Allan Quatermain and the Plague of the Covenant is a 1997 made for television movie written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger and directed by John T. Kretchmer.

It chronicles the adventure of Allan Quatermain in 1851 as pursues the legendary Ark of The Covenant along with viper beauty Jennifer Joleen (Rose McGowan) who is the leader of a Canaan group of bandits known as the Philistines.

The film premiered on Fox Movie Channell on May 17, 1997.


Prologue: Ectbatana 1851

The story begins with Quatermain accompanying gypsy love Ivana Bacguerros into the ruins of the long lost temple of Astyages.

There they come across the mythological Traps of Astyages: Advanced technological traps set in place in his temple tomb to guard his buried with artifact the Golden Rhyton.

Along with Quatermain and Ivana is a group of four men whom are generals of a thieving Mexican Group known as the Whip Crackers whom are also after the Golden Rhyton and have formed group with Quatermain and the gypsy to retrieve.

Ivana serves as the guide through the temple as with psychic abilities she can sense the danger ahead and where to turn to reach the Rhyton.

The group of six eventually however come to the Traps which consist of: A Room with a floor which opens way to a pit of both quicksand and spikes, a room with Astyages Air Acid, A Room with a roof emanating snakes and finally a long labryinth of corridors containing a blind Ectabana warrior man whom was placed in the temple as a guard.

Three of the four generals are killed due to the traps and the fourth then brandishes a pistol at Quatermain as Ivana procurs the Golden Rhyton from its pedestal placement.

Quatermain outmanoeuvers the man and causes his fired bullet to richotet instead to a room's pillar which then triggers a collapse.

The man, Quatermain and Ivana escape successfully but come face to face with the rest of the Whip Crackers in large army collection.

Quatermain spots a nearby donkey and then spirals him and Ivana onto it.

The two ride away from the horse pursuing Whip Crackers and escape to Quatermain's best friend Nigel Carmody's ocean liner.

Museum Of Natural History- Great Britain

Quatermain and Ivana then arrive thanks to Nigel's ship in Great Britain where they race to the British Museum to deliver the Golden Rhyton to Quatermain's father's best friend Moby Anderson the propietor of the museum.

That night the Whip Crackers gang arrive in Great Britain and break into the British Museum and steal the Rhyton.

Delfino Hotel-Bora Bora

Following their delivery of the Rhyton to the British Museum Ivana and Quatermain take up residence at the Delfino Hotel on the island of Bora Bora as celebration.

There Quatermain over a night time dinner has a deep and meaningful conversation with Ivana where he tells how the past relationships he has been involved in which coincided with the dangerous adventures he get's involved resulted in the partners getting killed.

Ivana expresses in their culture they do not fear death but welcome it and that she does not to plan to die anytime soon for she wishes to experience a happy, romantic and adventorous relationship future with Quatermain.

As Ivana embarks off to sleep however Quatermain meets up with Nigel at the Delfino Bar where they have celebratory drinks.

Whilest they are having their drinks however Ivana is attacked back at the Hotel room by a Whip Cracker Bandit who begins to strangle her violently.

She briefly fights with him attempting to escape the Hotel room but is killed as the Bandit spiralls her out the Hotel Room Window.

The Whip Crackers then enter the Delfino Bar and pull out their guns just as the Bartender pulls out one and is killed by the Whip Crackers.

Many from the bar area are killed in the shootout but Nigel and Quatermain successfully take it all Crackers in the Bar Room making their way through bandit filled Hotel Corridors back to Quatermain's room.

Once inside the room Quatermain glances out the Hotel Window and spots on the ground the body of Ivana spread eagled across the front of a black carriage parked down below.

Quatermain and Nigel then seize back Nigel's Ocean Liner which has been briefly taken over by the Whip Crackers.

The Ship is destroyed through a large explosive later on.

Ahkmim- Egypt

Quatermain bids farewell to Nigel whom he drops off in Kenya to be under the protection of the local based British Secret Service and the Witch doctor whom had blessed him.

Quatermain then presses on to Egypt to steal back the Golden Rhyon from the Whip Crackers whom had travelled to the city of Ahkmim Egypt to deliver the Rhyon to their employers.

Quatermain arrives in Ahkmim and comes across a beautiful strong woman at an Ahkim Bar whom is named Jennifer Joleen.

Miss Joleen leads a group of Bandits of her own known as the Philistines whom are from Canaan and are in search of the legendary Ark of the Covenant.

She enlists Quatermain to help them procur the Ark however he declines firmly stating all he wants are two things: 1. To procur the Golden Rhyon which was stolen from him and a friend of his and 2. To kill the man responsebile for the said death of this friend.

Miss Joleen persists saying should he help the Philistines get the Ark they will get the Rhyon for him and the person responsebile for his friend's death.

He still declines and finds himself the captive of the Philistines.

The Philistines force Quatermain to accompany them to the three sandstorm underground hidden Egyptian Cities containing the original copies of the Book of Exodus, Book of Numbers and Book of Hebrews which contain within them the front page incantations needed to open the Ark of the Covenant.

Following the Philistines procuring the Book of Exodus from the hidden city of Bethel Quatermain tries to whilest chained up escape into the desert but is rendered unconscious upon happening upon the fourth Whip Cracker General whom reveals he was the one who killed Ivana.

When Quatermain comes too he finds that the Whip Crackers are working in cohoots with the Philistines.

The Whip Crackers want to procur the Aaron's Rod and the Philistines simply want the Ark itself and the power of the ten commandments.

Jennifer eventually tries to assist Quatermain by betraying the Philistines.

She attempts to set Quatermain free after they procur the final book the Book of Hebrews but this course of action results ina mutiny and she becomes overthrowed and a captive.

The Philistines, Whip Crackers and two captives then come to the city of Tanis and uncover the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Misuse of the Ark at Mount Sinai

Jennifer and Quatermain are then taken along with the Philistines and Whip Crackers to Mount Sinai the apparent place where the Ark must be opened in order to procur it's awesome power instead of holy wrath.

However upon the group to the top of the mountain and opening the Ark with the incantations the Whip Crackers and their general are grotesquely annihalated by Fire and Stone.

The ark is closed just in time to spare the lives of the Philistines, Quatermain and Jennifer.

The group then discover the Mountain of which the ark must be opened is instead Mount Horeb.

Skirmish at the Horeb Crescent Passage

The group are then taken to the Mount Horeb Crescent Canyon passage where they are descended upon by a group of masked gunmen.

The gunmen are lead by a masked woman named Ilana the identical twin sister of Ivana Bacquerros.

Ilana comes to save Quatermain after she had tracked down his friend Nigel in Africa and discovered who had murdered her and why.

The Skirmish ends however as the new aoppointed leader of the Philistines (the former right hand man of Jennifer) Malcolm takes Ilana captive and plans on making her a sacrifice to god in return for the absolute power the ark promises.

The group then reaches Mount Horeb

Rockslide at Mount Horeb

On the top of Mount Horeb Malcolm along with the rest of the Philistines open the Ark and receive great amounts of power delivered by great rays of energy.

Quatermain is able to break free of his bindings along with Jennifer.

Jennifer goes to try and close the Ark whilest Quatermain goes to duel with Malcolm.

Jennifer in succeeds in pushing over the Ark which causes great amounts of energy to shoot out and hit the side of the Mountain.

The Mountain then begins to collapse.

Jennifer following the deaths of the rest of the Philistines by the rockslide generating on the mountain top seizes Malcolm and personally executes him with two bullets to the face.

His body then releases the power it was given and the ark closes once again.

British Museum- Final Opening of the Ark

The ark is then transported along with Ilana, Jennifer and Quatermain to Great Britain.

The ark is placed in Moby Anderson's British Museum and the trio meet up with Nigel at his large England Estate.

Jennifer and Quatermain settle into their room and through the night following a night of sexual intercourse Jennifer is tempted in her dreams to go to the Museum and open the ark.

Quartermain is alerted to her sneaking out by the corridor outside patrolling Ilana.

The two along with Nigel quickly head to the British Museum where they watch as Jennifer rams her fist through and out Moby's chest after he was beginning to lock up.

Jennifer is in a trance like state and smashes the glass window holding the Ark Exhibit.

Ilana prepares to shoot Jennifer down but Quatermain stops her trying to negotiate with Jennifer instead thinking he will appear to her good nature.

Jennifer however at last minute opens the Ark and is left gruesomly deformed.

The ark surges too powerfully and blows out much of the museum.

Ilana and Nigel rush to the Ark and attempt to close it whilest the deformed and weakened Jennifer stumbles into Quatermain's arms.

She after a couple of moments exchanging final goodbyes with Quatermain gets to her feet and pulls out the classic revolver she always wields and the same one she had used to threaten Quatermain upon their first meeting in Arkhmim.

She aims the revolver at her chin and then fires taking her life.

Her body is then sucked backwards and deteriorated gruesomly by the ark as she is sucked into it.

Quatermain then joins Ilana and Nigel in attempting to close the ark as it requires one more person to push the lid all the way.

The three successfully close the ark and then escape the flaming building.


  • Dee Bradley Baker as Allan Quatermain
  • Rose McGowan as Jennifer Joleen
  • Jason Alexander as Nigel Carmody
  • Alisa Sapegina as Ivana Bacquerros/ Ilana Bacquerros
  • Gael Garcia Bernal as Malcolm Pettieraz
  • Gustavo Aguilar as General Molorrez/ Whip Cracker's General 1
  • Eduardo Cuervo as General Uk/ Whip-Cracker's General 2
  • Carlos Agosti as General Yu/ Whip-Cracker's General 3
  • Luis De Alba as General Morti/ The Fourth Whip-Cracker's General
  • Ruben Aguirre as Leslie Limm/ Philistine Member and twin of Elecktra
  • Elisa Aguirre as Lena Limm/ Philistine Member and twin of Leslie
  • Yolando Andrade as Timbur Melakov/ Philistine Member
  • Andre The Giant as Jerome Nicolette/ Whip-Crackers member and giant
  • Damien Alcazarr as Nunlow/ Philistine Member whom is very panicky
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