailants. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes manage to kill them one by one having the Seville house damaged. Under interrogation, Kim Possible's arch-rival named Bonnie Rockwaller (Kirsten Storms) reveals the identity of the one who sent her was Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat (Frank Welker). The assailants vanished into a cloud of dark green mists and the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, along with Odious (Gregg Berger) heads to Zurich, Switzerland to search for its master.

Upon arriving in Zurich, after overcoming the language barrier, Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler) kisses a white Swiss girl and learns how to speak Swiss French, much to Jeanette's shock and dismay. The Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes meet Zurich's own supernatural defense force - the Zurich Troopers led by Camille Leon (Ashley Tisdale). She shows the Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes around the Swiss Troopers headquarters, and when Jeanette (Anna Faris) questions her on Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat, Camille claims that Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat is nothing more than a Swiss folklore. Left with no villains to pursue and fight, The Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes can do nothing else to enjoy Zurich as a tourists.

Everybody else goes off to separate parts of Zurich to do their own thing: Theodore (Jesse McCartney) and Odious follows a cute girls around and eventually lured to a karaoke bar, Eleanor (Amy Poehler) and Alvin (Justin Long) goes to a bake house, and Brittany (Christina Applegate) searches for an English-language book stores and then later, she found something that may know about Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat.

Meanwhile, Jeanette and Simon explore Zurich, from boating through the cherry blossom trees. They later sits on top of a Zurich skylines. Simon talks to Jeanette about the kiss he had with the white Swiss girl from before, which Jeanette brings up about how he met her for the first time in French class, but Simon has learned that the cities means "more". Jeanette and Simon has finally expressed their true feelings for each other while also explaining that nothing could ever get in the way of their friendship. They are about to share their first true kiss together, when suddenly Jeanette starts to focus on Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat again and tells Simon that they are superheroes and they can't be anything more. Simon is upset/angry and flies away in tears in his eyes.

Jeanette decided to investigate alone and is attacked once more by Bonnie Rockwaller and the two gets into a very brutal fight, which ends Jeanette pummeling the female ninja assassin. When Bonnie Rockwaller doesn't rise, the crowds watching and believes that Jeanette has slaughtered her in a merciless way. Camille Leon arrests Jeanette, despite of her innocence.

Theodore, Eleanor, Odious, and Alvin are now being chased by a bunch of fan girls from the karaoke bar and the bake house owner from the bakery. Meanwhile, Simom is alone all by himself, where he watches a pair of adult Siberian Huskies inside of the pet shop kissing each other, suddenly, a little boy comes up to him and asked if anything is wrong. Simon tells the boy that everything is fine, but as he starts to leave, Simon follows him, where he explains his problem with Jeanette and admits that ever since that he met her for the first time in the French class, he had feelings for her. Simon, however, now starts to believe that maybe it was foolish to think that Jeanette has a feelings for him and now starts to believe that there has not been anything more between. The girl, however, gives Simon a bright smile, which makes her finally see that Jeanette does have a feelings for him and realizes that there has always been something more special between him and Jeanette.

The mayor of Zurich announces Jeanette's arrest and orders that the five chipmunks, including Odious must either turn themselves in or leave Zurich at once. Simon calls the four chipmunks and Odious about Jeanette's arrest. As they about to regroup, Garfield sends out his minions to destroy the five chipmunks and Odious.

Jeanette is transferred, when during the ride a slip of paper bearing the name "Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat" flits into the armored car and explodes. Now on the run, co-opts the identity of a Zurich mugger to collect an information that Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat is in fact real, she is found by the Zurich troopers which leads to a car chase, Jeanette is surrounded front to the back and is about to be arrested when Simon comes to her rescue. Simon takes Jeanette to a secret hideout where he explains the situation, as he is about to leave, Jeanette stops her and they both try and kiss again when suddenly Theodore, Odious, and the others barge in on them, who have come back safely.

Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat, as Brittany relates from the book she found, was a greedy orange tabby cat who dreamed of bringing his beloved sweet food sketches to life using dark magic. The spell turned against him and he was transformed into a were-cat-like creature that he could use to bring any sweet foods he could imagine to life, thus becoming Zurich's first super villain named Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat, until he suddenly vanished. With this new information and avoiding the Zurich troopers, Jeanette has no trouble deducing Garfield's hideout, who is actually revealed to be the Japanese manga publishing factory. Breaking in, the Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes discovered a withered form of Garfield the Orange Tabby Were-Cat, trap wired into a cursed printing press that presses his powers to create the enemies/rivals that the Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes have faced. He reveals that he had send the first female ninja named Shego (Nicole Sullivan) to the Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes to lure them to Zurich in order to stop the one has enslaved him, who turns out to be Camille Leon herself, who has used Garfield's power to create both her Zurich troopers and the monsters that they captured in order to gain a reputation as a hero.

A massive battle ensues, culminating in Jeanette facing Camille Leon. With no options of escape left, Camille Leon hurls herself from the catwalk, into the red ink reservoir of the press, taking control of Garfield's magic and transforming herself into a giant hulking mass of red ink and machinery, with Garfield at the center, and creates multiple versions of her previous creations. As the five chipmunks, including Odious battle the creatures Camille Leon hurls at them, Jeanette frees Garfield. As the weakened orange tabby were-cat peacefully fades away in her arms into the after life, his power vanish and Camille Leon is left exposed, defeated, and arrested by the Swiss police forces.

With the battle concluded, Jeanette tries to explain her true and strong romantic feelings for Simon, but getting the message, he silenced her by telling her to stop talking. The two romantically share their first proper kiss as the other four chipmunks, including Odious look on, with Eleanor stating, "Well, it's about time", revealing that they all knew they were going to get together one day.

Later on, with Jeanette's name cleared, the Chipmunks, Odious, and the Chipettes are awarded medals of honor by the mayor for their actions of unlocking the truth, and the inhabitants of Zurich welcome their new heroes. Jeanette and Simon are seen as a romantic couple, Eleanor earns the "all you can eat", Theodore, Alvin, and Odious had become popular among the girls from the karaoke bar, and Brittany have been made a mascot for Swiss cheeses. Jeanette remarks that heroes could use a vacation once in a while and Theodore then declares that he wants to go to Sweden next year, prompting Odious and Eleanor to slaps him by the shoulders, thus ending the film.

Voice cast

  • Justin Long as Alvin Seville
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as Simon Seville
  • Jesse McCartney as Theodore "Theo" Seville
  • Gregg Berger as Odious
  • Christina Applegate as Brittany Miller
  • Anna Faris as Jeanette "Jean" Miller
  • Amy Poehler as Eleanor "Elle" Miller
  • Ashley Tisdale as Camille Leon
  • Frank Welker as Garfield
  • Kirsten Storms as Bonnie Rockwaller
  • Nicole Sullivan as Shego
  • Patrick Warburton as Bake House Owner
  • Brad Garrett as Swiss Biker
  • John DiMaggio as Swiss Bartender
  • Tom Kane as Swiss Mayor
  • Will Friedle as Book Store Owner


  • Jeanette Miller: Since you're new in town, we're going to make this very, very simple.
  • Simon Seville: Stop now!
  • Eleanor Miller: He's right, Jeanette. These people don't like it when you tries to knock down their stuffs.
  • Brittany Miller: (disgustedly) Tourist.
  • Simon Seville: (after Theodore tries to enter the comic book store, but runs into the glass door while Simon points to the French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin signs) Theodore, the signs says, "Closed".
  • Jeanette Miller: Simon, why did you just kiss that Swiss girl?
  • Simon Seville: Oh, Alvin, Brittany, and I used to take French class back in high school.
  • Eleanor Miller: So, you guys speak French now?
  • Alvin, Simon, and Brittany: Yes!
  • Eleanor Miller: Well, that's great! (Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Odious, Brittany, and Eleanor walks off, leaving Jeanette behind)
  • Jeanette Miller: (sulky) Yeah, great...
  • Camille Leon: (as Jeanette closes in, an evil laughter was heard on the background) Give it up, my friend. You cannot win.
  • Jeanette Miller: Absolutely not.
  • Camille Leon: You can knock me down all you like. Destroy me, if you wish. It doesn't change a thing! When this is over, everybody out there will still think you're a criminal, and the people of Zurich will still call me a hero!
  • Jeanette Miller: I know what it means to be a hero, my friend; and trust me, lady, you are no hero. You're a villain!
  • Jeanette Miller: A hero is what I am, and if you don't like it...
  • Simon Seville: Jeanette, I like it more than you will ever know. (Simon runs off, crying)
  • Simon Seville: (to Jeanette) You are not the only one who has been pursued. We each were attacked, and barely escaped with our lives. (he pushed forward Jeanette's light purple leather jacket and glasses) But we believe this place will be safe, for the moment.
  • Jeanette Miller: Thanks.
  • Simon Seville: (he smiles and then turns to leave) I will give you time to...
  • Jeanette Miller: (takes his arm in her hand) Simon?
  • (they lean in to kiss, but Alvin, Theodore, Brittany, Eleanor, and Odious burst into the room)
  • Theodore Seville: What the hell?!
  • Brittany Miller: Are you ever glad to see us?
  • Jeanette Miller: I am?
  • Jeanette Miller: Simon, I think I was wrong before.
  • Simon Seville: You do?
  • Jeanette Miller: Maybe...a hero isn't all that I am. Maybe I could be...maybe we could be...
  • Simon Seville: Jeanette?
  • Jeanette Miller: Simon?
  • Simon Seville: (pauses, and then smiles) Stop talking. (they kiss)
  • Alvin Seville: Well, it's about time! (the six chipmunks, including Odious are standing in front of a a large crowd of white Swiss after saving the city)
  • Brittany Miller: So, I guess you're not a wanted girl anymore, huh?
  • (cut to Jeanette and Simon's interlocked hands)
  • Jeanette Miller: I wouldn't say that.
  • Simon Seville: So, Eleanor. Did you also make some new friends while exploring Zurich?
  • Eleanor Miller: Actually, no; but I somehow wound up as a mascot for Swiss cheese.
  • Theodore Seville: Okay, next time, we're going to Sweden! (gets slapped on the shoulders by Odious and Eleanor)