Alone In The Dark is a 2015 movie based in the videogame of the same name developed by Atari & Infogamers, and also the reboot of the 2005 film of the same name , it stars Oliver Martines as Edward Carnby & Paige Lauren Billiot as Aline Cedrac, it takes place before the Award Nominated Movie Project Omega. The main tagline for the movie was "Some gates are closed by some reason".


The film opens with a flashback of about 2.000 years ago in the past, when an underworld door is open and unleashes a dark mystical power that devastates most of the city, it is also said that only the "Chosen One" could close the gateway at the coast of one soul.

Then in present day Edward Carnby (Oliver Martinez) is heading into a plane with Aline Cedrac (Paige Lauren Billiot) after they sealed Lillith under the magical spell, then Edward begins to have visions about a Prophet (Joei Fulco) about an untamed devilish and dark power and that only Edward is the "chosen one" to seal and broke the dark magic inside the gate, Edward at first thought that it was just some "joke" or that maybe the battle against Lillith's dark forces "stoned" him, but as the day passes by, this visions are constantly appearing, so he decides to call Aline and Captain John Andino (Kevin Sorbo)  from the second division of Bureau 713 to help him during his mission.

Arriving at what it is supposed to be a "way" to the main gateways entrance, Edward and his partners are attacked by a group of Des-Regenerators (in this movie, they seem to have more resistance to light), due lack of weapons, the team decides to scape and run inside the cave, entering there Aline finds a seal into the doors, that was written in old Persian, when Aline finally translate the "code", a new gate is opened leaving a passage to what seems to be the "underworld", but mistakenly the gate is opened and once again, the power is unleashed, leaving half of the city (Persia) in darkness, Edward releasing his mistake, agrees to stop the darkness by sealing the gateway.

Later in the movie it is said that the dark power belonged to a magician called Cyrus (Yekaterina Presnikova), both due her ambition and unkindess, she got corrupted by darkness (her human or her solid form is not shown never during the movie, she is showed as a big black cloud or red eyes in a black fog).

During their way to find the first (of two parts from the seal), the team is ambushed by more Des-Regenerators, Edward able to create a distraction harms the creatures, finding the first part of the seal, they are attacked by Cyrus, making Edward fall into a pit, he tells his partners to run and get out, he also tells them that he will find another way to scape from there. Trying to find a way, Edward is ambushed by more creatures (some of them originally from the game), able to scape he gets out of the pit, just to be attacked again by Cyrus, but this time Edward is able to make her backdown with a flashlight and a gun.

The team reunites again to find the remaining piece of the seal, just to be again ambushed by Cyrus, this time they are able to scape and enter the temple where the last piece is, taking it they return to the gateway to place the seal, but they are attacked by Skeletons, Des-Regenerators, Vampyrs & Cyrus herself, the two members of the team offer Edward to fight against them, Edward then goes to place the seal in the hole, but its attacked by Cyrus, trying to posses Edward, she is thrown away from his body due to Edward's paranormal powers, then placing the seal in the hole, Edward is able to return Cyrus black soul into underworld, freeing Persia from the darkness, Edward then goes away and thanks Captain Andino for his help.

The post-credit scene shows the blue shining rock (from Project Omega movie) being placed into a museum, as the screen goes backing down, an evil laught can be heard.


  • Oliver Martines - Edward Carnby
  • Paige Lauren Billiot - Aline Cerdrac
  • Joei Fulco - Prophet
  • Kevin Sorbo - Captain John Andino
  • Yekaterina Presnikova - Cyrus


The soundtrack was published by Nuclear Blast the song "Once Upon Atrocity" by Extreme Gothic Metal band Cradle of Filth is displayed during the credits.

  1. Testament - Alone In The Dark
  2. Suicide Silence - Slaves To Substance
  3. Disbelief - Floating on High
  4. AITD Soundtrack

    Soundtrack cover.

    Bleed The Sky - Killtank
  5. All Shall Perish - Deconstruction
  6. Bloodbath - Outnumbering The Day
  7. Mastodon - Blood and Thunder
  8. Suffocation - Souls To Deny
  9. Raunchy - Watch Out
  10. The Haunted - 99
  11. Dimmu Borgir - Gateways
  12. Heretic Soul - Mental Decay
  13. Dark Tranquillity - Cathode Ray Sunshine
  14. Brocas Helm - Cry of the Banshee
  15. 3 Inches of Blood - Deadly Sinners
  16. Savatage - Hall Of the Mountain King
  17. Wrath of Killenstein - Igniisis Dance
  18. Motörhead - In The Black
  19. Dethklok - Murmaider
  20. Anthrax - Metal Trashing Mad
  21. Firehouse - Overnight Sensation
  22. Mirrorthrone - So Frail
  23. Slough Feg - Warriors Dawn
  24. Saxon - Wheels Of Steel
  25. Candlemass - Witches
  26. Goatwhore - Reckoning Of The Soul Made Godless


The movie recived mostly postive reviews from the critics and currently stands a 86% at Rotten Tomatoes, IGN wrote "Despite of being part of a series of movies, it is better than the original 2005 film, it contains more horror and supernatural things, this is what Alone In The Dark should be!"


The movie its supposed to be linked with Project Omega series (both movies and games), it takes place after the evens of the movie and it will also have a connection to Project Omega sequel. It takes place also during the same time as Venus Aversa movie.

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