64px I have seen alot and i look like the type woman who would be fazed by it but i am not. As long as my family is safe nothing will faze. and nothing and i mean nothing will ever stop me from holding my baby's
~ Ally addressing Justin after he questions Ally's endurance

Ally Petts is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in WBC's The Dead. She is the wife of Frank Petts and mother of Andy, Quinn and twins Philip and Olivia. Being greatful enough to still have her family in the end of the world she has a great love for her family and will do anything for them.



Ally is a strong, generous, independent, and emotional woman, but is also shown to be difficult and demanding at times. She is fericly in love with Frank and is extremely loyal to him even after some questionable descions and her remainign fmaily after the world's end. Throughout season two, she begins fearing for her family as they have more thearts to encounter.

After the farm's collapse she is shown to have became a bit vurnable due to fear of losing Frank but does not show it in attempt to keep everyone together. She is reunited with Frank but is shocked when she finds out she is Pregnant. She beings to wonder if she should bring her child into the world but feels safe at the new house until when it is brought down she is shocked by Frank's actions but however is still by his side.

As Season 3 comes, though her pregnancy is advacing she is still Loyal to the group and has prove to still be useful and not a burden. She worries more and more about her unborn child and is shocked when she discovers she is gonna have twins but is still determined to protect them. the Stress of Jason's army worries Ally which results with her and Frank having an incresingly amount of sex to make her feel more safe however this acclerates the due date and when her and Frank go on a run a scare causes her water to break. When she gives birth she passes out and tells Frank to save her newborns instead of her but Frank is still able to save her in time. She stands by Frank when deciding to stay in the collage and helps takedown Wallridge.

with Season 4, she is an even more caring mother and has became alot more useful. She has been trained better with weapons and alot more exprienced. She is extremely worried with Andy and the rest disapperance and goes on the run to find them and goes with Frank when they are captured by Jason's gorup and saves Frank's life on multiple occasions during so. After Joesph's attack and she losing one of her twins Philp Ally tries hodling in her emotions best to her abilty and becomes alot more vurnable and this causes her and Andy to get into multiple arugments. When Jason's group comes and recurits them she is shown to be a burden of some sort as she has lost a lot of the courage she had before. Thinking Frank is dead to regain her composer she has sex with Justin and begins a shortlived relationship with him much to Andy's dismay. After Ally thinks she has seen Andy's death she begins to throw her life away as she has lost so much and on multiple occasions tries to commit suicide.She is reuntied with her family in the season finale but in a terriable situation and witnesses Frank getting shot and Andy losing his eye scaring her.

in Season 5 she tries ending off her relationship with Justin much to his dismay and she focuses on getting Quinn ready to give brith and appericating Frank and Andy more. She is against Frank keeping Joseph alive and even tries killing him herself on mulitple occassions but is convinced out of it.


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