Alternate Naruto Story Part 1 is a 2011 American animated ninja comedy film and a remake of the Naruto series. It stars the voices of Jacob Ewaniuk, Dan Stevens, Mae Whitman, Dante Basco, David Faustino, Seychelle Gabriel, Colleen Villard, Danielle Judovits, Jack De Sena, Josh Gad, Christopher Lloyd, Hank Azaria, Andy Serkis, Nick Kroll, Liam O'Brian, Dwayne Johnson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellan, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Auli'i Cravalho, Dave Filoni, Hayden Christensen, and Greg Baldwin. The sequel will be called Alternate Naruto Story Part 2.


An 11-year-old jinchuriki named Naruto (voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk) finds out that he is the fiancé of the fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi (voiced by Seychelle Gabriel) and the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. With new friends and a family, he confronts a paled face snake Sanin (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) and a corrupt billionaire turned drug dealer (voiced by Nick Kroll). Meanwhile in the Chunin Exams, he meets other jinchurikis.


In the hidden Leaf village, the nine tailed fox Kurama (voiced by Dan Stevens) is hypnotized by Madara Uchiha (voiced by Neil Kaplan) to destroy the village. However, Minato Namikaze (voiced by Dan Oliver) stops him by sealing his powers, releasing Kurama from the mind control. Madara comments on this but he escapes. Minato then focuses on protecting his wife Kushina, their daughter Karin (voiced by Ali Hillis), and newborn son Naruto. Karin regrettably seals Kurama inside of Naruto in order to get rid of it. However, a giant blade suddenly impales Minato and Kushina. Their dying wishes are for Naruto to be treated as a hero, to get good friends, and to protect the village. They put their souls inside him and die while Karin leaves a crying Naruto to be found by the third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi (voiced by Greg Baldwin). Hiruzen shows sympathy for the boy and gives him to Hayate Gekko (voiced by Trey Parker). However, the sinister Danzo Shimera (voiced by Corey Burton) lies about Naruto being a reincarnate of the fox and convinces the villagers to help him demand Naruto's death but Hiruzen forbids it and makes a law that orders the protection of Naruto. (the film's titles "Alternate Naruto Story Part 1" appear)

11 years later, Naruto (voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk) is laughing and running away from some guards, led by Uncle Barkus (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams and no relation), because he put graffiti all over Mount Hokage.

In the mindscape, Kushina, Kurama, and his wife Kyubi (voiced by Emma Watson) are cheering Naruto on while Minato is annoyed by this and saddened that his statue face was painted.

He then tries hiding but is caught by Iruka Urino (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) and taken back to class.

In the ninja academy, Naruto is glared at by some of the students for causing Iruka to make them do transformation. However, Naruto makes a perverted jutsu and is sent to wash off the graffiti.

In the mindscape, Kushina and Kyubi are annoyed by the jutsu and plan on punishing Naruto later.

At Mount Hokage, Naruto is getting annoyed and bored by this but Iruka promises to take him to the ramen stand, this encourages Naruto to work faster.

At the ramen stand, Iruka wonders why Naruto did that stunt. Naruto said it was because he wanted attention and he wants to surpass them. His dream is to become Hokage so he won't be abused or glared at because Minato and Kushina's wish failed since everyone actually abuses Naruto for the burden he carries. Iruka and the ramen employees show faith in him.

In the mindscape, Kushina likes her son's dream.

In the ninja academy, Iruka announces the final test is to create a shadow clone. Naruto only creates one and completes the test but Mizuki (voiced by Sam Wither) secretly rigs Naruto's grade and causes him to fail. Naruto complains about this until he leaves in anger as Iruka and some students look on in sadness but they don't see Mizuki smirking.

In the mindscape, Kurama, Minato, Kushina, and Kyubi feel bad for Naruto but they suddenly get angry when they notice a smirk on Mizuki's face.

At night, Naruto goes home and ignores the taunting from Uncle Barkus (no relation) but he spots Mizuki coming out of the Hokage's office with a forbidden scroll and decides to follow him. Meanwhile, Iruka finds out and goes to help out.

In the forest, Naruto encounters Iruka but they are attacked by Mizuki, who is revealed to be a traitor. Mizuki then taunts Naruto by telling him about the nine tails attack. He then tries to kill Naruto but Iruka steps in the way and is wounded. Naruto then uses Shadow Clones to fight Mizuki but the traitor is still able to fight and uses a staff. However, Iruka uses a katana to cut the staff in half and strikes Mizuki's abdomen, killing the traitor.

The next morning, Iruka gives Naruto a headband and announces he has graduated because Naruto secretly completed his first mission as civilian.

In the mindscape, the four adults are proud of him.

At the Leaf village and after Naruto gets his Shinobi license, he meets Konohamaru Sarutobi (voiced by Neel Sethi), Hiruzen's grandson. They hang out and Naruto teaches him the ninja harem, a jutsu that helps get rid of perverts. When Konohamaru's trainer Ebisu (voiced by Crispin Freeman) arrives, he is disgusted by the technique and tries dragging Konohamaru but Naruto uses the technique on him, defeating the Jonin. Konohamaru is amazed and vows to be Naruto's student.

At the Hokage's office, Hiruzen is watching this through his crystal ball and is happy to see Naruto teaching Konohamaru.

The next morning, Naruto sees his calendar and is happy that it's the day of team placements. He eats ramen for breakfast but sadly sees his milk has expired until Kurama get's an idea.

At the Uchiha compound, he switches fresh milk with his expired one and then puts laxative in the owner's breakfast. Sasuke Uchiha (voiced by Dante Brasco) comes out of the bathroom and looks around but finds nothing and shrugs, thinking it's a coward who won't fight an Uchiha, an arrogant family who think their elites and our superiors.

In the mindscape, Naruto and the four adults roll their eyes at Sasuke's arrogance. Minato hates Uchihas because of the arrogance but Mikoto, Tobi, and Itachi Uchiha are the only members who are kind-hearted.

On the street, Sakura Haruno (voiced by Mae Whitman) and her rival Ino Yamanaka (voiced by Colleen Villard) are arguing over who gets to sit next to Sasuke. They later start racing to the school.

At the ninja academy, Shikamaru Nara (voiced by Jack De Sana) is surprised to see Naruto here and is happy to see the boy has graduated. Hinata Hyuga (voiced by Stephanie Sheh), who is in love with Naruto, is also happy that he graduated. Then Sakura and Ino arrive and stare lovely at Sasuke. However, Sasuke secretly dislikes fan girls because he finds them annoying while Naruto and his friends dislike him for his personality and attitude. Ino sees Naruto's glare and goes into an angry staring contest with him until a clumsy student accidentally pushes her into him, causing them to accidentally kiss. Some of the boys and girls laugh at this while Hinata pouts at this and glares at Ino. However, everyone sees Uryu Ishida (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince) accidentally bumping into Sasuke and accidentally kissing him, making the girls glare while Naruto, his friend Ichigo Kurosaki (voiced by Matt Lanter), and their friends (even Hinata and some girls) laugh due to disliking Sasuke but they stop when they see him getting threatened and show sympathy for him before flinching at the sight of him getting beaten up.

In the mindscape, the four adults laugh at the kissing scenes but also pities the guy getting beaten up.

At the Jonin meeting, Hiruzen and the sensei's are all laughing at the two kissing scenes and smile at Naruto but flinch when they see the beating, showing sympathy for the poor Genin.

Later, Iruka enters the room and ignores Uryu's pain. He is here to inform them which team they are on. Ino wonders who will be with Sasuke but she secretly hopes to be with Naruto since she started liking him and now sees Sasuke as a jerk. The first five teams were not mentioned due to how boring it was or we all just don't care. Team 6 consists of Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue (voiced by Stephanie Sheh), and Uryu Ishida. Their sensei is Rukia Kuchiki (voiced by Michelle Ruff), much to Ichigo's fear because he is well aware that she likes him. Team 7 consists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, much to Naruto's dismay because he dislikes them. Their sensei is Kakashi Hatake (voiced by Matt Stone), much more to Naruto's dismay because he is well aware of Kakashi's reputation of being late for training, only spends time reading dirty adult books, and purposefully didn't protect Naruto from the villagers. Hinata and Ino are disappointed about not being with Naruto. Team 8 consists of Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka (voiced by David Faustino), and Shino Aburame (voiced by P.J. Bryne). Their sensei is Kurenai Yuhi (voiced by Jessica Biel). Team 9 consists of Rock Lee (voiced by Brian Donovan), TenTen (voiced by Danielle Judovits), and Neji Hyuga (voiced by Steve Staley). Their sensei is Might Gai (voiced by Skip Stellricht), which makes Naruto laugh because he once pranked Kakashi by having Gai be naked and hug Kakashi (Don't worry, no flashback about that because this is rated PG-13), even the four adults laugh at the memory. Ino gets angry that Naruto is not with her. Sakura, unaware that Ino dislikes Sasuke, makes a peace sign and mentally chants, 'Cha ching, true love conquers all.' Team 10 consists of Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi (voiced by Josh Gad), much to Ino's complaining because she dislikes their laziness. Their sensei is Asuma Sarutobi (voiced by Nicolas Cage), Hiruzen's son and Konohamaru's uncle. Naruto is still mad about his team but the four adults mentally calm him down.

During lunchtime, Ino and the others feel bad that Naruto is with Sasuke and Sakura. They are disgusted when they see Sasuke flirting with Sakura but see him holding his stomach and going to bathroom. Naruto starts laughing and explaining about the milk switching and the breakfast prank. This made them laugh while an angry Sakura vows revenge on him.

In the Mindscape, Naruto and the four adults are laughing and high fiving.

In the classroom, Naruto and the others are waiting for their sensei's. When Rukia arrives, she winks at a horrified Ichigo while Orihime glares at her, which earns a glare back. When Kurenai arrives, she waves at Naruto, who waves back and gives a wink at a blushing Hinata. When Guy arrives, he shows a thumbs up at a sweat dropping Naruto (the four adults sweat drop too). When Asuma arrives, Naruto and the others cough at his smokes (even the 4 adults are coughing). When Kakashi enters, a bucket of the rotten milk spills on him, much to Naruto's amusement while the four adults laugh mentally.

On the roof, they make an introduction but Naruto is offended by their dislike of him for different reasons: Kakashi dislikes Naruto for both his pranks and also sees him as the demon, Sasuke dislikes him for the rivalry and that morning prank, and Sakura dislikes him because she sees him as an annoying orphan who is abandoned by parents.

In the mindscape, the four adults flip them off for their remarks.

At the training ground, Kakashi has decided to only teach Sasuke the Chidori while he teaches Naruto and Sakura chakra control. Naruto questions this but Kakashi claims that Naruto only focuses on pranks, eats ramen, is not ready to become Hokage, and only graduated because the Hokage pitied him.

In the mindscape, the four adults are angered by those claims and threaten Kakashi.

Offended by these claims, Naruto angrily destroys Kakashi's adult book and leaves without saying a word. Unknown to them, Mei Terumi (voiced by Seychelle Gabriel), the Mizukage, had been watching them all along. She is happy that Naruto is alive but she frowns about the council lying about his death and got angry when Kakashi offended Naruto. She promises to help him out.

At the ramen stand, Naruto is comforted by Teuchi (also voiced by Paul Eiding) and Ayame (also voiced by Danielle Judovits) who are angry at Kakashi.

In the mindscape, the four adults also comfort him over this.

Then Mei arrives and reveals that she is Naruto's fiancé, much to Naruto's joy while Teuchi is happy for him but Ayame is a little bit jealous. Mei also announces that Naruto is under Clan Restoration Act. Naruto hugs her and she returns the hug, making Teuchi and Ayame go "aww" at this. The engaged couple then decide to report this to Hayate and the Hokage.

In the mindscape, the four adults cheer.

At Hayate's office/room, he is talking with his friend Genma (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) about the Chunin Exams and Hayate is happy that Genma will be the proctor for the finals. After the phone call ended, Mei and Naruto arrive and tell him everything. He is happy that Naruto got a woman but is angry that Kakashi offended the boy. He then calls Hiruzen and tells him everything. They schedule a meeting with Team Kakashi, Team Kurenai, Team Gai, and Team Asuma.

In the mindscape, the four adults smile at Hayate's loyalty.

The next morning, Naruto and Mei are watching The Haunting Hour episode "Wrong Number" and they happily comment on the ending since they dislike the main character Steffani for being a bully. Then Yugao Uzuki (voiced by Susan Dalian), Hayate's lover, sweetly informs them that it's time for the meeting.

At the main gates, Team 7 captured Panda/Bear while arguing about what it is. When they mention Naruto, Kakashi now wonders where he is. Then an angry Yugao orders them to be in the Hokage's office now, much to their fear.

At the Hokage's office, Hiruzen is annoyed because he's doing paperwork, which he dislikes. He complains about Minato probably wanting to die in order to get away from the work. The others agree with him while Mei had the same problem in her village. In the mindscape, Minato claims that's half-true but agrees. Then Team 7 arrives, they are shocked by finding out that Naruto is the fiancé of the fifth Mizukage, the son of the fourth Hokage and second nine tails jincuriki, the grandson of Jirayia (voiced by J.K. Simmons) and Tsunade (voiced by Emma Thompson), and is under Clan Restoration Act, making his fan girls cheer. However when Hiruzen tells them what Kakashi said, Naruto's allies get angry at the Jonin. Hiruzen announces his disappointment in Kakashi for such a act and has Naruto removed from Team 7. He has Naruto be on Team 11 and the new teammates are Kiba and TenTen. His new sensei is Anko Mitarashi (voiced by Kirsten Dunst). When Hiruzen claims that he has go back to the paperwork, Naruto solves his problem by mentioning the shadow clone jutsu. This makes Hiruzen bang his hand on the table and call himself an idiot while Naruto just laughs. In the mindscape, Minato has the same reaction by banging his head on a wall he created, making the others laugh at him. However, he calms down when a happy Hiruzen rewards him by adding Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji since Asuma is going back to being a monk. The teams second sensei is Ibiki Morino (voiced by Vin Diesel). A happy Mei hugs Naruto for solving her problem, which makes Hiruzen smile and commenting on how Jirayia would have a massive nose bleed from seeing this. He then sends in Anko and Ibiki. Naruto introduces Anko as the ANBU that protected him and introduces Ibiki as the head of torture and interrogation. Everyone gets afraid of Ibiki while Naruto, Anko, Ibiki, Hiruzen, Hayate, and Yugao laugh at this but Sasuke gets angry and demands this kind of respect. Mei rejects Sasuke before informing Hiruzen about a seal she got that claims Naruto was dead. Hiruzen puts on glasses and reads it before stating it's real but it's not his hand writing. A confused Mei claims that an ANBU with a blank look gave her it. This information angered Naruto and Hiruzen when they realize that Danzo and the council are behind this. In the mindscape, Minato is also angered to find out that Danzo is ruining Naruto's life. Him and the adults hate Danzo for wanting to use jinchurikis as weapons. Hiruzen offers Mei a deepest apology and vows to get evidence on the corruption. Naruto thanks him and shares a kiss with Mei before she leaves. However, Homura (voiced by Bruce Dern) and Koharu (voiced by Rosemary Harris) begs for forgiveness and Hiruzen does but he gives them a warning. Hiruzen then gives Team 7 a new teammate named Sai (voiced by Benjamin Diskin), a former ROOT agent who punishes them by insulting them with mean nicknames and is nice to Naruto. The meeting is adjourned before Hayate and Hiruzen compliment on their good work.

In the mindscape, Kurama smiles proudly at the good work.

On the rooftop, Team 11 give a nice and friendly introduction and share their dislike of Sasuke and the arrogant villagers. It's revealed Ino instead likes Naruto because he cares for people's feelings. TenTen also shows a crush on Naruto but announces her dislike of the word Youth and the hugging genjutsu, which Anko and Ibiki agree to her opinion on that because they suffered the same thing.

At the training ground, they complete the bell test by realizing the true test was teamwork.

At the hidden Leaf village, Hiruzen gives them a D rank mission to prank the council, much to the team's joy.

In the mindscape, Kushina, Kurama, and Kyubi are excited but Minato gulps in fear.

In the council room, they rig Danzo's seat with stink bomb while the other chairs have whoopee cushion, fake vomit, thumb tacks, and glue. When a meeting begins with Hiruzen, the team, and the clan heads attending, the council members fall victim to the pranks, making the not pranked people laugh. Danzo demands an excuse but Hiruzen reveals Danzo had made a lie to the Mizukage about Naruto's "death". Hiruzen then sentences Danzo to cleaning up the whole mess, much to the elder's annoyance.

In the mindscape, the adults make smug looks while crossing their arms.

At the Hokage's office, Hiruzen gives them a C rank mission to help Team 7 escort Tazuna (voiced by Kurt Russell), a bridge builder from the Land of Waves. Tazuna only likes Team 11 but dislikes Team 7 who arrive with an angry Sasuke carrying a cat named Tora, which is a D rank mission nobody likes. He angrily throws the cat to the owner who is unknowingly strangling it, Team 11 and a few others pity the cat but Sasuke smirks and mentally orders her to kill the cat. He starts whining about deserving a C-Rank mission, making Anko pay Naruto in annoyance due to a bet they had.

On the way to the Land of Waves, they ignore a nearby puddle but it contains The Demon Brothers (voiced by Jordan Peelee and Keegan Michael Key), assassins and missing ninja from the hidden Mist village. However, Naruto notices and uses Ibiki's pistol to shot the puddle, killing them. Tazuna confesses that this is an A rank mission because the Land of Waves is being controlled by corrupt billionaire turned drug dealer named Gato (voiced by Nick Kroll). They continue the mission.

On a boat, Tazuna also explains the bridge is the only way to freedom.

Along the way, they meet Zabuza Momochi (voiced by Hugh Jackman), Demon of the Mist and rouge ninja from the hidden Mist village. He fights Naruto with a giant sword but Kakashi tries interrupting in order to make Sasuke the hero. After the fight, a masked woman (voiced by Susan Dalian) takes out Zabuza with senbon needles and takes him away. Team 7 (except Sai) blames Naruto for getting in the way and punish him by making him carry all their stuff, making Tazuna, Sai, and Team 11 glare at Team 7 and show sympathy for Naruto.

In the mindscape, the adults are back to threatening Kakashi.

When they take a break, Tazuna wonders what they have against Naruto. Team 11 tell him everything and Tazuna is now full on disgusted by the Leaf villagers' arrogance. He doesn't hate Naruto and is glad to have him around.

At Tazuna's house, they meet his daughter Tsunami (voiced by Cindy Robinson) and she greets them but is concerned for Naruto when he gets tired. Tazuna tells her everything and she is also full on disgusted by the hidden Leaf's behavior towards Naruto. Naruto later uses their phone to call Mei and gets information about Zabuza because he already knows senbon needles only stun someone in a near death state. Meanwhile, Sasuke demands Naruto to teach him some of the Uzumaki abilities but Naruto refuses to teach him. An angry Sasuke then starts complaining about being an Uchiha and claiming to be an elite and his superior. Then threatens to have him reported to the council only to be pushed onto the floor. Later, Naruto and TenTen meets Inari (voiced by Emjay Anthony), Tazuna's grandson but the poor boy is crying. A worried TenTen comforts him while Naruto ask what's wrong and Inari tells them that Sasuke pushed him into the wall and when he cried, he called him a baby. This makes them angry and when they were going to confront Sasuke about it, they tell Tsunami about it and she angrily tells them where he is.

In the mindscape, the four adults are disgusted by Sasuke's actions and wish to pound that brat.

In the forest, Team 7 are training but a angry Naruto, TenTen, and frightened Inari interrupt them and tell them what Sasuke did. Sai is disgusted by this action but Kakashi and Sakura pretend not to believe it. However when Naruto asks Inari who assaulted him, Inari points at Sasuke, who glared at him with rage. When Kakashi doesn't do anything, Naruto punishes Sasuke by forbidding him from ever using any Uzumaki abilities.

In the mindscape, the adults agree with this punishment.

At Tazuna's house, Naruto feels like a hero but Inari cries at the mention of heroes. Naruto wonders what's wrong and Inari confesses that he doesn't believe in heroes, this convinces Naruto to ask Tazuna about that later. Later, Naruto and Shikamaru were playing shogi with Inari, Ino and TenTen were having a girl talk about Naruto, Kiba and Choji were playing catch with Akamaru, Anko was helping Tsunami with dinner, Sai and Ibiki were watching T.V., Sakura was drawing in her diary, and Tazuna was glaring at Sasuke for what happened earlier to Inari. Tazuna and Tsunami were also glaring at Kakashi for not punishing Sasuke. However unknown to Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi, Tsunami put soldier pills and laxative in their food. When the food is done, she politely gives it to Sai, Team 11, and Tazuna but angrily slams it on Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura's side of the table, causing Naruto, Tazuna, and Kakashi to mentally say, "H**l hath no fury like a woman scorned." During dinner, some of them have conversations. However, the three arrogant ninjas have a grumbling sound in their stomachs and go to the bathroom, where some gross sounds are heard. The others see a laughing Tsunami and she explains what she did, making them also laugh.

In the mindscape, the adults (even Minato) also laugh.

At Zabuza's house, Haku is taking care of Zabuza but they are confronted by an angry Gato and his samurai bodyguards Waraji (voiced by Christopher Knights) and Zouri (voiced by Sam Fell). He is mad at the two ninjas for letting the heroes get away. He has Waraji and Zouri to try and kill Zabuza but Haku outnumbers them by stealing their swords and threatening them. She then breaks Gato's arm and makes him leave. Haku then wears a kimono and goes out to get some healing fruit for Zabuza.

3 days later at Tazuna's house, Naruto is training Inari while Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura are trying not to bother them because of their fear of being pranked again. They also check if their were any surprises in their food. At breakfast, Naruto asks Tazuna why Inari doesn't believe in heroes. Tazuna explains that Inari had a father who was a hero and tried to stop Gato but was captured and publicly executed. This makes Naruto angry and he goes to train in the forest.

In the forest, Naruto is doing tree walking and succeeds but falls down and gets knocked out. Haku finds him and wakes him up but Naruto recognizes her as the hunter ninja from before due to her voice and hair. Haku confesses that her and Zabuza secretly work for Gato but only as mercenaries for money. She also reveals the only reason she is with Zabuza is because as a child, her father killed her mother and tried to kill her too but she killed him in self-defense. She was left an orphan until she was found and adopted by Zabuza. Ever since then she has been by Zabuza's side. Naruto is saddened by the story and confesses his tragic past to her. She is sad for him and both disgusted and angered by the village's behavior. She then leaves but reminds Naruto to protect precious people.

At Tazuna's house, Naruto doesn't see Tazuna. Tsunami says he's at the bridge. Naruto decides to go into town while Kakashi wonders where he's going only for Naruto to claim he doesn't care. Kakashi just shrugs and goes back to eating his food while Tsunami is disgusted by the man's laziness.

In the mindscape, the four adults roll their eyes at the laziness.

In town, Naruto sees a kid being bothered by a bandit but he handles the situation. He is upset to find out that the kid's parents were murdered by Gato. He decides to give the kid candy and is thanked for it. Later, he overhears that Gato is going to attack the bridge and betray Zabuza and Haku, much to his (and the adults) anger.

At Tazuna's house, Naruto warns the others and wants to help but Kakashi has him stay to watch Inari and Tsunami, however in truth, he's trying to make Sasuke look like a hero. After they leave, Waraji and Zouri arrive and try to kidnap Tsunami but Naruto knocks them out and leaves them restrained until the ANBU arrive. He later starts going to the bridge to help out.

At the bridge, Naruto sees Sasuke use Sai as a human shield, much to his and Haku's anger and disgust. Naruto knocks out Sasuke and reveals Gato's betrayal to Haku. However, Zabuza has his arms broken by Kakashi. Haku rushes to Zabuza but Kakashi is already activating the Chidori. However, Naruto stands in the way and gets impaled in the left shoulder, much to Haku's agony. Kakashi was shocked at first but then didn't care and threw him to the ground like trash, much to Zabuza and Haku's anger. In the mindscape, the adults praise Naruto for saving her but get mad at Kakashi for throwing him aside. Zabuza knocks him out and helps Haku heal Naruto. Naruto then tells Zabuza of Gato's betrayal, which angers him. They are later encountered by him and he also threatens to have Haku as a slave. This angers Naruto and Zabuza that they decide to help each other and fight Gato. Zabuza massacres the whole army and stabs Gato before Naruto kicks the wounded rich guy into the river, killing him and saving the Land of Waves. However, Zabuza received stab wounds and is dying of his injuries. He tells Naruto to make sure Haku and the hidden Mist village. Naruto agrees but Zabuza now passes away. However, the land's villagers cheer for Naruto as a hero. Sasuke wakes up and demands respect but Tsunami slaps him and scolds him for his actions.

In the mindscape, the adults cheer for Naruto but are also saddened by Zabuza's death.

At Zabuza's funeral, the Mist ninjas agree to let Haku be a Genin and also will nominate her for the Chunin Exams.

At Tazuna's house, Team 7 and Team 11 start packing to leave while Tazuna finishes the bridge and the people of the land name it after Naruto. They also name him the hero of the Wave. Naruto sheds tears of joy at hearing this while Sasuke is jealous and Kakashi along with Sakura are disgusted.

In the Hokage's office, they report in but Kakashi makes a lie to try and get Naruto punished. However, Hiruzen already knows about the lies and wants the truth from Naruto, who explains everything. Hiruzen smiles at Naruto for heroism, laughs about the laxative prank, and angry at Team 7 (except Sai) for their actions. He punishes them but rewards Sai for being loyal to Naruto. When Kakashi angrily mutters about Naruto, Hiruzen assigns 25 more cat captures for Sasuke, much to Naruto, Sai, and Team 11's amusement but much to Team 7's anger.

In the hidden Leaf village, Naruto sees three Rain ninjas being thrown out of a movie theatres by Uncle Barkus (no relation) and decides to help them by getting into argument with the racist man before picking them up and running away after he was found out to have tried to watch a movie without a ticket. The Rain ninjas are Nagato Uzumaki (voiced by Tobey Maguire), Yahiko (voiced by Tom Welling), and Konan (voiced by Emma Roberts). He takes them to the ramen stand. Him and Nagato are revealed to be cousins and they share a family hug while Konan has a crush on Naruto.

At the hidden Sound village, a spy named Kabuto (voiced by Hank Azaria) is reporting about Naruto to the village's sadistic leader Orochimaru (voiced by Christopher Lloyd). Orochimaru then starts singing a song called, "In The Dark of the Night" to reveal his evil plans of getting revenge on the hidden Leaf because he once served that place but was kicked out for his illegal jutsu and experiments. He decides to infiltrate the Chunin Exams. He sends in Dosu (voiced by Andy Serkis), Zaku (voiced by Jeff Geddis), and Kin (voiced by Gary DeLisle) as a Genin team.

At the hidden Leaf village, Naruto encounters Konohamaru and two academy students named Udon (voiced by Nathan Mack) and Moegi (voiced by Wendee Lee). They want him to play ninja but Sakura interrupts. Konohamaru asks if Sakura is Naruto's girlfriend, making the blond laugh and say no. Konohamaru is glad because of Sakura's big forehead but this makes them run away from Sakura until Konohamaru bumps into a Sand ninja named Kankuro (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum). Kankuro holds the kid by the scarf and starts bullying him, despite pleas from his older sister Temari (voiced by Allison Mack) to stop. Naruto arrives and jokingly calls him a "War Clown", much to his irritation but Temari and the others are amused by the joke except Sasuke and Sakura who just roll their eyes in annoyance. When Kankuro starts threatening him even more, Naruto teleports Konohamaru to safety, causing Temari to blush and be attracted to him. Then Kankuro threatens to fight him but is interrupted by his younger brother Gaara (voiced by Liam O'Brian), who threatens to kill Kankuro and apologizes for Kankuro's stupidity. Sasuke demands his name. Gaara introduces himself and is revealed to be the one-tail jinchuriki. Sasuke tries introducing himself but Gaara only wants Naruto's introduction, much to Sasuke's anger. Naruto introduces himself and flirts with Temari. He also reveals that he's under Clan Restoration Act, much to Temari's joy. A smirking Gaara schemingly sets Temari out on a date with Naruto while he angrily deals with Kankuro. Naruto and Temari start walking to the ramen stand while their friends smile for them but Sasuke and Sakura are shocked by this.

In the mindscape, Kurama introduces Shukaku as his younger sister but he even gets nervous around her because she kills people.

At the ramen stand, they encounter the Rain ninja trio. Naruto tells them about his horrible past, which makes them sad. Temari tells them about Gaara being abused by his father the fourth Kazekage, making them mad at the awful leader. The Rain ninja trio tells them about Nagato being betrayed by his father Ruben (voiced by Nicolas Cage in a British accent), making them feel sympathy for him. Then a rogue Rain ninja kidnaps Temari, making them chase after him.

In the forest, the enemy demands the forbidden scroll or he kills Temari. However, Naruto saves her by replacing her with a dummy made out of straw. They defeat the enemy but he gets away. However, Temari kisses Naruto's cheek for saving her and quickly announcing that Naruto has a Clan Restoration Act, much to Konan's excitement. The two girls become friends and harem sisters. Also, Naruto encourages them to take the Chunin Exams.

On a building roof, the enemy gets captured by Iruka, who is proud of Naruto.

At the academy, they arrive on the first floor where others are being blocked by Izumo Kamizuki (voiced by Drake Bell) and Kotetsu Hagane (voiced by Josh Peck), a dynamic Chunin duo who are currently disguised as Genin. Naruto and the others decide to use the second floor until Sasuke just reveals the genjutsu, much to Naruto's annoyance. Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a match and Naruto secretly knows that Sasuke will be embarrassed.

At the fight, Rock Lee beats Sasuke and later challenges Naruto but is easily beaten by him. Then Might Gai arrives and thanks Lee for his "youthfulness". Naruto and his friends turn away and laugh when Sasuke and Sakura witness the hugging genjutsu in horror. However, a Mist Genin named Yagura (voiced by Ewan McGregor) stops this and encounters Naruto. Yagura is introduced as the three-tails jinchuriki and is a teammate of Haku. He reminds them of the Chunin Exams.

At the start of the first test, Naruto encounters a few teams. Ichihgo's team is there. A Cloud team consists of Omoi (voiced by John Boyega), Samui (voiced by Anna Faris), and Karui (voiced by Regina Hall). Their sensei's are the eight-tails jinchuriki Killer Bee (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) and the two-tails jinchuriki Yugito Nii (voiced by Auli'i Cravalho). The Stone team consists of the five-tails jinchuriki Han (voiced by Dave Filoni), the Tsuchikage's granddaughter Kurotsuchi (voiced by Laura Baily), and their sidekick Akatsuchi (voiced by Kyle Hebert) but Han is the only junchuriki that doesn't speak English and only speaks an alien language. However, Yagura and some of the Stone ninjas are the only ones who knows what he's saying while he understands English. Their sensei is the four-tails jinchuriki Roshi (voiced by Ian McKellan). The Mist team consists of Yagura, Haku, and the six-tails jinchuriki Utakata (voiced by Hayden Christensen). Their sensei is Ao (voiced by Steven Blum), Mei's bodyguard. The Waterfall team consists of the seven-tails jinchuriki Fu (voiced by Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the friendly Urin (voiced by Ray Fearon), and the perverted Train (voiced by Nick Kroll). Their sensei is the charming but lazy Vash Stryfe (voiced by Richard White). The Grass team consists of only one Genin and that is Karin, Naruto's long-lost older sister from the beginning. The Sound team is also there and another Sound team consists of a red-head flute singer named Tayuya Uzumaki (voiced by Kristen Fairlie), a six-armed ponytailed creep named Kidomaru (voiced by Jean Reno), a fat orange mohawked bully named Jirobo (voiced by Bill Nighy), and two silver haired twins named Sakon and Ukon (both voiced by Brian Beacock). An excited Ino hugs Naruto, who hugs her back. Kabuto arrives with info cards and is asked for information on Naruto and others. The info tells them that Naruto and some others are jinchuriki's and that Tayuya is a another cousin. He is attacked for insulting the hidden Sound but Naruto subdues Dosu and warns him not to mess with Leaf ninjas or else he suffers.

In the mindscape, Kurama quickly introduces all the tailed beasts as his siblings. However, he finds out Kabuto's a spy due to the scent of snakes.

In the Jonin room, the sensei's are impressed by Naruto's reflects but Kakashi calls it luck, which earns him a few hits from everyone.

Back to the room, Ibiki appears as the proctor and the test is a writing test. The rules are no cheating and no questions. If a Genin is out then the entire team is. Naruto secretly knows that they actually can't get caught cheating 5 times. Due to already reading some history stuff, he gets some answers right. When the 10th question starts, Naruto also knows that if anyone stays in the room they pass. After a few teams quit and some stay, Ibiki announces the remaining teams pass. Then Anko jumps into the window and introduces herself as the proctor of the second test. Ibiki teases her before she orders them to meet her at the gate of training ground 44. When Ibiki collects the papers, he sees that Naruto wrote a message about Kabuto being a spy due to the scent of snakes. Ibiki mentally thanks Naruto and leaves to warn Hiruzen.

At the gates, Anko introduces the place as the "Forest Of Death". Naruto proves the danger by throwing a piece of chicken in there and they see it get eaten by a giant animal. When Naruto doesn't show fear, Anko throws a kunai at his cheek and licks his blood until he aims a kunai at her. Then a Grass ninja gives her the kunai back but Naruto is suspicious of the mysterious character. Anko gives Naruto a "Heaven" scroll and Sasuke is given a "Earth" scroll. Sasuke plans on attacking Naruto.

In the forest, a rogue Leaf team try to attack Team 8 but they are attacked by leeches and are killed by a trap.

In the monitor room, they question Anko and she realizes that she forget to mention that Naruto set up traps in the forest during his childhood while hiding from villagers.

Back in the forest, Naruto and his team sees Team 7 getting attacked by Orochimaru, who is revealed to have killed the real Grass ninja and stole her identity. He then gives Sasuke a curse mark and tries to do it to Naruto but luckily this is stopped by Itachi Uchiha (voiced by Crispin Freeman), Sasuke's older brother. They are also shielded by Kisame Hoshigaki (voiced by Kirk Thornton), Itachi's partner. Anko arrives and together with Itachi, they start fighting Orochimaru, who summons a giant snake. Anko reveals that she was the Snake Sanin's student but he gave her a curse mark and made her feel Naruto's pain. Itachi decapitates the giant snake before Anko takes Orochimaru's immortality necklace and destroys it while claiming that it's for Naruto and everyone she loves, causing the snake Sanin to turn into a skeleton and disappear into a dusty wind. Anko is relieved by his death and has completed her revenge on him. Naruto notices her curse mark and destroys it by performing a powerful seal. However, he passes out.

In the mindscape, the adults smirk at Orochimaru's death.

In the monitor room, all the Jonins cheer for them but Kakashi thinks Naruto could've done better. However, this earns him a slap from Kurenai.

Later, he wakes up to find his team and the others being threatened by Dosu's team. Zaku tries to make a suggestion but is elbowed in the nose by Dosu. Naruto is shocked and angered by Dosu's abusive behavior and beats the abusive man up. He heals Zaku's nose, causing the Sound Genin to befriend Naruto and tell him everything. Kin tries to kill Naruto but is knocked out by a redeemed Zaku. However, Sasuke wakes up and attacks Zaku. He then breaks the poor guy's arms but is knocked out by Naruto. Karin is attacked by Sakon and Ukon but is saved by Naruto, who she recognizes as her little brother. However, Naruto is shocked to see Jirobo betray Tayuya by using her as a human shield. He angrily hurts him and heals Tayuya. The two cousins share a family hug and this makes Tayuya also help Naruto. After the fight, a defeated Dosu then gives Naruto a "Earth" scroll and leaves but swears revenge.

4 days later, Sai, Sasuke, and Sakura attempt to open their scrolls but are stopped by Kabuto, who decides to help them get to the tower. However, they are attacked by a Rain ninja named Oboro (voiced by Christopher Fairbank) and his team but Naruto arrives and defeats him. Oboro escapes and also swears revenge. Naruto takes the Genins to the tower.

At the tower, Naruto and his team open their scrolls and Iruka comes out. He proudly announces that they passed. They go to rooms to rest.

The next morning, Naruto and other teams are listening to Hiruzen's speech. The third test is a fight preliminary. Hayate is the proctor but he has a bad condition which consists of a few coughs and some baggy eyes. Kabuto forfeits but is arrested by the ANBU for being a spy. The first match is Naruto Uzumaki vs Kurotsuchi. Him and everyone were shocked that she is the Tsuchikage's grandfather. He wins the match but gets a kiss from her and she proposes to him, much to the anger of other girls including Karin, who wants her to stay away from her little brother. The Mist team had to restrain Mei from killing her. The second match is Sasuke Uchiha vs Yoroi Akado, Kabuto's teammate and another Sound spy. Sasuke wins by smashing the spy's head into the floor, killing him. The third match is Shino Aburame vs Zaku. Zaku wins by ringing Shino's ears and making him forfeit. The fouth match is Kankuro vs Misumi Tsurugi, Kabuto's other teammate and another Sound spy. Kankuro wins by breaking the guy's bones with his puppet, killing him. The fifth match is Yagura vs Train. When he announces that Fu will be his, Yagura, Fu, Urin, and the others are angered by his comments. Yagura beats him up and wins the match, he also wins Fu's heart. The sixth match is Sakura Haruno vs Ino Yamanaka. They both lost but Naruto pats Ino in the back and cheers her up. The seventh match is Fu vs Samui. Fu wins by stinging Samui unconscious, despite Fu's fear of insects. The eighth match is Sai vs Karui. Sai accidentally provokes her by insulting her forehead. However, Sai wins by trapping her and making her forfeit. The ninth match is TenTen vs Temari. Temari wins by knocking her unconscious but decides not to make her land on the giant fan and instead catches her. The tenth match is Shikamaru Nara vs Kin. When Shikamaru doesn't want to fight a girl, Kin takes this as a sexist remark and tries to hurt him. However, Shikamaru uses his shadow technique to make her hit the wall, making him win the match. The eleventh match is Kiba Inuzuka vs Yahiko. Kiba wins by elbowing Yahiko's stomach. The twelfth match is Haku vs Kidomaru. Kidomaru makes a sexist comment about her, that makes her and the other girls mad. Haku wins by throwing her senbon needles at him, which earns a proud smirk from the girls. The 13th match is Hinata Hyuga and Neji Hyuga. Neji wins the match by cruelly putting her in a coma, making Naruto vow to hurt Neji. The 14th match is Omoi vs Rock Lee. Omoi wins but accidentally ruins Lee's career by breaking his arm and leg. The 15th match is Gaara vs Shigure, a Rain Ninja who, along with his team, makes an inappropriate remark about Temari, much to Gaara's anger. Gaara wins by crushing him in a pile of sand and blood, much to everyone's shock while Naruto comforts Ino over seeing that. After the area is clean, the 16th match is Karin vs Tayuya. Karin defeats her by slapping a paper bomb on Tayuya's cheek and making it explode but luckily Zaku blocks the explosion from burning Tayuya's face, making her love him. The 17th match is Utakata vs Sakon and Ukon. Utakata wins by trapping the twins in a bubble and making it explode. The 18th match is Yakumo Kurama (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) vs Jirobo. She is a new member of Team 8 and when she heard what Jirobo did to Tayuya, she was disgusted. She wins by using her scary genjutsu on him, much to Naruto, Zaku, and Tayuya's amusement. The 19th match is Choji Akimichi vs Dosu. Dosu wins by using his sound waves to spinning Choji around until he's dizzy. The 20th match is Han and Nagato vs Uriu. Both Stone and Rain ninja defeat him by combining Han's steam with Nagato's Rinnegan. Sasuke demands training from them but they both say no (Han however says no in his own language). The final match is Naruto and Kiba vs Sasuke and Dosu. Naruto keeps on being immature to Sasuke, much to his friends' amusement. However, Sasuke provokes Naruto by insulting his parents, much to Naruto and his friends' anger. Even Sakura and the Stone ninjas are angered by this. Sasuke also insults Kiba's mother, much to the anger of Kiba and his older sister Hana Inuzuka (voiced by Susan Dalian). Then Sasuke crosses the line by threatening to take the harem girls away and use them to restore his clan, making them more angry. An angry Naruto then defeats Sasuke by breaking his arms, much to Zaku's glee since Naruto helped him get revenge on the arrogant jerk. Kiba is defeated by Dosu but Naruto defeats the abusive sexist and then tortures him before murdering him. Everyone are shocked by this but Anko and Ibiki smirk proudly at their student's antics, Gaara is entertained, and Zaku is mentally thanking Naruto for Dosu's death. Once people get over their shocks, Hiruzen gives the matches for the final test and they have one year to train. However, Naruto is confused about Shigure's teammates but Gaara and Kankuro claims they had a "good chat" with those two. Naruto now didn't want to know but didn't even care.

At the Hokage's office, Naruto and the others have a meeting with Hiruzen but they also see Karin revealing herself as Naruto's older sister. She reveals her plan was to make Naruto a jinchuriki, to train himself, and to marry him. However, Naruto and the others are angered that she abandoned him. Naruto angrily scolds her for actions and leaves, leaving her saddened by his hatred of her.

At the hot springs, Naruto attends mixed bathing day with Mei but they hear a perverted giggle and Naruto goes to check it out. He finds Jirayia peeping on Mei. Naruto then angrily uses a finger technique to launch him over the wall. He hears Jirayia getting beaten up and threatened. He then sees Jirayia and reveals that he is the pervert's grandson. Jirayia apologizes for not being there for Naruto and claims this is worse than the time Ebisu peeped on Minato and Kushina's honeymoon, causing Naruto to make a mental note to kill Ebisu. He asks Jirayia to train him for one year but the man wonders if Kakashi is training him. They tell him everything and this angers him so much that he threatens to ban Kakashi from all make out tactics. Him and Naruto then goes to a training for one year.

At the hidden Sand village, the fourth Kazekage evily plans an invasion on the hidden Leaf village. (the ending titles say, "To Be Continued")


  • Jacob Ewaniuk as the voice of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze - The Titular Main Protagonist of the film. He's an 11-year-old orphan who has a demon inside of him and was adopted by him. However, he is abused by his village because of it but is protected by the tailed beast.
  • Dan Stevens as the voice of Kurama Otsutsuki - The Secondary Protagonist of the film. A demon fox with nine tails who is sealed inside of Naruto, who he adopted. However, the villagers hate Naruto for Kurama's attack on the village but Kurama defends the boy from them.
  • Mae Whitman as the voice of Sakura Haruno - A 13-year-old bratty, loud fan girl who hates Naruto for his jinchuiki status. She is in love with Sasuke and her goal is to win his heart, become the best kunoichi ever, and to get rid of Naruto.
  • Dante Basco as the voice of Sasuke Uchiha - An 15-year-old arrogant, spoiled, and selfish clan heir who has a rivalry with Naruto. His goal is to avenge his clan by killing his brother Itachi and to get more power by killing his rival Naruto.
  • David Faustino as the voice of Kiba Inuzuka - A 17-year-old member of a clan of dog users. He is a childhood friend of Naruto and the owner of Akamaru.
  • Seychelle Gabriel as the voice of Mei Terumi - The 19-year-old fifth Mizukage of the hidden Mist village and Naruto's fiancé.
  • Colleen Villard as the voice of Ino Yamanaka - A 16-year-old member of a clan of mind readers.
  • Danielle Judovits as the voice of TenTen - A 14-year-old weapon mistress.


  • There will be age differences.
  • Haku is a female in this one because of her female voice and appearance.
  • Nick Kroll uses a German accent for his role as Gato.

T.V. Tropes

  • Adaptational Heroism: Naruto is not a dumb hero and actually cares about saving everyone he loves. His only flaw is his hatred towards the villagers but it's justified because they tortured and abused him for something out of his control. This trope also goes to some former enemies who live and actually respect Naruto.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Sasuke is the most hated character of the film and is considered the main antagonist for good reason. He is favored by the village over Naruto and always gets away with hurting him and insulting him. He even went too far by insulting Naruto's late parents. Not to mention, they are actually now arch-enemies.
  • A**hole Victim: Sasuke fits this trope since he has himself to blame for getting his arms broken by Naruto after insulting the latter's parents. No one feels sorry for him and actually congratulate Naruto for defending his family's honor.
  • Berserk Button: Never insult Naruto's family right in front of him, especially his late parents. Sasuke learned that the hard way.
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