Alternate People Death At Beach is the sequal of Alternate People.Joey and Chandler faked their deaths and look for Phoebe,Ross and Rachel to kill them.


Joey wakes up and smells Monica's blood and searchs for Chandler.He finds an crying Chandler,Who says that Monica was his last chance to have a soul mate.Meanwhile,Phoebe and Rachel are out shopping and find out in the news only Monica was found dead.

They tell Ross,Who says they move to France.When they get ready,Phoebe finds an diary which belonged to Rehina.It turns out that Rehina had died in the chamber of the Cobra.They do not know what this is and they decide to figure it out in France.

Joey and Chandler sopt them driving in the car.It turns out that Rachel had given Emma to her parents for her protection.Joey smashes through the window and manages to grab Rachel and trys to pull her out.Ross struggles to get her back in,But Phoebe accidently crashes the car.The three run to a house,And the owner is Stacey.Stacey reveals she is releated to Rehina and Phoebe says she is the reincarnation of her.

Joey and Chandler hunt for Phoebe and the others while Stacey shows them an underground passage.When they go under,The two vampires burst in the house and they kill Stacey.The other three run and they find an exit.They are in France.

They hide out in an beachhouse and go to Frankie,Who is Stacey's sister.They tell her what happened and Frankie tells them that they must destroyan diary of Joey and Chandler,Which will kill both of them.

Chandler and Joey then stalk Frankie after the meeting and they kill her.Ross hears of Frankie's death and they all hide out at her house.Chandler smashes in and nearly kills Phoebe.The other two are chased by Joey.

Ross is injured by Joey that badly it looks like he is dead.Joey manages to get Rachel over her sobs.He threatens to kill her unless Phoebe kills herself.Rachel says to Phoebe not to as she would meet Ross in the other world.

However,An injured Ross manages to tackle Joey and Phoebe fights Chandler.Phoebe manages to capture Chandler and Joey and asks them how to destroy the vampire race and where is there diarys.They tell Phoebe their diarys is in their pockets and that the only way to make an new sun is to kill Rehina,Which will destroy the vampire race.


The Book club had gave it 5 out of 5 stars,Saying that it was better than the original and very well written.However,The reviews were mixed,But most of it were good and an suspense cliffhanger.

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