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Alternate People Forest of the Dead continues where Alternate People New Sun left off.Ross and Rachel are in the forest of the dead where an war between the vampires and werewolves are taking place while Phoebe learns about the chamber of the cobra.


Ross and Rachel see the new sun up in the sky and then they see vampires coming out from the sea.The werewolves start attacking them and Noel tells them to run and hide in the Forest of the dead while his sister,Zoey,Will look after them.They and Zoey run to the forest.

Joey and Chandler then find Phoebe and Penelope.An fight begins and Penelope throws herself along with Joey into the lava.However,Penelope holds onto the ledge and Joey manages to climb up.Phoebe runs away and is strangled by Chandler.Penelope comes up and she stabs Chandler in the heart.

Chandler is still alive but is stuck to the ground and the other two run off while Joey trys to get Chandler back up.Ross and Rachel then discover about the chamber of the cobra,That it is an myth,But many vampires believed it to be true.However,Rehina had entered there and had tried to kill the large cobra,But was killed in an vanishing light.

Then,They see the werewolves running away from the vampires as one had ripped one in half.Rachel runs away while Ross stands to fight,But when he is nearly killed,Zoey saves them and sees her brother about to be killed.Rachel is running but falls into an grave.There are hundreads of little cobras but she is saved by Noel.

Phoebe and Penelope run to the history of the life museaum and find out about the chamber of the cobra.They then find out that if you kill the cobra,All vampires instantly are killed.Then,Joey is seen in an rage and he runs up to them and trys to kill them.All the people look at this and they nod.It is then revealed that they are vampires.Penelope trys to protect Phoebe while she defends her.

Noel and Rachel are seen running from explosions and all sorts.Ross is seen falling down and about to be killed until an female vampire jumps at him and is killed.Ross pretends he is dead and he whispers to the dying vampire.She says that he could be the perfect soulmate and then dies.Ross is then horrified when he relieses that in full moon,He is going to become an vampire.

Phoebe manages to run through an tunnel and trys to open the door.It is revealed that Penelope was killed when they reached the tunnel.Phoebe opens the door and finds out that she is in the grave where the cobras are.She manages to get out to the surface and finds Ross.

Rachel and Noel are running where they come across Zoey's dead body.Noel is in shock while Rachel crys as she thinks Ross is dead too.They then see Phoebe and Ross.Noel says that the vampires are now revealed to the world.In New york,The vampires are there and they are hunting down humans and the last people are at central perk,Are Janice and Gunther.They then see Monica,Who is holding two machine guns and says to them,"Okay,Now this is where things get weird".